Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters

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Now everyone can see their name in lights with Heidi Swapp letters. Fully customizable, each letter set features 3D letterforms and bright LED lights ready for your personal touches. Mix and match letters and symbols to create your own special message, then add paint, custom ribbon, glitter, paper designs or embellishments to match your style. Marquee letters are perfect for home decor projects, weddings and showers, personalized gifts, holiday parties and more.

Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters

Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters

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Amazon.com: American Crafts Heidi Swapp Marquee 4 Inch Letter N

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You may remember that we fell in love with these letters and counted down the days until they arrived at the CHA show in California in January. For our introduction to these amazing letters and a quick tour of the Heidi Swapp CHA booth, click here.

So these letters are 8.5″ tall and each pack contains everything you need in one set; the letter itself, a template to trace your own letter shape, a string of lights tailored to each letter, instructions for the best way to arrange the lights, and a AAA battery holder. These are not included in the package, but the rechargeable ones are not too expensive.

Home & Garden Plaques & Signs One Kit Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Light Up Letter Kit Comunadelaligua.cl

The stencil that comes with the kit is made of quality thin plastic material so you can use it over and over again to change the design and look of your letters.

1. First, decide how you will decorate your letters. I decided to use three different cardstocks for mine to create a different effect for each letter. Plus, since we live in a rented apartment right now, we don’t really have a color theme, so I can be as random as I want!

2. Turn the cardboard over to draw on the reverse side. I did this just to make sure I didn’t have pencil lines on the side showing through! Flip the template over to get a mirror image and use a pencil to draw the outer shape, making sure to also draw around the holes where the lights will go.

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Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters

3. Carefully score the pencil lines, making sure to stick as close to the edge as possible. With templates, the shape is very tight, especially when using thicker cardboard. Use a craft knife and a cutting mat to make cuts in the holes where the lights will be inserted. I started with smaller scissors for this, but it got a bit awkward (and I have no patience!)

Amazon.com: American Crafts Heidi Swapp Lightbox Mega Alphabet Pack

4. Once you’ve cut out your shape, turn it over and place it inside the letter to make sure it fits. You can do this before or after you cut the holes for the lights. If it doesn’t fit, trim it slightly and gradually until you are happy with it.

5. Once the cardboard is in place, push in the clear bulb caps one by one. With thicker cardboard, they can be very difficult to stamp. If the holes need to be widened, simply run a pencil along the edges where the bulb will go. This should make a bit more room for the bulb to fit.

6. Follow the instructions in turn to push the light beam into the cap of each bulb, add some batteries and let the light shine!

It took me about 10 minutes to complete each letter. This was while watching TV too, so it shows how quick and easy they are to set up. I accessorized mine with some candles and candle holders from Ikea and a mason jar filled with some faux flowers!

Heidi Swapp Marquee Light Up Pound Sign Washi Tape Kit New

The Heidi Swapp Marquee Love range also includes bulb caps in different colors and washi tape that perfectly matches the dimensions of the letter so you can decorate both the inside and outside of the letter.

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The lovely Ellie from Mommy’s Diary and Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely reviewed these letters for us and we love LOVE what they did with them! For inspiration, check out their blogs by clicking on the links above. Here’s what they did with theirs:

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Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters

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