Absolutely Slangily 3 Letters

Absolutely Slangily 3 Letters – Knowing the meaning of these terms will keep anyone with a phone, social media, or even just accessing the web from confusion in the digital world!

OMG! IMO, texting abbreviations are the GOAT! If you don’t know what it means, it might be time to brush up on your shorthand. These letters, short for single or group wos, are so common in mail that many have moved into conversation. And they’ve moved beyond text messages, have expanded into social media articles and comments. If you’re combining short text with a GIF, find out what a GIF is.

Absolutely Slangily 3 Letters

Absolutely Slangily 3 Letters

It seems impossible to imagine texting without abbreviations these days, but how did abbreviations become such a big part of the texting lingo? Well, in the days before smartphones, and even before keyboa phones, texters were working with a limited number of characters -160, to be precise – and before “unlimited” plans were available to be the law of the country, all the bills sent. In addition, typing only with the thumb is not as fast as typing on a traditional keyboard. Not to mention,

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Keyboa phones, you have to press the number corresponding to the letter you want – enough time for that letter to appear. Needless to say, typing all the wos is cumbersome, and it has become customary to abbreviate wos and sentences. And, of course, writing is just simple in general, and certainly not specific to mail – just look at all the short samples and short samples.

This is perhaps the most ubiquitous texting acronym. Short for “laughing out loud,” “LOL” is now used to express a bit of humor. You can reply “LOL!!” Maybe combine it with one of these popular emojis when your friend tells you a funny story, but you can say something like, “I forgot to eat breakfast today, LOL.” It’s something of a catch-all reaction. Another note: “LOL” does

Stand for “lots of love.” In the early days when shorthand writing became mainstream, many people made the LOL-worthy mistake.

The abbreviation “OMG,” for “oh my god” (or gosh, or goodness, or your choice) greatly predates texting. In fact, the Oxfo English Dictionary traces its earliest use to a letter written in 1917! Today, you’ll find it used in phrases like, “OMG, can you believe how hot it is today?!” It’s a pretty catch-all exclamation or reaction.

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“IDK” is probably the topic of this article, because it means “I don’t know,” which is exactly what you think of all these abbreviations before you learn what they stand for. . The next time you get a text from your child asking where their favorite shirt is, respond with “IDK, ask your mom/dad/sibling.”

“JK” means “just kidding.” Use it to show that you’re, well, kidding – but use it with care. Issued an incredulous compliment and then quickly added “JK!!!” really doesn’t do much to soften the blow. Remember that the audience of your “JK” is on the boa with your humor. These abbreviations are often combined with others: “JK, LOL” is an unrecognizable, sometimes self-deprecating combo of abbreviations that you will see often. “I got my math test today!!! JK LOL it was so hard.”

Rolling on the floor laughing” when you use this abbreviation, but it’s still a little stronger expression of happiness than “LOL.” Usually, it’s a single response to something funny. Add exclamation points and laugh/cry face emojis as you wish.

Absolutely Slangily 3 Letters

Short for “you only live once,” “YOLO” is a rallying cry for living life to the fullest and all that entails, especially on social media. Oering pizza when you “should” be making a salad? YOLO! Going bungee jumping for the first time? YOLO! It can inspire others to do such things or commemorate yourself doing them. The popularity of “YOLO” peaked around the early 2010s, and today, you’ll find this acronym used with a hint of sarcasm (or more than a hint, for the problem) than full dedication.

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“Hit me up” is an expression that may require further explanation once you know what the letters stand for. Not referring to physical violence, “call me” simply means “call me” or “call me.” It dates back to the days of pagers in the 1990s, when people would send calls to each other on one-way messages. The pager will light up and/or make a beeping sound to indicate that you have been “on hold.” The phrase has passed through the 90’s hip-hop sphere, and it stuck around when short writing began to dominate: “HMU” became the way to say it in the 2000s. While pagers are gone, the abbreviations are not, and have changed to the abbreviation “HMU.” What about other abbreviations that you may use all the time without knowing: Does the “I” in “iPhone” stand for something?

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In correspondence, the second letter and the letter of the alphabet do not refer to the time “before Christ.” “BC” is short for “because.” Often, texting abbreviations like these won’t even be written. You may see something like “Want to see how you are doing bc I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“THX” may remind children of the 80s and 90s of the intense, popular movie, which introduced the logo for THX Ltd. audiovisual company. But in the text, it’s just short for “thank you,” with the X representing the sound at the end of wo. Even more common than “THX” is “TY” or “ty,” which means “thank you.” And finally, you’ll see “TYSM” or “tysm” (“thank you”) quite often as well.

The abbreviation for “ty,” “YW” or “yw” means “you’re welcome.” In a similar vein, “NP” or “np” means “no problem.” “NP,” however, can respond to an apology as well as a thank you: “I’ll be gone for a few minutes tonight!” “NP.”

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You’ve seen this all over the internet and in text books, but what does it mean? Well, no wonder: It’s short for “no big deal.” It is one of the most used abbreviations and is suitable for all places. You can use it seriously, as in “Don’t worry about being a few minutes late, it’s NBD!” … or don’t care. The next time someone says they can’t make it to your party, you can send back “NBD” — even if you’re still fuming. Even if you are an expert at writing short stories, do you know how to use iPhone hacks?

This is something that people say out loud in real life in addition to just texting. “BTW” is short for “by the way.” You’ll use it the same way you’d use a lesson in real life – to introduce a new topic in a conversation. “BTW, I saw you go to the beach yesteay-it looks amazing!!” When people say it out loud, they say “B-T-dubbs.” After all, if you will abbreviate,

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This means “let me know,” and is useful in any situation for nudging or putting the ball in someone’s court. Trying to plan a group event when someone doesn’t know if they can? Just tell them “LMK when you know” – and hope they’re in for a good time.

Absolutely Slangily 3 Letters

“ILY” or “ily” is short for “I love you.” This is, needless to say, a beautiful way to say the wos, so maybe don’t say them first (or second, or thi) for your importance in this way. And, depending on his taste and knowledge of shorthand writing, maybe avoid sending your grandmother “ILY.” You can sign off with other people, close friends, or family members you text with all the time with “ILY,” however. As a real change, you will only see “LY” (or “ly”).

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If you’re still blow drying your hair but have to eat dinner ten minutes ago, try sending your important message like “OMW, see you soon.” OMW means “on my way” and is often used when you’re not really on your way…but will be soon. Make sure you read the message of this heart emoji before you type your next message.

Two wos, three letters: “NVM” is short for “don’t think.” You’ll use it as much as you use sentences in real life: “What was that restaurant we went to last week???”

This is a great thing because it is often a relationship builder. It means “in real life” (not online or on the phone), and is great for saying things like “See you soon IRL!” We may be sending more posts like this lately as things start to open up after being closed! Just make sure you don’t make any of these negative sentences when you answer this.

Anyone have time to write out “estimated arrival time”?! In fact, you’ll hear these short words spoken a little louder, too. You will only hear “Look

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