Hobby Lobby Fillable Letters

Hobby Lobby Fillable Letters – Inside: These fun and easy DIY refillable boxes are perfect for your next party, birthday, or holiday celebration. Charcuterie appetizers, desserts, and beautiful cakes have never looked so special!

So when I saw letter boxes full of amazingly decorated cupcake art online, I was intrigued.

Hobby Lobby Fillable Letters

Hobby Lobby Fillable Letters

The cupcakes were a deterrent, but sadly I knew I wasn’t going to make any of my circles.

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Because not many adults are going to eat full-sized cupcakes topped with three inches of frosting at a party.

My friends and family love to nosh. And it doesn’t count as a full dessert or meal if you just take it

I took the opportunity to try this project for a Margaritaville themed party. This event will have a lot of power to decorate and fill characters.

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Diy Dollar Tree Planter

You can find cardboard mache letters at local craft stores or online. Just make sure they’re big enough and deep enough to hold what you’re serving. Most pieces of paper mache come 1 – 1 1/2″ deep – those would make more of a tray than a box.

I bought 16 inch letters from Hobby Lobby for $7.99. JoAnn also sells 12 inch letters and numbers for $5.99.

Step 1. Cut the top edge of the letter or number with an Exacto knife or box cutter.

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Hobby Lobby Fillable Letters

You can clean the edges by tearing off small stray pieces with your fingers. An abundance of food and decorations should be more common though.

Wooden Fillable Alphabet Letter Gift Boxes

Then, collect some decorations to decorate your charcuterie box that matches your theme to fill around the treats and food.

For my tropical party, I lined my books with fake tree fern leaves (I wash them and let them dry first).

To complete the decorations, I used tropical flowers and a few drink umbrellas. The ferns added so much color and texture, I didn’t need much.

Any handheld dessert or charcuterie board fare is game for this fun twist on a serving tray as long as it fits!

Unfinished Wood Letters, Big Wooden Letters, Cheap Wooden Letters

I used filling grains to make dessert charcuterie. Cupcakes fit best in the width of the boxes. But like I said, even though it will look amazing, I might have a lot of cake after that.

So I chose to use small cakes from a local bakery. I even topped them with small edible tropical leaves and hibiscus flowers to create a party theme.

I used cupcake liners to hold unsuspecting treats. Even though I washed my fern line, it doesn’t seem all that interesting to eat.

Hobby Lobby Fillable Letters

To use cardboard characters for charcuterie appetizers like meat and cheese, you may want to use cupcake liners or individual cardboard containers on top of your decorative line.

Plastic Acrylic Letters

So many special moments, so little time. Keep these ideas in the back of your mind to make any charcuterie board extra special:

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