How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

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Although many feel confused when presented with a 20-by-60-meter rectangle surrounded by random lines, the large dressage field is an essential training tool.

How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

The place to understand is to add precision to your figures, precision to your riding and quality to your work. In the following article, we will review the layout of the field and demonstrate its value by showing where you should place the 20 meter circle. With these tools, you’ll be on your way to a better ride and ready to read the next article on figure eights and snakes.

Letters For Dressage Arena Letters

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A large cloth field is measured in meters – 20 meters wide and 60 meters long (see example). The letters around it (starting short and traveling clockwise): C, M, R, B, P, F, A, K, V, E, S and H. Within the letter, unmarked, letters are D, L, X, I and G. A simple internet search yields many mnemonic devices for memorizing this mysterious selection of letters.

C and A are 10 meters short of their edges and exactly across from each other.

• M, G and H are lined up with each other, parallel to the short side. such as R, I and S; B, X and E; P, L and V; and F, D and E.

Not So Speedy Dressage

Once you are comfortable with these measurements, you can ride movements like these circles more clearly. Here’s how:

20-Meter Circle: Now that you are more familiar with the geometry of the arena, you can ride this basic movement seen in all introductory dressage tests. This circle is essential for training and testing your horse’s line of travel as well as your effectiveness as a rider.

The 20-meter circle is usually in the middle of the field or at one end. Regardless of its location, you can ride on a clean circle by riding on four points, as if it were a diamond. Here’s an example of how to ride this shape, outlined by a circle at C on the right rail:

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How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

2. Ride on a slightly sloped line. The goal of reaching the path (point 2) is 10 meters from the corner (between C and M), 4 meters from M and 8 meters from R.

Alphabet Dressage Letter Post For A Dressage Arena Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 128192350

3. Ride a sloped line from C-2 meters past I to point 3 20 meters down the center line.

4. Continue your sloped line to point 4. Aim 8 meters past S, as you approach. Again, the point you reach on the track should be 4 meters from the corner letter (H).

For a circle at A, point 1 is at A, point 2 is 4 m past K, point 3 is 2 m past L and point 4 is 4 m before F.

The center circle is easy if you know that two of the points are at B and E, while the other two are 2 meters from the same points I and L that we used in the other two circles.

Dressage Arena Letters And Dimensions

Mark these points with flexible training cones on either side as you learn these odd spots. Make a point to ride straight between the ears for accuracy, but only for a few steps. Otherwise, you will ride a diamond or round square.

With a lot of review and practice, you will become more comfortable with geometric figures. Once your knowledge of field lines and distances, as well as your circles, are mastered, you’ll be ready for next month’s numbers and serpentines. Happy riding!

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Dressage Today as part of a monthly series on Dress 101 topics.

How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

Hilary Moore Hebert is a professional dressage trainer from Green to Green to FEI. A USDF bronze and silver medalist, as well as a graduate of the “L” education program, the exercises you are asked to do with your horse in the dressage test are designed to show how flexible and “on aids” your horse is. Yes, riding on the right numbers is essential if you’re going to score big marks.

Horse Arena Sizes

To enable you to practice riding properly you will need to set up your home arena properly. And if you decide to run a small competition in your yard, you’ll need a properly sized field.

Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, and you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to do it.

If you are building your field on grass make sure the ground is flat and level. Walk around the area you have chosen to make sure there are no holes or other obstacles such as hidden rocks. Try to find a patch that doesn’t water during wet weather.

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Checking the area is important for safety and also ensures that you won’t need to move the field after you set it up.

Dressage Letter Spelling Game

If you are setting up a field for competition, you will need a judge’s box or space for the judge’s car. The smaller side of the field that is closest to the judge, therefore, should be between three and five meters from the judge’s car or box. Take care that the judge does not face the sun.

The short side in front must give competitors enough room to turn and get their horses straight before entering the center line at “A”.

Use your 1st Stake (between “C” and “M”) to establish your first corner. Make a 90 degree angle in the corner. You can use a square piece of card or a set square to measure it and make sure the edge is correct.

How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

First measure 15-meters of the long side (where the “M” will be), using one of your 60-meter / 40-meter measuring tapes. Mark the end of the 15-meter line with a temporary stake.

What Is A Dressage Arena?

Now, take a 20 meter measuring tape and mark the short side of the field, where the “C” will be located. The short side should measure 20 meters. Mark the end of the short side with your 2nd stitch.

You’ll know that a 90-degree angle is correct when you can connect these points to the 25-meter hypotenuse. Check that the first and second measurements are still 15 and 20 meters.

The 2nd stake marks your first 20-meter short side and should be left in place because it now represents the other corner of the short side of the field.

Now you are going to mark the first full length side of your field, where the “M” and “F” will be.

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From the 1st Stake, (“C”/”M” corner) measure 60 or 40 meters to the other corner on the same length side. The length will depend on whether you want a short or long field.

When the tape is tight, you have an approximate location for your cord. Check that your measurements are correct by measuring the distance from the new corner to the other corner (where your second part is).

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Now, move the temporary stack to the end of this long side. It then becomes a third and marks the third corner (between “A” and “F”).

How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

Finally, measure 20-meters from your third corner (where the “C” will be) and measure 60 0r 40 meters from your second corner. The last corner is located where the two measuring tapes meet.

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Now you have an outline of your field with correct short and long sides and four perfectly square corners.

With your measuring tape still in place between the stakes, connect your boards to the stack, starting with the corners. Remember to leave an opening in the middle of the short side at the “A” end of the arena to allow horses to enter the center line.

As you build the board, check that the distance between the long sides of the field is a constant 20 meters and the length of the field is a constant 40 or 60 meters.

When you have set all your boards, measure the long lines again to confirm that they are still 63.25 meters for the long field or 44.72 meters for the short field.

Dressage Cones Set Of 4

Finally, set your field letters. Use the arena diagram above to make sure the letters are placed in the correct place. You should leave six meters from the smaller sides to “H,” “M,” “F,” and “K.” The other lines should have 12 or 14 meters between them, depending on whether you are making a long or short field.

Finish by marking the correct location of each letter on your boards. This will help investors and judges determine their positions more accurately.

If you regularly need to measure a dressage arena for a riding club or related event, you may find it beneficial to purchase a purpose-built measuring tape with letter locations and arena dimensions in advance. are marked.

How Many Letters In A Dressage Arena

If you have prepared your outfit, share your tips with us in the comment box

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