How To Embroider Letters On Knitting

How To Embroider Letters On Knitting – It’s a little early, but the last few nights I’ve been working on my Valentine projects. These coasters were at the top of my to-do list and I finally finished them last night. They’re inspired by the sweet little conversation hearts we all had as kids on Valentine’s Day. While I can’t actually stand the taste of these little hearts, I love the look of them and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my V-Day decor.

To make these coasters I used Julie’s beautiful knitted heart pattern from “Julie and The Knits” with a slight modification. I wanted them to be a little longer than the original pattern, so between each decrease row to form the apex of the heart, I added 3 rows of knit.

How To Embroider Letters On Knitting

How To Embroider Letters On Knitting

Once the hearts are knitted, embroider the romantic messages on them. To do this, just take an armful of white yarn threaded onto a yarn needle and start sewing. See the images below for a guide. This took me a couple of tries to get the cards to look the way I wanted, but my time spent was worth it!

Stylish Embroidery Fonts

To lay the letters in a straight line, pick a row in the fabric where you want all the letters to sit and do the same for the top border of the letters. My cards were about 3 rows high. Keep scrolling down to see my ‘Marry Me’ knit photo tutorial.

To start M, bring the needle through the back by pulling the thread and leave a few inches of tail hanging at the back. Then proceed to merge the message.

After the last E of “Marry Me” is sewn, cut the thread and secure the loose ends. Repeat the same steps for “XOXO”. If you really want to make a bold statement, you have to weave it. Weaving a message, words, or simple letters into a sweater or other handmade piece is a super fun skill to learn, and it’s easier than it looks. Knitters often think that letters are more of an embroidery or a cross stitch, but it’s time to change all that.

You can run the word (ha) in all kinds of ways. Say you want to knit something special for your BFF’s new baby. How about a monogrammed blanket, with the baby’s initial in the center? Candy! Or, consider creating a baby block set with the letters of the alphabet.

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Maybe your home needs an update. Knit a pillow featuring your new favorite hashtag or make a set of fabulously classic monogrammed bath towels for your bathroom.

Gift idea? Knit a sweater for your Aunt Suzy and add her name in big letters on the front. Hello, best niece ever!

Choose one color for the body of your work and another for the letters. This method is the easiest, and weaving with two colors allows the letters to really stand out. To incorporate lettering into your multi-colored fabric, it’s best to stick with solid-colored yarns rather than variegated yarns. The cleaner the overall look, the more your letters will pop.

How To Embroider Letters On Knitting

This option makes the letters look more subtle. Let’s say you’re working on a garter stitch background; you can change the average for the letter. Or in a sock background, you can change the reverse sock to the letter. This creates an extra subtle effect and only works with the right font style. An italic-looking letter will not appear as well. You’re better off with blockier, blockier typefaces.

Free Cross Stitch Alphabet Patterns & Text Generators

Your card options are practically endless. Think about how many different fonts you can use when you write. Dot letters have almost as many variations. Check out online sources for letter weaving patterns that you can choose from.

Because dot letters work like any other color pattern, they are most often represented in graphics. As always, then, read your chart starting in the lower right corner. To knit plains, read the even rows of the chart starting from the left side and the odd rows from the right. To knit in the round, read each row from right to left.

That’s the real trick to weaving letters. The two photos above are woven with the same letter “A” in this letter chart.

In the sample on the left, you can see that this font was not the best choice. The method of using texture to separate the letter in a swatch of a color just doesn’t work well here. The lyrics are too subtle.

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Chemknits: May 2015

In the sample on the right, the letter stands out much more. Still, for the two threads used here, it would probably look better to switch to a different letter pattern. These yarns seem to call for a thicker font, due to the color contrast and texture of the yarn.

It’s always a good idea to plan for a little trial and error when finding the right font and thread for your project. But the more you do it, the more options you’ll have in your sleeve – your beautiful hand-lettered sleeve!

Sign up for the Premium membership and get access to our best videos and projects. Learn new craft techniques and tips from the experts. At any time. In any place. It was 2009. I was living in Chicago, about to give a handmade Christmas stocking to this guy I was dating. I was nervous; We had been seeing each other for a few months and I was totally smitten, but was a handmade gift too intense? I waited to add her name to the stocking until the last possible second in case she changed her mind and decided to keep this festive stocking (with a battery that matched the colors of the baby’s battery) for myself.

How To Embroider Letters On Knitting

In the end, I took the needle out of the tapestry and stuck her name proudly across the front. The double stitch is the real hero of this story – technically an embroidery stitch that you can add after the fact, it pairs perfectly with the knit fabric. No one will know you had reservations about adding their name to a stocking.

Embroidered Conversation Heart Knit Coasters

I use the double stitch a lot these days: when I’m not interested in carrying three colors in my color work and would rather go and embroider that last thread later; when I want to add a little reason after the fact; or when I want something to have a little more impact (duplicate stitch can make stitches stick out of the fabric a bit).

But the double stitch isn’t the only embroidery stitch in my arsenal. Over the years, I’ve experimented with other techniques to add a little extra punch to my knitting and crocheting:

In this scarf, I ran long pieces of yarn through the garter stitch portions in a technique similar to weaving.

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My favorite part about adding embroidery is that it can transform something simple into something much more complicated. A simple running stitch on a garter stitch scarf can create the illusion of plaid, a double knit bumblebee makes a simple beanie the sweetest baby gift.

Monogrammed Guest Towel

Over the summer, I took a Zoom class from Carolyn Bloom of Bloom Handmade Studio on sock embroidery, which further inspired me to use my handmade fabric as a canvas for more sewing.

PS For anyone concerned, there seems to be no such thing as a sock curse – that handmade gift has led to many happy holidays together. The curse of the sweater is another story.

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How To Embroider Letters On Knitting

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We all have some basic patterns in our knitting library that we return to again and again. They are the projects that we know by heart because we have done them over and over again. Whether it’s a standard hat or a simple baby blanket, we all have the old options. But sometimes

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