How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters

How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters – Summary: If you have the correct recovery key, download Data Recovery WinPE bootable media for free to recover data from BitLocker encrypted OS drive now.

Some users have reported in forum posts that they are prompted to enter their BitLocker recovery key every time they start Windows 10, 8, 7 or Surface.

How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters

How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters

BitLocker disk encryption software should not normally ask for a BitLocker recovery key when the computer boots during normal startup. In some cases, Windows may require BitLocker recovery due to hardware changes to the motherboard, a crash, or if the program believes that data may be under attack, but this should not happen continuously.

Entering Bitlocker Pin: Keyboard Shows Up But Doesn’t Work

Or you can watch this video. It offers more intuitive ways to help you when you see the BitLocker recovery screen but have already forgotten your BitLocker recovery key.

If you have saved a 48-digit BitLocker recovery key in your Microsoft account, go to:, sign in with your Microsoft account, and then you will see the BitLocker recovery key. .

If you can’t find the BitLocker recovery key, see How to remove recovery key from TPM, but this solution is very difficult to use in our life.

4. Click the Stop Protection option next to C drive (or click Turn off BitLocker to disable BitLocker drive encryption on C drive).

How To Configure Bitlocker Auto Unlock

5. A dialog window will open asking: “Do you want to stop BitLocker protection?”, click Yes to confirm.

6. Wait a few minutes after stopping the protection, and then click the Update protection option to update the BitLocker TPM.

If you’ve entered the correct BitLocker recovery key multiple times and still can’t get past the BitLocker recovery screen, follow these steps to exit the BitLocker recovery cycle.

How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters

6. From the WinRE command line, manually type the command: manager-bde -unlock C: -rp recoverypassword to unlock the drive and press Enter.

How Can I Reinstall Bitlockered Uefi Computers Using Network Boot And System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager ?

If manager-bde was unable to unlock this BitLocker volume with the correct recovery password, download Data Recovery WinPE edition and create a Data Recovery WinPE boot disk to store your data.

After running the last command, you can safely exit the command prompt and continue booting into your operating system.

1. On the BitLocker recovery screen that asks for the recovery key, press Esc for more BitLocker recovery options, and then select Skip this drive.

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To update your BIOS to the latest version, be sure to check your motherboard manual for step-by-step instructions.

Powershell And Bitlocker: Part 2

If updating your BIOS did not resolve the BitLocker password screen issue, we recommend that you disable the Secure Boot feature in your BIOS options.

6. Your computer will boot to UEFI, find the Secure Boot option and set it to Off.

Windows 10 uses a new graphical boot menu and sometimes the boot menu can trigger the BitLocker password prompt screen. So, reverting to the old bootloader can fix this problem.

How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters

Keeping your system up to date is definitely a winning strategy. However, some updates can cause this problem, and to fix this problem, you need to uninstall the problematic update and reinstall it.

Secure Storage Solutions: Bitlocker To Go And Macos Encryption

8. Reinstall updates. Just go to the Windows Update section in the Settings app and check for updates to automatically download the missing updates.

If you have installed new hardware, it may cause problems with BitLocker. What you need to do is make sure that there are no extra external devices connected to your computer at boot time.

Step 1: On the BitLocker recovery screen that asks for the recovery key, press Esc for more BitLocker recovery options, and then select Skip this drive.

Step 8: Type the Select volume X command and press Enter (replace X with the volume number of your OS drive).

Password Recovery Options: Passware Kit Wizard, Predefined Settings, And Customize Settings

BitLocker Recovery is a BitLocker data recovery program that can recover data from a BitLocker encrypted drive on Windows 10/8/7 and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003.

BitLocker Recovery can recover lost data from a failed, damaged, inaccessible BitLocker encrypted drive; recovery of lost data from a formatted BitLocker encrypted drive; Recover lost data from a deleted or lost BitLocker encrypted partition, recover lost data after BitLocker drive encryption failed, stopped, etc. After providing the password or BitLocker recovery key.

Step 1: Connect the hard drive to another computer as an external hard drive. If not, please download the Data Recovery WinPE edition and create a Data Recovery WinPE bootable disk to rescue your data.

How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters

Connie Young is a leading computer columnist. He enjoys technical tutorials on data recovery and operating system troubleshooting. Over the years, Connie has published many computer-related manuals and introductory articles.

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How To Decrypt Bitlocker Using Passware Kit

Jessica Shea is a senior technical editor. During her 3 years of experience, Jessica has written many informative and instructive articles on data recovery, data security, and disk management to help many readers protect their important documents and get the most out of their devices. Localization support in Windows 10 is pretty good with most of the operating system and Windows platform supporting user-defined locales. By installing a language pack, you can change the interface language everywhere in Windows—except in the BitLocker Device Encryption preboot environment.

You cannot normally encrypt your Windows operating system drive with BitLocker unless your device has a Trusted Platform Module (

) device. However, you can configure Windows to ask for a password at the pre-boot stage rather than relying on it

This simple looking screen is very limited when it comes to input. You cannot use the Windows on-screen keyboard, the Windows touchscreen keyboard, or change the keyboard input layout. You cannot use combination keys or even click

Bitlocker Password & Recovery Key Not Working, How To Fix?

This can be a problem for bilingual users who use multiple keyboard layouts or a single keyboard layout that differs from the Windows display language, and for users who have custom keyboard layouts. Any custom layout will be installed on an encrypted drive, so it makes sense that it won’t be available on this screen. However, you don’t have any indication of what keyboard layout you’re using, and the input is clearly masked

What makes it more confusing is that the keyboard layout on this screen follows the default keyboard for the Windows installation media language, not the Windows user, default, or system language and locale or keyboard layout settings. In other words, the only way to change the language and thus the keyboard layout on this screen is to download the Windows installation media that uses the keyboard layout you want and reinstall Windows.

Note that when configuring a preboot environment password for Windows Device Encryption; You will be prompted to use letters, numbers and special characters. No warning or information is provided if you are using a different keyboard layout than the one you are prompted to enter on the boot screen.

How To Enter Bitlocker Recovery Key Letters

Depending on your keyboard layout and language settings, it may not be possible to re-enter the same password in the BitLocker preboot environment that you created for your system in Windows. If you don’t have your device’s BitLocker recovery key ready, you might permanently lock your Windows installation.

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How To Change The Bitlocker Boot Screen Language And Keyboard Layout

So there are a lot of different issues with the BitLocker preboot environment and localization. It’s a pretty big deal that you can’t change the keyboard layout and language independently of each other. An even bigger problem is that you can’t change the language without reinstalling the operating system. In addition to these issues, the user is not informed of these restrictions in any way when setting their encryption password.

If the user was told to be limited to a different keyboard layout for their password, they could avoid symbols and characters/numbers in the password that differ between their keyboard layout and the pre-boot keyboard layout. This is not a good solution, but it will still help the user to avoid being locked out of their own computer.

I can’t blame Microsoft for not making localization work perfectly in an optional feature that has to be enabled by Group Policy. However, Microsoft should still provide its users with more information about the limitations of this feature to help people avoid characters and symbols in passwords that won’t work.

You can leave feedback to Microsoft and vote this report in the Windows Feedback Hub (link only works on Windows 10) to let them know that you think this is an important issue. Part 1. What is BitLocker Recovery Key Part 2. How to find BitLocker Recovery Key? Where is the BitLocker Recovery Key stored? Method 1: Find the BitLocker recovery key in your Microsoft account Method 2: Find the BitLocker recovery key from a txt file/document Method 3: Find the BitLocker recovery key from a USB flash drive Method 4: Find the BitLocker recovery key from a printed document Method 5: Extract the BitLocker recovery key from Active Directory From Method 6: Get a BitLocker recovery key from an Azure Active Directory account Method 7: Get a BitLocker recovery key from the command line How to verify if a BitLocker recovery key exists? Why is Windows asking for my BitLocker recovery key? Other popular articles from Wondershare FAQs videos

Sooo, I Bitlockered Myself Out For Time Being I Think…edit Solved

A BitLocker recovery key, also known as a “Microsoft recovery key” or “Windows recovery key,” is like a spare key to open a BitLocker encrypted drive.

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