How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

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Sakura/Four Leaf Clover/Maple Leaf/Snowflake is a season exclusive and can be obtained by making a wish at the Wishing Well during the specific periods below: Sakura (March to May), Four Leaf Clover (June to August), Maple Leaf (September to November) , snowflake (from December to February). There’s also a chance they’ll appear as a mystery merchant or Gachapon after they refresh!

How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

No, there is no difference. Items in the Wishing Well are upgraded and dropped randomly. However, you can upgrade the level of the Wishing Well to increase the number of wishes and decrease the amount of items.

Letters From One Shellfish Diva!

After unlocking the garden, the garden table is an essential item, so go to the facility and get the garden table. There will be a vase on the Garden table, you can tap the flowers to place them in the vase. Customers can randomly give you stars after viewing flowers!

The reason you can’t want to plant flowers may be because your garden is maxed out. You can use up a few flowers/waterers/seeds before trying to wish and plant flowers again.

Flowers and seeds stuck in strange places? Pressing and holding the Flower Bed, Wishing Well, Mailbox, Gachapon, For Rent sign will make them disappear for a while. Take the opportunity to grab your stuff!

If you really want it, you can get them from the Wishing Well! There’s also a chance they’ll randomly appear at a mystery merchant or Gachapon after they refresh!

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Yes, if you accidentally put flowers in the vase, you can tap on the flowers to retrieve them within a certain time.

In the restaurant, you can choose from three types of watering cans: bronze, silver, gold. All you have to do is drag the watering can over the seed bed to shorten the time it takes for the flowers to bloom.

The higher the level of the flower, the more attractive it is to Customers. This will increase the number of stars you are awarded.

How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

There is a mailbox in the upper left corner of the garden. Tap on it to view the letters Hedwig has brought back.

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Chinese Restaurant Wares And Ephemera

However, unlocking some Clients requires unlocking the respective device. Also, with the exception of the flower bed, the income from the rooms is combined, so skipping levels will affect your earnings. Finally, unlocking rooms will increase your star rating!

Currently, the rooms cannot be sold once they are unlocked, but you can change them and customize the restaurant to your liking without affecting your earnings.

The trophy wall is Lv. 4 Wall decoration. You can go to the device to view more information and unlock it.

Except for the flower bed, the effect of the device (such as increased tips, tip cap, star rating, etc.) is calculated based on the total effect of the rooms unlocked at different levels.

Hy Ko 2

Yes, they are. The usage limit for Wishing Well and Gachapon is equal to the total effect of the unlocked devices.

The customer will only appear in the restaurant once you’ve met the unlock requirements and they only count as unlocks after eating! (Views or orders of flowers do not count.) There is no fixed time for them to appear! Advertise more and expect them to come to your restaurant.

The unlocking requirements for the mystery client are a mystery. Some unlock requirements for Clients will be revealed only after they are unlocked. Communicate with other players and discover them together!

How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

Tap the villain NPCs repeatedly to chase them away. You can also hire a Timmy server, he will help you to some extent in chasing away annoying Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Special customers come randomly and don’t stay or eat, but have special skills. You can wait for them in the game.

A small customer tag means that the customer came because of your ads. They do not have any special effect.

Once you unlock the premises, you will meet the unlock requirements for the customer. You can change the rooms you want to decorate.

Maybe you didn’t unlock their favorite food and they left angry. But don’t worry, once you unlock their favorite food, they’ll stick around and eat it next time

These Letters Were Added After The Lunar New Year Update, Both Require Snowflakes. Note: It Might Be Different For You. Combinations: Yorkie Pup’s Letter Lvl4 Sunflower + Lvl4 Red Rose +

Once you’ve met the requirements to unlock a client, the corresponding seasonal client will become available.

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Wizards can randomly update the working hours of currently resting employees so that they can immediately return to work, or they can predict the time of Hedwig’s return and randomly shorten the time it takes for Hedwig to return to the restaurant.

Usually, the items you buy from the mystery merchant will be in the garden. You can check if they overlap with other flowers or if they are not blocking the flower bed or watering can.

How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

The items sold by the mystery merchant are updated randomly. If you can’t find the item you want, watch the ad to update the listing.

Team & Culture

This is normal because there are limited time events in this game and some Customers are exclusive to these events, they will be unlocked in the customer directory only after visiting the restaurant.

When watering a flower, the time needed is reduced by a few seconds. It may not be obvious, but it has an effect!

Our beautiful Dori can help promote the restaurant! Once Dori is recruited, you can press and hold the Promote button. Increasing Dori will reduce the time needed to attract customers!

Cod or letters. If Hedwig didn’t bring you the gift you wanted, you can try placing other combinations of items into Hedwig’s item slots.

Letter A Images

Tap the suitcase above Hedwig’s head, open it. When you open it, three boxes will appear. You can tap flowers, watering cans or seeds to place them directly in the trunk, then tap to mark and they will be picked up! Different combinations of items will give you different surprises. Go and check it out!

Revamping a dish usually requires permission to raise prices, which Hedwig can refund. If the dish does not require permission and the price can be increased directly, you will be notified with an exclamation mark on the menu button. Upgrade Hedwig to make her come back faster!

Increasing your staff will increase your stars. On the employee boost screen, the difference between the two numbers before and after the boost shows how many stars you can get.

How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

We gave Chef Gumi a new story! When Chef Gumi disappears, it means you have activated the story. As you go forward, continue to pay attention to the story unfolding in the game.

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The availability of ads is currently decided by a third-party platform, so we have no control over them… However, you can still use the Promote button to attract Customers even when there are no ads!

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Ads are managed by a third-party platform, so we cannot guarantee how many times they will be viewed or how long they will be available. Percussion ensemble rest may mean that the platform has no ads for you at this time. Just wait a bit – they can appear at any time!

Flyer Promo is the simplest form of advertising. You may have upgraded to an advanced advertising method (such as radio advertising, TV advertising, or mobile advertising). Advanced advertising methods can attract higher level Customers and bring more income to the restaurant!

When purchasing Equipment, the system will notify you that you can view an ad to make up the difference, and the corresponding facility will be automatically purchased. From the amount

Animal Restaurant Customers Database

Ads are managed by a third-party platform, so we cannot confirm update times. Each player may have a different situation!

Have you noticed the “Buffet Earnings” message box that pops up when you enter the game? Here’s what your buffet earned! If you didn’t request a reward in the message window, you can claim it by going to the Buffet conveyor belt.

The Gachapon machine will appear in the buffet and will be used when you unlock it in Buffet Facilities. Go unlock now!

How To Get Letters Animal Restaurant

Panels are shown below. Tap the slider at the bottom to switch between them. Swipe left to

Letter From T S Eliot (faber) To George Orwell Rejecting Animal Farm, 13 July 1944

That thing that looks like a memento is actually a toy doll! All dolls are placed on a doll display. Don’t worry, you can go to the Gachapon screen and tap the arrow on the right to check it out!

When you collect enough dolls, a special customer can come to you, and you will also get a reward for earning! Tap the arrow on the Gachapon screen to enter the Doll Showcase where you can see the progress of your doll collection!

You have to tap the part-time job link again while you are working so that Yolky can help another friend work on your behalf.

Maybe your Yolky isn’t done yet, or maybe you are

I Figured Since Sakura Season Is Coming Up I Could Stop Hoarding Mine For Letters. So Glad I Did!

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