How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters – Not all kids like to practice learning the alphabet, so you need to have some creative tricks on hand! I really love that you can take a favorite building block toy like LEGO and turn it into the perfect letter building, letter tracing and letter writing activity for any child! Print out all 26 of these free LEGO letters below, then grab a handful of basic bricks and a pencil! Make learning fun with playful LEGO activities!

This simple LEGO letter writing activity is perfect for quiet time, school, or anytime! My son loves everything about learning with LEGO, so I make him fun pages that he can use to work on his new skills and retain the skills he’s already learned!

How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

Three easy ways to play and explore with LEGO bricks and letters. Build, track and write. Go ahead and laminate that everyone will use again and again.

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Use a handful of base bricks to fill in the outline of the letter. Challenge your children to build a 2D letter if appropriate!

After making the letter with LEGO bricks, move on to outline the letter written underneath!

Take those tracing skills to the next level and try to write the same letter without one to trace!

Go ahead and build LEGO figures too! Hands-on learning is everywhere, including our favorite bricks. Of course, you can build the alphabet too! This Lego letter alphabet preschool activity is a great way for kids to learn their letters and also think creatively about building their minds!

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Kids love to create and build with building bricks and what better way to learn than using these bricks while learning the letters of the alphabet. Working on their fine motor skills, attention span and visual perception, kids will enjoy creating the letters of the alphabet with these Alphabet Building Block Pads.

This activity pack is full of pages that will improve their knowledge and work on their fine motor skills too.

While this learning pack is great for preschoolers, it’s a great learning activity for other ages as well. Toddlers can get a head start on their alphabet knowledge, and early learners can also brush up on some knowledge.

How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

This Lego Alphabet Mats pack contains one letter-sized mat for each of the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. Each letter is a single color, so kids can also work on learning their colors while completing these mats.

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We love using these printables for many different learning opportunities. Although working on the alphabet is the most obvious, it’s also a great way to learn uppercase letters, talk about lowercase letters, work on colors and also incorporate some counting skills.

These Lego Letter mats are easy to make. Just print, laminate if you like (although recommended for durability) and have fun.

As they work on these mats, creating different letters of the alphabet with their building blocks, children will build strength in their hand muscles, develop spatial skills and practice their fine motor skills. They will also work on their letter recognition.

In this pack you will find one pad for each of the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. Each mat contains the letter created with building blocks. Children can place the building blocks in the correct places on the mats or they can build them on a base.

Lego And Unifix Alphabet Building Letters Activity

They can then practice writing the letters of the alphabet. The letter is written several times per line, with space at the end of the line for the children to write it themselves.

There is a color and black and white version of these Lego Letter mats for you to enjoy.

I have an HP Instant Ink subscription, so I don’t mind printing one-time use color activities… but if you want to reuse the activity, you can always put it in these dry erase pockets or laminate the activity. You’ll definitely want to do this if you’re using this in a classroom.

How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

I prefer to use my clear mat and have the kids build right on top of the letter of the alphabet.. but you can always have them build the letter on the side.

Hands On Lego Literacy Activities Kids Will Love

Although we have accumulated quite a lot of legos .. it is still difficult to find several bricks of the same color and size .. so I recommend you to suggest the children to mix the colors. This way it’s more creative and the letters look even cooler with multiple colors.

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I’ve included the letter f as a free download for this preschool alphabet activity. Try it!

I’ve included the letter d as a free option in my alphabet pattern pads so you can find some variety in the activities you get for free on the blog. Get the free file below.

Use this alphabet activity pack as a great way to teach your child more about the alphabet or to supplement your learning at home. With so many pages to learn and go through, there are endless opportunities for your child to learn and work on their skills and knowledge.

The Longest Word

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Smart Start VIP Alphabet Collection $61.50 This amazing VIP Alphabet Pack includes over 22 printable alphabet activity packs that will teach your child their alphabets along the way. Activities include letter crafts, weekly letter activities, dough play mats and more!

Smart Start Alphabet Starter Pack $40.00 The Alphabet Starter Pack includes 7 alphabet activities to get your child started on their alphabet journey.

How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

Printable Alphabet Letter Crafts Pack $9.00 Our Printable Alphabet Letter Crafts are a reader favorite. Each letter craft features a letter of the alphabet with a matching picture that begins with that letter. For example: letter B is for bee, letter C is for cat, letter T is for train.

Lego Letters Printable

Alphabet Worksheets $5.00 These printable worksheets focus on one letter of the alphabet per page and include multiple ways to learn the letter. Children will color the letter, find the letter, trace the letter, put a dot on the letter and color a picture that starts with the letter.

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. OK Privacy Policy This fun printable lego alphabet compilation lets your kids use blocks to build letters for a fun, hands-on approach to learning letters.

26 Alphabet make letter sheets where they build the letter, outline the letter and then practice writing it.

To use, simply print on printer paper or card stock for better durability. Laminate for use over and over again. Laminating them also allows you to use a dry erase pen to practice tracing and writing the letter over and over again.

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How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

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Lego 3d Alphabet Printable Cards

No, only one discount code can be used per transaction. If you forget to enter the discount code, the amounts are non-refundable. All discounts are for a limited time only. Use these printable Lego alphabet pads to combine early literacy with STEM and teach letters in a fun, hands-on way!

Everything is a little more fun with LEGO! That’s why we try to incorporate the blocks into as many of our learning activities as we can. Kids love blocks, they have lots of them and they always want more – more blocks, more play, more building ideas. As we work through the activities, it feels much more like play than doing schoolwork.

With my oldest learning to read and my youngest working on the alphabet, letters play an especially important role in our house. That’s why I made another version of the LEGO alphabet with printable challenge cards.

How To Make Lego Alphabet Letters

The former featured two-dimensional letters built on a base plate. How is this one different? The letters here are three-dimensional and can stand alone. The designs are more challenging and more suited to the building skills of ages 5+. Both

How To Make A Letter Mosaic With Lego Bricks

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