If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman – Brits have been left baffled as to why postmen write the letter ‘P’ in front of their letters – many people have shared their theories but luckily a recent post has revealed the real reason

People were really surprised by the ‘P’ on the front of her post (Image: Moment Editorial/Getty Images)

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

When you get letters through the door, most of us might shudder at the thought of receiving an unwanted bill or bank statement to remind us of this month’s expensive expenses.

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However, this curious bunch of Brits began to wonder why some of their Royal Mail mail arrived with a certain letter.

And it turns out that it is not the postman who is bored and has a doodle to pass the time.

The letter ‘P’, which is sometimes found inked on the front of the envelope, actually has some meaning. But why is it so important?

One person feared: “It’s what thieves use to mark your house to let others know you have expensive dogs.”

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And this person laughed: “Very subtle wordle hint – takes 5 days, then you just arrange them. Never right.”

But don’t be afraid – it has nothing to do with criminal markings or dislike against you from your local post office.

In fact, the ‘P’ is important because it allows the postman to do their job correctly and efficiently, making sure you get all your deliveries on time.

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

Fortunately, a postman on Reddit has reassured the masses that ‘P’ will only help them and their fellow posties when there are parcels arriving.

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And another echoed the point: “It’s the postman’s way of remembering that when they come to post your letter, there’s a package for you too.

“That’s so they don’t post your letter, then find out halfway down the street that they forgot to knock and give you your package.

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“Or sometimes they write P10 or something on the previous letter – that lets them know they have a package for next to it (number 10) but no letter.”

The ‘P’ is just a reminder to postmen that they have a package to deliver as well as a letter.

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If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

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If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

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If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

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If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman

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If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postman..

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