If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen Answer

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen Answer – You have read about Lencho in ‘A Letter to God’, First Flight, a textbook in English for Class X. How has Lencho’s story moved you? What do you think about Lencho’s faith in God and his attitude towards the clerk at the post office? Do you think he was right to ask for God’s support and then blame the people at the post office? Discuss his actions with your friends. Why did he do that?

Lencho is a poor farmer. He’s pretty hardworking too, a bull. As a result of heavy rain and hail, his ripe corn crop was badly damaged and destroyed. He was worried and anxious about this huge loss because it meant his family had to starve that year. Lencho has a firm belief in the Almighty and believes that only God can help him out of this bad situation. With great hope he decided to write a letter to God to compensate for the loss he suffered. It is naive and innocent on Lencho’s part to ask and expect financial and financial help from God. Lencho is a sincere, responsible and hard worker.

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen Answer

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen Answer

He has devoted his best efforts and sincerity in sowing his crops. He could not imagine and believed that all his efforts would be wasted in an instant. As a responsible person, he truly cares about his family’s well-being and is unwilling to see them get into any trouble. Out of concern, compassion for his loved ones, he tries to do something extraordinary and extraordinary which is to write a letter to a supernatural power that he considers omnipresent. I have so much sympathy for the poor man as he had to bear the loss for reasons beyond his control. However, I also feel that it is quite inappropriate and unreasonable on Lencho’s part to blame the post office staff for the insufficient amount of money he received. The post office worker did nothing wrong but tried to help the poor man by doing his best. Lencho should be thankful to God and the post office staff for receiving such a big help at the time of need.

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen…

A summary of Lencho’s story is given below. The story line is mixed up.

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The postman and postmaster laughed at Lencho’s letter but were surprised by the man’s faith.

He wrote a letter to God asking for a hundred pesos to reseed his field and to live on until the next crop appeared.

After a few days, Lencho went to the post office to receive the money while the postmaster watched.

Barlow, Nora Ed. 1945. Charles Darwin And The Voyage Of The Beagle. London: Pilot Press

He immediately went to the counter and asked for a pen and paper, wrote a few lines and pasted the letter.

When the postmaster opened the letter, he said “Oh! Thank you for sending the money. But I only received seventy pesos. Next time please send money directly to me. The people at the post office are a bunch of crooks. They have taken thirty pesos.

He opened the letter and was happy to find the money. He counted and found it was only seventy pesos.

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen Answer

E. Lencho was surprised to receive less than what he asked for; decided to write another letter to God complaining about the same thing.

Riddle / Puzzle Sms In English

Given below is the story of a tailor known for his skill in cheating and stealing. Read in groups of four or in pairs. You can discuss the events and incidents of the story with your friends and write them in order.

There was a tailor who was famous for beating others in the light arts of sleight of hand and thieving. A merchant swears that even with a hundred attempts, the tailor will not be able to take a ball of thread from him without his knowledge.

The merchant was told that many others, wiser than he, had been beaten by the tailor. They said he shouldn’t imagine himself so great, because his ego would only get him into worse trouble in the competition with the tailor. However, the merchant became more competitive and made a bet that the tailor would not be able to rob him of anything.

He bet an Arabian horse with the person who mocked him. If the tailor fails to steal, then they have to give him a horse. That night, the merchant lay awake because he was troubled by the situation and could not sleep.

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New_oxford_modern_english_tg 4_1 Pages 101 150

In the morning, he put a piece of satin under his arm and went to the bazaar and entered the shop and saluted the crafty rogue. The tailor rose from his seat and greeted the merchant, inquiring about his health with more warmth than the merchant, instilling in his heart a great feeling of affection for him. When the merchant heard the sweet songs of the tailor, he threw the piece of silk saying, “Cut this into a coat for me and widen it below my navel so that it does not obstruct my legs and is tight about it to show off. my figure.”

The tailor replied, “O! good man, I will give you a hundred services,” and accepted the order. He measured the satin cloth and examined the work surface and all the time conversed with the merchants in idle gossip, about other princes and about the awards and gifts that he received from them, and about miserly people and their evil ways, and made the merchant laugh hysterically. While speaking this trick, he quickly drew his scissors, cutting as fast as his lips moved.

The merchant laughs, the tailor is cutting, the merchant closes his eyes happily, the tailor cuts off the extra pieces, tucking them under his thigh, hidden from all but God. Because of his delight at the tailor’s story, the ex-trader’s grandeur slipped from his mind. what satin? what is boasting? What bet? The merchant was intoxicated by the jokes told by the tailor.

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen Answer

Then the tailor told such an incredible story that the merchant fell on his back laughing. The seamstress quickly sewed a swatch of satin fabric at the end of her panties while the merchant paid no attention, greedily sucking in every guffy at the joke the seamstress told. The tailor kept telling funnier and funnier stories and jokes until the merchant was completely in his power.

B.j. Holmes) Pocket Crossword Dictionary

With his eyes closed and his reason gone, the bewildered and proud merchant was drunk with joy. And the tailor continued to cut, sifting through the beautiful cloth again, with nothing stopping him now. But the merchant begged for more.

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You who are slaves to jokes, no story is more ridiculous than your own, think of this by your grave. How long are you going to listen to the lies of this world that leaves your mind and spirit unaffected? The Universal Tailor will cut and sew the hems of a hundred wanderers, foolish as children.

Finally the tailor got tired of the whole story and told the merchant that he had better go before another story was told, “Because if I tell another, the coat will be too tight for you, and you will stop laughing and cry tears of blood.”

Did you enjoy the story of ‘The Trader and the Tailor* ? The story is summarized below. Read the story again with your friend and complete the paragraphs using short sentences with the clues given.

Ready For Planet English

There was once a tailor who was famous for ___________ (cheating and stealing). He can trick anyone with his cunning way of tricking people. A merchant challenged that the tailor would not be able to deceive him. She ___________ (go) to the tailor with ___________ (satin). The tailor ___________ (welcome). Merchant (please) with tailor’s praise. He told the tailor to make a coat for him. The tailor ___________ (praise) the merchant (maximum). The merchant ___________ (happy). The tailor ___________(tell) funny stories and the merchant forgot ___________(bet). The tailor began to rummage ___________ and ___________ hide). The merchant’s eyes were ___________ (tears and joy) but the merchant continued to ask for ___________ (story). Finally, the tailor told the merchant that (tight) and ___________ (cry blood).

Beat others in the art of cheating and stealing, went, a piece of satin tucked under his arm, greeted him warmly, very happy, praised, to the maximum, experienced great joy, told innumerable, about full bets, cloth quickly, tucked The extra pieces under his thighs hide from the merchant, more and more, if he tells otherwise the coat will be too tight for him, he will cry tears of blood.

In this story you have come across the word “light fingered” which means prone to stealing things. Some such words are given below. Use the appropriate words and fill in the blanks.

If You Rearrange The Letters Of Postmen Answer

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