Kno Words 5 Letters

Kno Words 5 Letters – The collaboration between Seattle emcee Sadistik and CnninLynguists producer Kno should come as no surprise. The two showed great chemistry on “Kill the King” off Sadistik’s 2013 album Flowers for My Father and have continued to work together ever since. As the man who once dubbed himself “emo Premo,” Kno really understands how to craft sounds for the dark work of an artist like Sadistik. The Phantom Limbs EP marks their first effort as a duo and does not disappoint.

Those familiar with Sadistik’s work will be well aware of the working details of Phantom Limbs. Like most of his previous work, the writing of this EP is a promotion. Sadistik paints a real picture with his words that take the listener into his heart. Emotion is sometimes used as a villain in Hip Hop, but it shouldn’t be. Sadistik’s songs can be classified based on the fact that they are raw and intense. That feeling is an asset, especially when combined with the challenge of Sadistik. His first verse of “Daydreams” is a good example of this:

Kno Words 5 Letters

Kno Words 5 Letters

“Nightmares and dreams / Sylvia made those words, it’s my dream day / She’ll leave me / And ask me if I’ll make her safe, I found a way in the way / Now I’m out of space, high without lines. / I’m in the outer space, the low state / A sequoia in a flower vase / The roots go up like a mile away / However, I don’t wait / Lie Awake, the eyes are heavy / Vision of the smiling face / Imprinted on the prism with his death / I will close my eyes I can fly today / so high I can stay, away from everyone / Out of all mirrors, safe from judgment / They don’t want me here, maybe heaven loves me / Night is enough fear makes me daydream / And lately it’s the same.”

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What makes Phantom Limbs work so well, perhaps better than any of Sadistik’s previous work, is the creation of Kno. Having one of the best producers in Hip Hop involved is an essential tool for any project. But more than that, Kno has an eye for tennis that embraces Sadistik’s negative thoughts yet makes them visible.

The EP’s opener “Darkness” kicks off with a vocal pattern that would sound right out of place as a Catholic church hymn. As the beat builds and the drums kick in, the mood is set for Sadistik to embrace the unique aspect of darkness. Instead of creating a song that is nothing but gloom, the light added to the record makes it more special.

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What is most exciting about the competition between Sadistik and Kno is that one does not affect the other. There is no battle that falls to Sadistik’s words or meaning that Kno’s match comes as an afterthought. However, there are artistic opportunities for all artists. The posse cut “Unaware” is a lyrical exhibition for emcees such as Chino XL, Sheisty Khrist and Metasota joining Sadisitik for some wordplay wizardry. On the other hand, EP closer “In Heaven” is a highlight for Kno behind the boards with its pipe organ and deftly placed drum patterns. However, the production behind “Unknown” is what brings it the same as Sadistik’s songs improve the property of “Heaven.”

Phantom Limbs is a great addition to the discographies of Sadistik and Kno. Sadistik delivers the best performance of his career while Kno continues to prove why he is one of Hip Hop’s elite producers. The duo is in sync throughout the entire EP as they create one of 2015’s most striking tracks.

Words That Start With Kno

Make no mistake, Phantom Limbs is music for your headphones. The EP format works in its favor as the 10 plus track LP may be too heavy for longer appeal and repeat value. Instead, Sadistik and Kno follow the old GZA saying of “half as short, twice as strong.” Phantom Limbs may clock in at less than 30 minutes, but it’s just as powerful as any full-length album you’ll hear this year.

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Kno Words 5 Letters

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Sadistik X Kno

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Kno Words 5 Letters

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Letter Words That Start With Kno

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Kno Words 5 Letters

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