Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Relatively straightforward this week. The setter seems to be making an effort to put long words in front of phrases in their grid, which is fine by me.

You can find my completed grid below with explanations of my solutions where they are. I hope you find them helpful. If the recent Jumbo has given you the slip, you can find my Just For Fun usage page with links to solutions to hundreds of things.

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Thank you again for your kind words and contribution. It’s always interesting to hear the opinions of other solvers once they’ve put their pen down. Until next time, stay safe out there kids.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day All Weekend

Answer: EASTERNER (ie “perhaps a resident of Maine”, Maine is on the east coast of the USA). The solution is EASE (ie “peace”) and R (an accepted abbreviation of “river”), all enclosed in TERN (ie “sea bird”) or “interrupted”, as in: EAS(TERN)E-R.

Answer: IMMENSE (ie “monster”). The solution is I (ie ‘[roman numeral] one’), followed by M (an accepted abbreviation of ‘million’), then MEN (ie ‘soldiers’), and SEA with its last letter removed (indicating ‘lamb’). , as in: I-M-MEN-SE.

Answer: INTER (ie “to bury”). The solution is Harold PINTER (ie “the actor”) with the P removed (denoting “destroying the first [letter] of the plays”).

Answer: RE-ENTER (ie “key again”). “Across air gap of” indicates that the solution is hidden around the space found in WIDESC(REEN TER)MINALS.

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Element Suggested Phonetically By Nopq Stuv / Mon 6 6 22 / Famed Roman Censor / Indigenous People For Whom A Great Lake Is Named / Juice

Answer: CHOSEN. The solution satisfies the “German prince” – Chambers offers: “a title belonging to those princes and archbishops of the Holy Roman Empire who had the right to elect an emperor”; Oxford, meanwhile, narrows it down to “a German prince who has the right to participate in the election of the Holy Roman Emperor” and “who helps choose the government.”

Answer: INTERDENOMINATIONAL (i.e. “inclusion of several religious groups”). “Unusual” represents an anagram. The solution is an anagram of RAN MEDITATION ONLINE.

Answer: ERE (or “before”, poetically). The solution is WE’RE (a contraction of ‘we are’) with the W removed (meaning ‘dispensing whiskey’ – W is ‘whisky’ in the phonetic alphabet).

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: GLIBLY (ie “just”). The solution is an anagram (denoted “thrown”) of BILLY and G (“goat’s head”, i.e. the first letter of “goat”).

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Answer: STEVEDORE (ie “shipman”, specifically one who works on a dock to load and unload ships). The solution is ERODE (ie “weather”) and VETS (ie “control”), all reversed (marked “back”), for example: STEV-EDORE.

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Answer: REGISTRAR (i.e. “Let’s say someone takes out a patent”). “With a new design” represents an anagram. The solution is the RESTARTING anagram.

Answer: ENSLAVEMENT (or “subjugation”). The solution is ÜLIK (or “house divided”) with the first letter removed (meaning “unmanaged”) and the rest wrapped “around” SLAVIC (ie “possible Russian”), something like this: EN(SLAV)EMENT.

Answer: CLANG (or “ring”). The solution is CLAN (ie “extended family”) followed by G (ie “end of evening [letter]”).

The Daily Princetonian: September 30, 2022 By The Daily Princetonian

Answer: SPITFIRE (ie “bad-tempered guy”). The solution is FIT SPIRE “spoonerism” (ie “the way to end the church”).

Answer: EVENT (ie “when the light fades”). The solution is EVENT (ie “happens”) followed by IDE (ie “fish”).

Answer: OPTIONAL (ie “at your discretion”). The solution is OPT (ie “choose”) followed by IONA (ie “Scottish island”) and L (the accepted abbreviation of “loch”).

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: EXILE (or “bar”). The solution is E (a recognized English abbreviation), followed by XI (i.e. “eleven” in Roman numerals) and LE (i.e. “the” in French, so you know what that means…)

Today’s Wordle 442 Answer And Hint: Sunday, September 4

Answer: ISLAND HYPELAAG (or “islands”). The solution is ARCH (i.e. “conscious”, crafty or crafty) and I, followed by GALE (i.e. “wind”) and P (the well-known short for “force”) when the two are reversed (denoted “guaranteed”). The whole is then followed by O (ie “round”) like this: (ARCH-I)-(P-ELAG)-O

Answer: EGOCENTRIC (i.e. “not thinking about others”). The solution is an anagram of CONCIERGE (denoted by the word “annoyed”) surrounded by “about” T’s (ie “tenant at last”, i.e. the last letter of “tenant”), for example: EGOCEN(T)RIC.

Answer: OCULAR (ie “of the eyes”). The solution is JOCULAR (ie “full of fun”) with the J removed (denoted “but no judge” – the J being a recognized abbreviation of “judge”).

Answer: ARMLET (or “band”). The solution is LET (i.e. “allowed”) placed after A and RM or “followed” (accepted abbreviation of “Royal Marines”), for example: (A-RM)-LET.

Complete The Crossword Puzzle Below By Writing One Letter In Each Box. Word Are Inter Crossed In

Answer: RUT (or “fight for females”). The solution is T (an accepted abbreviation of “time”) placed “after” RU (ie “game”, specifically Rugby Union), for example: RU-T.

Answer: NON-UNDERSTANDING (aka “not getting” feeling). The solution is IN (i.e. “home”) followed by APPLY (i.e. “school”) with the VE removed (indicated by the words “half must leave…”, i.e. specifically the last half of the word “is”), then BY once “about ” I (ie “[roman numeral] one”) and LIT (ie “books”, short for literature), as in: IN-COMPREHENSI-B(I-LIT)Y.

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Answer: CASSAVA (ie “source of starch”). The solution is ASS (ie “stupid”) placed in CAVA (ie “wine”), as in: C(ASS)AVA.

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: BIPLANE (or “plane”). The solution is B (the recognized British abbreviation), followed by I (the recognized abbreviation for electric current used in physics), then PLAN (i.e. “design”) and E (the recognized abbreviation for “Europe”).

In Case You Missed It Crossword

Answer: Braille (aka “feeling language”, a play on how Braille characters are sensed by touch). The solution is BRA (ie “support”) followed by ILL (ie “bad”) and E (a recognized abbreviation of “English”).

Answer: LUNGE (or “fencing move”). Solution N (i.e. “new”) was placed in “LUGE” (i.e. “winter sports”), as in: LU(N)GE.

Answer: SO (ie “so”). The solution is YOU (i.e. “you met”, i.e. the archaic form of “you”) with the last letter dropped (denoting “many…”) around or “adopted” by REFORM (i.e. “fashion again”), as in: THE(REFOR)E.

Answer: INCOME (aka “income from work”). The solution is LEARNING (ie “picking up”) and the L has been removed (representing “missing nails” – the L being a recognized abbreviation of “nails” after the Latin word

Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1578

Answer: WIPE (or “accumulated dust”). The solution is PEWS (i.e. “seats”) reversed (pronounced “turned up” – this is a hint down) and followed by a T (the accepted abbreviation for “time”), for example: SWEP-T.

Answer: FASCINATING (ie “enchanting”). The solution is an anagram of ALL-NIGHTER (denoted by the word “twisted”) wrapped “around” an N (a well-known abbreviation of “noon”), for example: E(N)THRALLING.

Answer: NARKED (aka “annoying”). The solution is R (the well-known abbreviation for “running” used in many ball games) placed “naked” (ie “without clothes”), for example: NA(R)KED.

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: ITEMISE (i.e. “to decay”). The solution is ITEM (ie “news report”) followed by IE (ie “it is”, ie “ie”) wrapped in “about” S (an accepted abbreviation of “second”), for example: ITEM-I(S ) E.

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Satyrs’ Looks / Mon 7 4 2016 / Fedex Competitor / Instigation / Drug Used To Treat Parkinson’s / N.b.a. Hall Of Famer Thomas / Helpful Theorem, In Math

Answer: METAMPHETAMINE (aka “stimulant”). The solution is MET (i.e. “came into”) followed by MPH (i.e. “speed”, more specifically miles per hour) superimposed on “HAET” (i.e. “lowest quantity in Fife”, a reference to the Scots word meaning ” shield”.

Answer: NARCISSISM (or “vanity”). The solution is NARC (i.e. “drug agent”) followed by MISSIS (i.e. “woman”) when its last letter or “head” is placed at the end or “below” – this is a clue – as in: NARC-( M)ISSIS = > NARC-ISIS(M).

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Answer: ESSENCE (ie the “heart” of something). The solution is ESSEN (ie “German city”) followed by CE (ie “Church”, specifically the Church of England).

Answer: INCLUSION (or “concern”). The solution is IN followed by VOL (short for “volume”), then V (ie “[roman numeral] five”) and CEMENT (ie “fix”) if the C is removed (indicating “missing chapter” – C being recognized short for “chapter”), for example: IN-VOL-V-EMENT.

The New York Times Crossword In Gothic

Answer: RELIEVE (ie “bring help”). The solution is LI (i.e. “fifty-one” expressed in Roman numerals) placed or “locked” by a REEVE (i.e. an old “local judge”) such as RE(LI)EVE.

Answer: ITERATE (ie “repeat”). The solution is TEE (i.e. ‘support’ of the golf ball) wrapped around or ROT (i.e. ‘rodent’) followed by me, for example: I-TE(RAT)E.

Answer: STRADDLE (ie “legs over position”). The solution is TR (i.e. “tear edges”, i.e. the first and last letter of “tear”) placed in the “saddle” (i.e. “seat”), thus: S(TR)ADDLE.

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: TELEPHOTOGRAPHY (i.e. “that takes a long picture”). The rest of the clue plays like how a paparazzo uses a telephoto lens to photograph celebrities from afar. You get the idea.

L.a.times Crossword Corner: Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Dave Taber & Laura Moll

Answer: TERRIFIED (i.e. “dismayed”). The solution is A (ie “[musical] note”) followed by P (a recognized musical abbreviation for “piano”) and PALLED (ie “lost its appeal”).

Answer: SCHEME (or “plan”). The solution is E (ie, another “[musical] note”) and MA (ie, “mother”), both placed “after” SCH (an accepted abbreviation of “school”), such as SCH-(E-MA).

Answer: DESTROY (or “eliminate”). The solution is EX (ie “former”) followed by TERM (ie “word”), then IN, then A and TE (ie another musical “note”, this time of sol-fa notes or doh-re-me ).

Answer: EXCELLENT (ie “open to exercise”). The solution is FAT (i.e. “overweight”) followed by MAB (i.e. “fairy queen” – over to Chambers: “the name of a female fairy regarded as the bringer of dreams; queen of the fairies”), once placed “in”. HOLE (ie “contradiction”), for example: FAT-HO(MAB)LE.

Down And Across: Introducing Crossword Solving As A New Nlp Benchmark

Answer: ETHYLENE (ie “gas”). The solution is the words “Emplacement”, “HastilY”, “LeavE” and “NervE” with the middle letters removed to denote “released”.

Answer: LYRICAL (ie “song-like”). The solution is LYRE (ie “string”) with its last letter removed (signifying “mostly”) and the remaining letter followed by I and CALL (ie “term”) with its last letter also removed (signifying “infinitely” ”), as in: LYR-I-CAL.

Answer: UNCLASP (ie “exemption grip”). A solution is ONU (ie “relative”) if its last character has been

Inter Crossword Clue 4 Letters

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