Endure Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Endure Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Palindromist Jon from Sit on a Potato Pan Otis / WED 10-28-20 / Whispered Name in Raven / Frequent SNL Role for Beck Bennett / US Navy Builder / What Members of the Church of the SubGenius Parody Religion Claim to Be Descended / Rare Weather Phenomenon which is white like its cousin

Relative Difficulty: Challenging (like, hilariously off-the-mark for a Wednesday…high 5s, ie my average Friday time) (it’s oversized, but still, yikes)

Endure Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Endure Crossword Clue 5 Letters

SUBJECT: a quote from Carrie Bradshaw (from the TV show “Sex and the City”, which, strangely, never proves the puzzle) about men (“Men!”) in their 40s and crossword puzzle – “Men in their 40s are like the ‘New York Times Sunday Crossword…TRICKY, COMPLICATING, AND / YOU’RE NEVER / REALLY SURE / YOU’VE GOT THE / ANSWER’

Ny Times Crossword 29 May 22, Sunday

Word of the Day: IMARET (18A: Turkish Inn) – Imaret is one of several names used to identify the public soup kitchens built throughout the Ottoman Empire from the 14th to 19th centuries. These public kitchens were often part of a larger complex known as a külliye, which included hospices, mosques, caravanserais and colleges. The Imarets gave out food that was free to specific types of people and unfortunate individuals. Imarets were not invented by the Ottomans, but developed under them as highly structured groups of buildings. Nevertheless, the Imarets show an appreciation of Muslim religious teachings on charity found in the Qur’an. (Wikipedia)

I knew I had… something… when I rolled out of bed, picked up my phone and saw this thread in my Twitter mentions:

If you’re coming up with ideas on how to make a crossword puzzle theme, which is completely off-putting to me, I’m not sure that in your collective wisdom you could come up with a “better” theme than this. Let’s start with “quote puzzle.” We could stop there, but today we begin. Next, make it a quote from “Sex and the City”, a show … well, look, different people enjoy different things, and certainly many of you enjoy that particular television program, which is fine, but nothing of particular taste Sort of smug NYC provincialism more than the show, and, for a number of reasons, it has, uh, never been to my taste. Speaking of narrow NYC provincialism, the NYTXW is so sure of the centrality of Carrie Bradshaw in everyone’s daily lives that they don’t even state, in hint or anywhere, that she is a fictional character from a TV show. I knew who she was, but it’s a strange assumption that anyone will. Also, “Men are like ___” or “Women are like ___” or “Life is like a box of chocolates” or “Men are from Mars” or whatever little aphorism you put, yeah that’s not likely to sit too big with me. But if you’re going to draw an analogy, dear sir, let it be somewhere near the mark. Where to start with this quote? I can’t speak to “men in their 40s”, but crosswords, I know. First, Thursday’s puzzle is the “TRICKY, COMPLICATED” one. Can Sunday be like this? Sure, but when you enter a crossword quote in a crossword, for crossword solvers, it’s best not to propagate myths about crossword difficulty (do you know how widespread the idea is that Sunday is the hardest? right?) . Next, what “right answer”? The puzzle doesn’t have *one* answer? Do you feel that you are never really sure that you have the right overall solution? I thought it was something like “you’re never really sure if you’re through” because maybe guys in their 40s leave things a lot ambiguous (?) and sure you *think* you’ve completed a puzzle, but You might have wrong answers somewhere. That’s… plausible. But “the right answer” is just the wrong phrase here. Even the internet existed (even in Carrie Bradshaw’s day) and the solution key existed, so you actually know if you have the right answer if you just wait. But to explain the thematic grief, we can go back to “quote puzzle” again. It’s a quote puzzle.

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Then there’s the filling, by which I mostly mean the ridiculously heavy (for a Wednesday) clue. Hints at YETIS CORP DDAY HURT ICEAX etc. were more Friday / Saturday level, but the real problem was the dump truck full of proper names, my god. Peter is a huge trivia fan, creator of an app called Celebrity, which involves knowing famous names, but you know my feelings about proper names, especially in abundance and especially when they’re, er, marginal, and especially when they’re intersectional or abutting. I am not concerned about the total number of names today (although there are many), I am concerned about the relative marginality of the names. Each of these might be valuable individually, but all at once, yes, it’s a lot: GABE AGEE (the cross) MAUREEN TESLA (full answer, but as advertised, yikes), LEVI KIDD IRA LENORE. I guess you can throw in lil UZI Vert (the current go-to-UZI cue for those who want to pretend they haven’t put a killing machine in the grill). Now, I knew about half of those names, so I’m not advocating uncertainty on any front. But if your names aren’t of the household variety, things can get pretty tricky.

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Floral Archway / Sun 5 2 21 / Classical Poem Form / Fast Food Chain With Famous Star Burgers / Aesthetically Pretentious Informally / Actor Whose Breakout Role

Completing this puzzle was a job on all fronts. Puzzle couldn’t decide what it was, and ended up mixing a trivia-heavy Friday with a Tuesday-type theme, and the result was…well, it’s Halloween week, so maybe the horror was on purpose, I do’ don’t know But FOGBOW (!?) is not a Wednesday answer (54D: Rare weather phenomenon that is white, unlike its colored cousin), and MIKE PENCE … (19A: Frequent “S.N.L.” role for Beck Bennett) what are you doing anyway here, NYTXW? Mini included the terrible new Supreme Court yesterday, and today the actual adult crossword puzzle gives us… this guy. This disgusting lickspittle. This walk is an expression of fraud and moral decay. This is better than incompetence and, frankly, where the COVID response is concerned, murder. Fuck him. Pardon my French. See you tomorrow.Blummen archway / SUN 5-2-21 / Classic poem form / Fast-food chain with Famous Star Burger / Aesthetically pretentious informal / Actor whose breakout role came as a shirtless cowboy in Thelma & Louise

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SUBJECT: “Initial Impressions” – All clues are [some letters] + [strict] + [some word]; all answers are weak two-word representations of the clue, where the first (“initial”) word of the answer begins with the first letter of the clue and the second word of the answer is a synonym or other quality of , the post-hyphen part of the clue.

Word of the day: PERGOLA(5D: flower arch) — 1 : ARBOR ,TRELLIS 2 : a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters (merriam-webster.com)

Endure Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Pretty cool on this one. The issue… you’ll see in the description that it’s just not as consistent as it sounds. Most of the clue words after hyphens are matching clues for the second word in the subject answer (eg “case” = MOUTH, “flat” = apartment), but with COVERED BRIDGE, “span” … yes, I guess on some weakened way is a BRIDGE *a* span… like, you could force me to believe that there is a noun-for-noun equivalence going on. but I *think* the hint/answer just wants you to be content with the fact that a bridge is something that “spans”…something. But let’s say you think, no, BRIDGE and “span” are absolute synonyms, “span” can be a noun, this is very consistent… well, then, OK, what do you do with COMPASS NEEDLE as [C- sharp]?]? Because there is no way that NEEDLE = “sharp.” Noun cannot indicate adjective. Needles *are* sharp, yes, but you can’t call the NEEDLE “Sharp”. That’s a massive violation of crossword rules, where clue and answer must be the same parts of speech. And *that* means that part of the speech was *never* important to this topic. The second word must be only vaguely related to its cue word. And *that* means that the theme is just… really loose. Too loose to be very impressive. Also very arbitrary. You can do this forever, with a bunch of letter-description-word stuff. I mean, [C-section?] could be, uh, CANTALOUPE SLICE? CENTERPIECE? CODPIECE? CONCERT PIECE? Chess piece? [J-Pop?] could be JOLT COLA… [T-Top?] could be TIN ROOF *or* TUXEDO SHIRT *or* god knows what else. A-team B-film C-clamp D-list E-card F-troop G-string etc. I’m sure brighter minds than mine can come up with plausible answers for all of these. So why not make the letters *mean* something… *conjure* something or just *do* something? Why go to the “G” twice? (G-flat, G-force). Why go to the music twice? (G-flat, C-sharp). Feels sluggish and just not…ambitious enough.

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Live News From January 31: Johnson Apologises After Gray Report And Vows To Overhaul Downing Street, Us Stocks Endure Worst January Since Financial Crisis, Sony Buys Game Maker Bungie For $3.6bn |

It was easy though, and the grid was reasonably clean, so I didn’t have a terrible time solving it. It

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