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My Uncle Redbeard, the great sailor and shipwreck hunter, is in trouble and needs my help! A mysterious package arrived in the mail this morning containing a letter from him, a few pages from his diary and a card:

Knu Words 5 Letters

Knu Words 5 Letters

His letter says I need to meet him somewhere – but I don’t know where! (Although I’m pretty sure all this talk about Greece is codswallop…) He says I should be able to identify both the country and the specific seaport to hide it in.. .

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ASSIGNMENT: Using the information from Uncle Redbeard’s letter, diary and map, identify both the country and the specific seaport where he is currently hiding.

For accessibility, the text of the letter and journal is reproduced below (spoilers to avoid clutter), with the characters’ names replacing the symbols used in the letter and journal. Anyway, me

Dear Redacted I am writing you this letter from Greece (front of envelope) as I (Handhold) discovered that an American Secret Service (PC) was following my movements (Handptright) while searching for the lost ‘fourth ship’ of Christopher Columbus in the US looking for Aegean Sea. Note that I am not soliciting any funding from you as my finance manager in England Mr Ramsey (smiling face) is able to send (pc) money (handwritten left) in a timely manner (sunshine). Rather, I hope that from the contents of this package you will learn the country and the specific seaport where you would like to meet me. I am enclosing a map and some recent journal entries in case they help you follow in my “footsteps”, unravel my cryptic words and connect all the dots… Your loving uncle, R

January 1st Junk (thumbs up) messages have reached me – they’re on us. My chief of staff (floppy3), Mr Walker (the perennial pessimist (brow face) that he is, haha ​​(xi)), is clearly terrified (skull bone). We’re leaving on Ramsey’s Signal (Delta) tomorrow before our enemies can even settle the score (Circle 6). January 2nd After getting supplies from a local shopkeeper (book) we set sail, closely circling our island clockwise before heading north to the next one, being careful to avoid rocky outcrops that tore the island apart (Book) and torn (mu) hull of our ship, and never retrace our ‘steps’. We drove one mile (omega) east, then two north before turning and heading straight to the port. After meeting ashore, we circumnavigated the island counter-clockwise and thoroughly surveyed every square kilometer of water in the surrounding bay. As night fell we drove as quickly as possible to an unvisited port, where I knew an inn whose discreet landlord saw to it that no sniffing psychoanalyst (reading glasses) made a fuss about (Ypsilon) a traveler (plane), who wants privacy. January 3rd Terrible rain – really glad (Upsilon) to have brought my raincoat (Gamma). Walking west from the port, Mr. Walker fell from his chair (handptdown) in a start, his face as pale as that of a china doll (forehead). “Mermaids!” he shrieked like a wild, spitting creature (xi). “Harbingers (Taurus) of doom, luring us with their haunting melodies!” I haven’t seen singers (Crossoutline) on the rocks myself, and I suspect Mr Walker’s “Lead Lady” (Rosettesolid) would blush at home if she would behave her husband like that. I asked him to have some pride (Leo) and pull yourself together, triple (Gemini) fast. After passing between the headland and a small island, we sailed due south until we hit land. After a brief refueling at a shipyard which was within 3 miles of Segeln we headed east again and closely rounded the headland which we reached next. Shortly thereafter, I narrowly avoided making a blunder (thumbs down) and realized just in time that we were heading into waters that were off-limits (clear) for our ship class (the two ports in the area are particularly strict). We veered sharply from her territory, sailing past both and scanning every square mile of the nearest bay for the wreck, hugging the coast of the mainland until we arrived at the nearest port where we docked for the night, still unsure about the whereabouts of the fabled Santa Amigo (Snowflake) – something that (boxshadowup) really rocks a bit…

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Knu » Myanmar Peace Monitor

The compass on the top right has many different symbols on it. The words associated with a specific symbol can be placed above it:

You may notice that there are a lot of them above and to the left – this suggests that this is actually a crossword! And indeed, we can solve this as a non-cryptic crossword with each clue at the beginning of its answer.

We can deduce the route the ship took. We need to start at the port in column 5 (based on the ability to go clockwise then north) and go from there… The final map looks like this:

Knu Words 5 Letters

Overlaying the path on the crossword reveals something: It spells LONG-TIME CHIEF TABACCO PRODUCER CORRUPTED AFRICAN NATION. This is a cryptic clue – “corrupted” is an anagram indicator, “African nation” is the definition, and the answer is the very long anagram DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO.

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Again, use the symbols on the compass. All of them are from Wingdings and similar fonts except for a couple – the 24 Greek letters. If you draw a line from Greek letter to Greek letter, you get an image: This is a BANANA, which also happens to be the name of a seaport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Deusovi and the commenting crew have already figured out which country the meeting point is in. But Uncle Redbeard also indicated a seaport. We just have to “connect the dots”.

(This partial answer, which really only provides the last bit, continues and spoils the work of Deusovi’s answer.)

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… are not really dots. They’re the oddballs with the symbols: all the symbols are from one of the various Wingdings/Dingbats fonts, except for the Greek letters. All 24 letters are present and if we connect them in alphabetical order from α to ω we get the following:

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… Banana, one of the seaports of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So let’s go there.

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Knu Words 5 Letters

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Knu Words 5 Letters

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