Leilui Nishmat In Hebrew Letters

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Rav Yaakov Hillel has a 20 page long answer on this in מקבציאל ל”ה where he summarizes the result of ger doing things for non-Jewish deceased parents as follows:

Leilui Nishmat In Hebrew Letters

Leilui Nishmat In Hebrew Letters

1 – A non-Jew does not have neshama like a Jew, so he does not have the ability to say kaddish, read the Torah, or do any mitzva “l’iluy nishmat” a goy.

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2 Let the person who helps them, and if they are not against them, give them rights and Daven, so that the LORD can reduce the punishment of sin for them.

3 – If they keep the seven mitzvos on Noah, it can be added on the tefila that they can enter the special Gan Eden that is reserved for such people.

4 If they do not serve Avoda Zara, who have good respect, and are useful, and who help the Jews, we can say that they should enter the prison.

[Rav Elyashiv is quoted in וישמע משה that it is shameful to have a goy’s name on the torah.]

April 11, 2014 By The Jewish Star

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Leilui Nishmat In Hebrew Letters

Please read the masechet of the mishna in memory of my mother who died last week on January 6, 2022 (5 Shvat 5782). I am aiming to finish all masechtot by its first yarzheit which will fall on January 27, 2023.

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It will be meaningful for us to mark Mr. Sassover z”l’s first yahrzeit with the completion of as many Massechtot of the Mishna as we can manage. If it can be completed at the end of shloshim (which ends on Shabbat, March 26). all is well !

Please join us in writing the Mishna and concluding the ‘Shas’ in honor and memory of our very beloved, departed friend, brother, mentor, inspiration, etc. Reuven HaLevi Prager, BEGED IVRI.

Estudio por la elevación del Alma de Usher Ben Avraham Hersh HaKohen z”l to be completed for the day of the Shloshim

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