Letters From Camp Jamie Lee Curtis

Letters From Camp Jamie Lee Curtis – , produced by and starring Golden Globe Award-winning actress and best-selling author Jamie Lee Curtis. Sunny Sandler (

) joins Curtis to lead an all-star cast in this episodic, scripted family podcast to be released in August 2020. Letters from Camp is a comedic, heartfelt mystery aimed at middle grade audiences and their parents. Written by Boco Haft (

Letters From Camp Jamie Lee Curtis

Letters From Camp Jamie Lee Curtis

Featuring Mookie Hooper. Mookie is a square peg in a round hole. Or, more accurately, she’s an NBC Dateline-obsessed, fun-fact, fanny-pack-wearing eleven-year-old beanie in a conformist sixth-grade hole. With a world-famous reporter mother, Mookie is eager to prove that family life can follow as an investigative journalist. So when Mookie learns of the mysterious case of a girl who went missing from Camp Cartwright, she’s determined to uncover the legend of the “Lady of the Lake.” Told from weekly letters written to an unknown character at a sleepaway camp, Mookie’s Summer in Maine is a funny and serious coming-of-age story wrapped in a suspenseful mystery.

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“Through my years as a children’s book author and my film roles, I’ve developed an eye for what works with kids: real, funny, relatable characters,” said Jamie Lee Curtis. “I now use my ear for children’s entertainment as I turn my attention to an immersive, emerging audio format. Mookie is Harriet, the spy, meets Kayla from eighth grade, and I’m sure the kids will love her.”

“Jamie Lee Curtis has entertained us for decades,” said Rachel Ghiazza, executive vice president, head of US content at . “Families who come for fun, funny screen-free entertainment will keep coming back again and again

. This dynamic show will transport listeners to a beloved place that some families may miss this summer: sleepaway camp.”

Heather works on developing original children’s content for , which includes collaborating on scripts and concepts with writers, coming up with perfect sound effects, working with cover illustrators and more.

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Christian Slater, Carrie Coon, Kevin Bacon, Alicia Silverstone, Andy Richter, Yvette Nicole Brown and more will star in this summer’s lineup of scripted, funny and provocative drama and comedy series offered exclusively on .

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Grammy-nominated family entertainer, comedian and musician Billy Kelly will perform two performances of his one-man “This Is A Family Show!”. at the Minetta Lane Theatre. It is intended for children aged 8 and up and will be recorded live for listeners. Jamie Lee Curtis Talks Summer Camp When She’s You and Films ‘Cathartic’ Ending to ‘Halloween’ “I just finished filming the last shot of Laurie Strode three weeks ago,” she says in a new interview with

Jamie Lee Curtis attends the premiere of A24’s ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ at The Theater at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, California on March 23, 2022. (Tommaso Boddi/WireImage/Getty Images)

Letters From Camp Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has had quite a few months. Last fall, she returned to fictional Haddonfield, Illinois for “Halloween Kills,” the latest in Michael Myers’ long horror saga about a white-masked murder who just won’t die (but wants everyone else to). In early 2022, she had an unforgettable role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, Michelle Yeoh’s film directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheiner that will make you never look at eyes (or bagels or rocks) the same way again. .

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Curtis’ performance in “Everything” is nothing short of stunning. She plays Dierdre, an overworked, uncaring, deeply weird IRS auditor. At least in one dimension. In another, Dierdre is a loving husband and a very talented pianist who has hot dogs. In another, she’s a raging cultist. That’s a lot for anyone to handle, let alone all in the same movie.

Curtis is the producer of the Audible Original podcast “Letters from Camp,” written by Boco Haft and currently entering its third season. Curtis also stars in a fictional show, appearing as camp director Sue, whom he describes as “a thrice-married woman who has also been married to other camp directors.” Sue runs Camp Cartwright, a pastoral summer camp where 11-year-old New Yorker Mookie (rhymes with Cookie), voiced by Sunny Sandler, attends her first experience away from home.

During an interview with , Curtis talks about the show’s personal origins. Haft is Curtis’ goddaughter (Jake Gyllenhaal is another godchild who lends his voice to the show), and the story was inspired by a letter Haft sent Curtis as a child. It turns out the letter was never mailed.

“My goddaughter wrote me a letter from camp when she was 11 and never sent it,” says Curtis. “It was in her little paper box with my name on the outside. And 10 years later, when she’s 26, her mother found a letter to Jamie in the box and sent it to me.”

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Jamie Lee Curtis Interview With Bill Wills

The letter said Hafta “got into trouble and let everyone down and felt terrible.” When Curtis finally read the letter, “I immediately told her, ‘Oh, this is the show. This is definitely the show. And you have to write it.’

“Whatever your family’s rules are, whatever other people’s family’s rules are, social media is a real problem for teenagers. I feel like it’s a very destructive force.”

Despite her initial misgivings and some awkwardness with the other campers, mainly due to her premature desire to investigate (Mookie wants to be a journalist like her famous mother), Mookie returns to camp in Season 2. Every summer there’s a new mystery, detailed in the form of letters to Mookie writes . . . someone. The show is funny, sweet, and while it’s aimed at teenagers — an age group Curtis, a children’s book writer herself, feels needs her own stories (“dealing with sexuality in a very light way, dealing with a divorce”) — it also has jokes. adults will appreciate.

Letters From Camp Jamie Lee Curtis

The story begins in 2005, a time that even Curtis was adamant about. It was when her goddaughter first wrote the lost letter, but other than that, setting the story in the past sidesteps the social media issue, which Curtis believes is the main problem.

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“We wanted to make sure there was no social media, because we wanted the innocence of camp… whatever your home experience, whatever your family’s rules, whatever other people’s family’s rules, social media is a real problem for teenagers. I feel like it’s a very destructive force and I’m worried about it,” says Curtis. And yet, he jokes, “You can’t have a show called Letters from Camp and have it be e-mails.”

First recorded during the first year of COVID (“We were all trying to figure out how to record this show under tables and in closets”), Camp Letters first aired in late summer 2020, at a time when Curtis was acutely aware of many children were missing out on the classic camp experience – and experiences of confidence, independence and self-reliance, experiences that seem increasingly under threat. Getting to know yourself, just being yourself as a growing child, is a key part of the show.

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After all, the camp’s motto is “Be You,” which Curtis says was a happy coincidence. During our Zoom interview, he holds a bag and zooms in on the camera. “I got swag,” he says, showing a bag with the camp’s emblem, which includes a campfire that looks like an old woodcut with the words BE YOU stamped underneath.

Those words are true for Curtis, a supportive parent with her husband, Christopher Guest, of two grown daughters, one of whom is trans. In the first joint interview she gave with her daughter Ruby to People in 2021, Curtis admitted, “You still mess up, I messed up twice today. We’re human,” but said, “If one person reads this, They’ll see a picture of me and Ruby and says, ‘I can safely say this is me,’ then it’s worth it.”

Letters From Camp: Audible Update With Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis and I talk about how important it is for kids to explore themselves and how the young protagonist of “Leaves from Camp” changes when he is “confronted with what is often a lifelong battle between your heart and your brain.”

Season 3 will be Mookie’s last summer at camp. As for Curtis, she is coming off a banner year in a long line of banner years. Jamie Lee Curtis, the daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, first appeared on the small screen in 1977 in the sitcom “Operation Petticoat.” Her screen debut would define her: the teenage Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror film “Halloween.” Curtis played a high school babysitter who becomes the target of killer Michael Myers; later his very worthy opponent.

Curtis went on to star in “The Fog” and a string of other horror films, but also branched out into very different roles, showing her comedic genius in films like “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Freaky Friday” with Lindsay Lohan and her acting prowess in , such as the blockbuster “True Lies.”

Letters From Camp Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘All at once’ (Allyson Riggs/A24) All three strands of Curtis’ genius are on display in ‘All at once’. that

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