Words With The Letters Merlot

Words With The Letters Merlot – Two wines from two well-known wine regions beginning with the letter B – France’s Bordeaux and the Burgundy region. (Photo by Ken Ross)

When it comes to words related to wine, the letter B contains many of the great words for wine. From Bordeaux to Burgundy, bouquet to Barolo, there is no shortage of wine-related words that start with the letter B.

Words With The Letters Merlot

Words With The Letters Merlot

So here’s what you need to know about wine words that start with B, especially if you’re a Boston banker or a beautician buying bottles of Beaujolais for your beau in Beantown’s Back Bay.

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Bacchus – Best known as the Roman God of wine, Bacchus also refers to the obscure wine grapes used to make white wine in Germany. Again, you’ll be hard pressed to find a wine made with Bacchus grapes. But if you like wine, chances are you’ve heard of the ancient Roman god of pleasure.

Balance – Winemakers and wine lovers often talk about whether a wine is balanced. But what does that really mean? Consider the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Balanced wines are neither too sweet nor too dry. They are right. In other words, a perfectly balanced wine can mean anything. So don’t worry if someone says the wine tastes good. They are just saying that the wine is delicious.

Barrel – A large, round wooden container in which wine is aged. Usually made of French Oak or American Oak, most wine barrels usually hold about 60 gallons of wine. Most wine is aged in barrels before being bottled. For some wines, aging takes only a few months. For some wines, aging can last several years. Either way, barrel aging is an important part of winemaking.

Bitterness – Another term often used to describe how a wine tastes. When someone says a wine is bitter, what they are talking about is a wine that is slightly sweet or bitter. Generally, a wine high in acid tastes bitter. In addition, wine made from young grapes tends to have less flavor. Some people like sour wines, especially some white wines and so-called “orange” wines. For many others, sour grapes are the most avoidable of all.

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Blanc – Blanc simply means “white” in French. So if you see “Blanc” on a bottle of wine, it means it’s a white wine. Several different types of white wine (and white wine grapes) also have the word “Blanc” in them, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Ugni Blanc.

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Blanc de Blanc – Another French word, “Blanc de Blanc” simply means white wine made from white wine grapes. (Some white wines are made from red wine grapes, but that’s another story.) Also, Blanc de Blanc is a type of Champagne that is only made in the Champagne region of France. As the name suggests, Blanc de Blanc Champagne is only made from white wine grapes, usually Chardonnay grapes. In general, they tend to be crisp, dry and delicious Champagnes.

Blending – Many wines are made from more than one grape. When that happens, the winemaker combines several grapes to make one wine. There is art and craft to mixing wine. That’s why many of the best winemakers in the world are respected for their wine pairing techniques. This is especially true in France’s Bordeaux and Rhone regions. And if you want to try mixing wine yourself, buy red or white grapes made from the same grape and mix them together for fun. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon go well together. So are Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Enjoy!

Words With The Letters Merlot

Blush – A rare type of white wine made from red wine grapes. Usually pink in color, blush wine is sometimes called rose wine. Although most people don’t usually call rose wine blush wine anymore. Maybe it’s because red grapes have a bad reputation for sweet, cheap wine. And that is not true when you talk about some of the best wines in the world, they can be green, lively, fragrant and interesting – especially if they come from France in the Provence region, home to the best rosé wine in the world. .

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Bottle – Wine usually comes in a glass bottle. Even in recent years, you can also find many wines, including fine wines, in other types of packaging. (See the “box” below.)

Bouquet – Another word often used to describe the aroma of wine. You can tell a lot about a wine by its bouquet. Does wine smell like a garden of newly planted roses? Or perhaps the bouquet of wine has a scent similar to the belt, which usually means that the wine is big and strong and needs an hour or so to “open” and show its strong character. Feel free to use any words to describe a wine bouquet. If the wine smells of chocolate, blackberries or moldy cheese, go ahead and say it. There are no wrong words to describe a wine bouquet.

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Box – A wine box used to be synonymous with bad wine. Not again. These days, you can find many great wines that just happen to come in a box. You can read more about big box wine here.

Beerenauslese – A type of German wine made from late-harvest grapes. Often referred to as ‘BA’ wines, these wines tend to be sweet, like a dessert-like wine because they are high in sugar due to the grapes being picked later.

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Words With The Letters Merlot

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Words With The Letters Merlot

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Words With The Letters Merlot

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