Letters From The Rebbe

Letters From The Rebbe – 00:29 Rebbe Letters 30 Letters in 30 Days Over the years, the Rebbe responded to tens of thousands of letters, a portion of which are printed in the series known as Igros Kodesh. In…

48:58 Rebbe Letters Should a Farbrebgen keep you away from home? The opening course in a series on the study of the published letters of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Rabbi Taub provides a brief background on the letters printed…

Letters From The Rebbe

Letters From The Rebbe

41:56 Rebbe Letters How to Be a Spiritual Trendsetter This letter was written by the Rebbe to a young bride encouraging her to be an “early adopter” of certain Hasidic customs, including covering her…

Letter From The Lubavitcher Rebbe

45:19 The Rebbe’s letter of faith, fertility and when to listen to doctors In response to a woman who feared she was infertile, the Rebbe tells her to trust Hashem firmly and then calls…

33:39 Do the Rebbe’s letters impress the neighbors or please the Rebbe? The Rebbe writes to a husband who blames his lack of spiritual growth on his wife. The Rebbe does not accept this excuse and pleads…

30:40 Rebbe Letters Advice for a Rabbi The Rebbe gives advice to Rabbi Herschel Shusterman a”h of Chicago on dealing with both youth and adults.

31:11 Rebbe Letters Finding Your Special Mitzvah Each of us has a special mitzvah in which we must shine more than others. One has to be extra careful about this…

Letters From The Rebbe On Territorial Concessions

36:08 The Rebbe’s letters remain above politics The role of a Jewish school was once simply to ensure that a child became an educated Jew. Today, however, the purpose of school is very…

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34:35 Rebbe Letters Young people should not think about earning a living The Rebbe expresses pain for young people who are too fixated on how they will make a living in the future.

38:15 Rebbe Letters Should Unpaid Teachers Strike? The Rebbe writes to a teachers’ union warning them of the irreversible damage a teachers’ strike can cause.

Letters From The Rebbe

30:58 The Rebbe’s letters encouraging others to write to the Rebbe The Rebbe asks someone dealing with Israeli soldiers if he can encourage them to correspond with him.

The Day The Rebbe Spoke To Me

39:43 The Rebbe Letters Education Outside the Classroom The Rebbe writes to a masghiach at the Toras Emes yeshiva in Jerusalem about the importance of educating students beyond their academic studies.

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