Letters On Dreidel Crossword

Letters On Dreidel Crossword – Solving today’s puzzle, I noticed that all of the topic answers were structured the same way, but I couldn’t see any other immediate connections between them, so I thought, “Hm, I’ll wait and see how the revealer pulls it all together.” So imagine my surprise when I met the revealer and nothing was mentioned about the ____ BY _____ format! It’s a good indication of the topic answers, and I like that none of them have anything to do with movement, but I felt like some of the mystery was left unexplained. BOLT OF FABRIC was probably my favorite topic answer (I’m a big

Fan) and I liked DASH OF PEPPER, but the “pepper” part of the phrase felt a bit arbitrary. But I hardly ever cook, so maybe that’s a more common phrase than I give it credit for.

Letters On Dreidel Crossword

Letters On Dreidel Crossword

Today’s fill felt remarkably clean to me, especially considering the grid is only 74 words (the maximum allowed is 78). All sections feel very connected and the NW and SE corners in particular are well engineered. My favorite answers on the grid today are LIMEADE and RAGTAG, and I also like STARDOM, although I found the [sports or entertainment fame] a bit too wordy. I wish there was a bit more here that was new/different/surprising in either clues or filling, but what’s here is so Monday smooth that I can’t have a huge problem with the puzzle overall.

A Word Search For Purim

In celebration of Hanukkah, today’s topic answers are familiar (similar) words and phrases that hide the Hebrew letters found on a DREIDEL (38a, [top whose four sides bear the Hebrew letters found in the circles of this puzzle ]).

I’m afraid I don’t know the Hebrew alphabet, but I’ve heard of GIMEL (just fun to say). However, I have never seen the word REGIMELESS anywhere. For you fellow DREIDEL illiterates, learn more about the game here.

It’s nice to see this theme to celebrate Hanukkah instead of the usual Christmas fare (which I’m sure we’ll get when the time comes). And the title is so apt. In addition, there is the thematically fitting ISRAEL on the 10d.

I don’t think there’s much to explain here, although there’s no revealer – the subject is just so trite.

Hanukkah Activities For Kids

That being said… there’s a bit of assumption in that “usually”. Arabic is written from right to left; Many East Asian languages ​​are traditionally written top-down, right-to-left, although from my cursory Googling it sounds like modern text in Chinese, for example, tends to be written left-to-right. (Yes, yes, I know. I wish I knew from experience instead of superficially Googling. I really wish my parents had forced me to learn Chinese as a kid!) I would have liked to see a reference like [How books in English will be read] for 17A rather than assuming “usually” happens as it is in English.

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I wasn’t crazy about completing this puzzle. Between RATA, OPIE, the abbreviation AMB., SSTS, TPKS, POR. as a shortcut…it was a bit too much crossword in my opinion.

Inspired by the Beyoncé song, this theme’s gimmick adds the tetragram R-I-N-G to familiar words and phrases for wacky results.

Letters On Dreidel Crossword

Theme: I couldn’t get the theme today and was wondering if it was a themeless one which would be a first! But Sally’s blog points out that the first word of each answer is “spun” (indicated by the title)—that is, an anagram of each other. In addition, a Dreidel is a TOP. USA Today’s themes are often subtle, but this one felt special.

Holiday Crossword Puzzle

Happy Hanukkah to you all! (Tonight will be the second night.) I completely disconnected from it last night and didn’t have any candles so I lit one of my Diwali lamps instead. There was a lot of good Hanukkah content in this puzzle:

The two center bonuses, WILLY NILLY and STICKY NOTE, were lovely and I think the NE corner was my favorite, with KING KONG alongside I CANT WAIT.

Seemed a bit harder than usual, although maybe it could just be that I was distracted while solving. Lots of clues made me draw a space until I had enough crossing letters to start piecing together.


Laugh For Peace, Meep, Not Your Dad’s Dreidel

AWAY IN A MANGER (27a-Carol with the lines “The cattle roar, the baby awakes”) is the long cross connecting the trellis. Seasonal now that Thanksgiving is behind us.

This entry was posted in Daily Riddles and tagged Brendan Emmett Quigley, Drew Schmenner, Enrique Henestroza Anguiano, Kurt Krauss, Mike Shenk, Patrick Berry, Rebecca Goldstein. Bookmark the permalink. We searched for a word heard during Hanukkah and each of the four Hebrew letters found on a DREIDEL began with one of the four theme entries. Clockwise, like a spinning top:

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11-D [Justin, who won the 1998 Australian and French Open mixed doubles, along with Venus Williams (58 vs. BIG MOTELS)] = GIMELSTOB.

Letters On Dreidel Crossword

. Obviously I should have dropped the topic if this tennis player wasn’t famous enough to include (but still with an anagram indicator).

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Microsoft Virtual Assistant Introduced In 2014 / Tue 5 12 20 / Black Knights Of College Football

Little did I realize that in his retirement he had become a sports interviewer/commentator of some importance. Here he gets the Ice Bucket Challenge treatment from Andy Murray:

. Solvers tell me that “Heu” is a more common spelling for Dreidels transliterating the letter. But hey, what are you gonna do?

35-D [illuminate] = SHINE. shin. I wanted SHINTOISM there, but it looks like an outdated term, with just “Shinto” now preferred.

And if you weren’t sure based on those four letters, there’s also a spinning T-O-P in the center of the grid that leads to a second path to DREIDEL.

Tile Alphabet Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Between Revolution, Penny Lane and an Octopus(‘s Garden) in the middle, I really went the wrong Beatles way there for a while.

This week’s winner, whose name was chosen at random from the 535 correct entries received, is Jeffrey Krasnick of Victoria, B.C. In addition to an MGWCC set of pen, pencil, and notepad, Jeffrey also receives a one-year subscription to MGWCC. Next week’s winner gets the same.

Reminder that MGWCC will be subscription-only as of January. The response so far has been encouraging – thank you to everyone who has already registered! — and in January I will publish some figures here. It costs $26 per year and gift subscriptions are also available. I hope you will join me in 2015 – sign up here.

Letters On Dreidel Crossword

After finally providing the answer to this week’s riddle, your map inspired a trivia question – which of the 50 states is the only one that can be written with the initials of contiguous states?

Ny Times Crossword 30 Aug 22, Tuesday

Well! I’ll post the answer next week. Note that the initials don’t have to be in order, just anagrammable into the answer (like in the meta).

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The answer to this week’s contest is a historical American political figure. Submit your response in the form in the left sidebar by Tuesday at 12:00 PM ET. Note: The submission form will disappear from the website promptly on Tuesday noon.

UPDATE 12/19 6:55 PM ET: Several solvers have asked me about the reference to 17-A [You’ve watched “Casablanca” and “Pulp Fiction” maybe a dozen times]. The answer in the grid is singular, although the hint makes it sound like it should be plural. I’ve only used “they” here casually as a gender-neutral singular pronoun, which does not imply a plural answer, and the phrasing there has nothing to do with the meta. I’m sorry for that.]

To print the puzzle, click on the image below and click print in your browser. To solve with Across Lite, either solve the applet below or download the free software here and then join the Google group here (now 2,342 members!). Or you can download the .puz file (you may need to right click on the link and save to your Downloads folder).

Winter Holidays Word Search

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