Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters Dress

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters Dress – The star may be known for being both an actress and a singer, but she quickly rose to triple threat status – in the most literal sense of the word – after posting a video of herself doing Rocky Balboa on a speed bag.

“I posted this video and got more text messages from my friends than anything I posted,” she laughs. “Everyone was like, ‘Are you really doing this?'”

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters Dress

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters Dress

Yes, yes, she was. Her father taught her how to kickbox as a child, and it’s a skill she’s quietly honed ever since. “It took me so long to get it right, but now I’ve been doing it for so long that I haven’t thought about it,” Steinfeld says.

What Hailee Steinfeld Actually Eats In A Day

It’s a great way to balance out her favorite snack – cereal – which the star says you rarely go six hours without grabbing. “Frosted Flakes is my current favorite, although it changes so often,” Steinfeld says, adding that she recently started mixing Frosted Flakes with Frosted Mini Wheats. The “Capital Letters” singer is spending the afternoon at Kellogg’s Cafe as she prepares to lead a concert there in honor of National Cereal Day.

Before Steinfeld took the stage, she stopped to talk about how she stays fit on the road, the foods she can’t (ever) refuse and why her dad is the best motivational coach she’s ever had. she knows.

Steinfeld goes after what she wants, whether on stage or in the fridge. For breakfast, she usually takes a bowl of cereal. For lunch, she’s big on burgers, pasta, or grilled chicken with rice, and when it comes to dinner, she loves to go for breakfast, round two.

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“Scrambled eggs, pancakes, what else?” I love everything,” she said. “You know what the best thing in the world is? French toast with cornflakes. I got them in New York, wish I could remember where, and it’s French toast covered in cornflakes. is a bit crazy.”

Hailee Steinfeld Is A Beauty In Black At Paramount Network Launch Party: Photo 4016884

When it comes to a quick snack, Steinfeld chooses a little peanut butter for a protein boost that will keep her full longer than a candy bar or popcorn. Don’t give him that crunchy stuff. “Creamy all the way,” she says.

Steinfeld makes it a point to get at least 15 minutes of exercise a day, every day, wherever she is. “It allows me to keep my head clear and stay in control,” she explains. “My dad is a personal trainer, and he really helps me create a workout in the space I am in, wherever I am. I travel with resistance bands, so I jump rope and do a combination of movements [to stay toned].”

“More often than not, I don’t feel like working out, actually,” admits Steinfeld. “My dad is so amazing. He’s the best advisor, and his discipline and drive inspire me.”

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters Dress

“He’ll say things like, ‘Believe in yourself,’ ‘stay true to yourself,’ ‘drink lots of water,’ and even typical dad stuff,” Steinfeld says.

Hailee Steinfeld Is A Beauty In Black At Paramount Network Launch Party: Photo 4016892

Candace Braun Davison writes, edits and produces lifestyle content that ranges from celebrity reports to roll-up-sleeve DIYs, while relentlessly pursuing the noblest of causes: the quest for the best chocolate chip cookie in the world. world.

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The 21-year-old entertainer started his day with a chat about Megyn Kelly TODAY before hitting SiriusXM for a radio interview.

Spoonful of sugar! Hailee Steinfeld, official spokesperson for Kellogg’s, celebrated National Cereal Day with a press day in New York

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters Dress

In honor of the brand, she wore an all-red ensemble that included thigh-high boots and a long cape.

Capital Letters Video Out Now💋💞💌🌹🌸💐 On We Heart It

As a big cereal lover, the Oscar nominee made sure to get a shot with her favorite Kellogg characters Tony The Tiger and Toucan Sam.

Chat away! The 21-year-old entertainer kicked off his Wednesday with a chat about Megyn Kelly TODAY before hitting SiriusXM for a radio interview

“I have an obsession with cereal,” she told Megyn Kelly. “It’s my meal and my snack.”

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For Kellogg’s Cereal Celebration, the True Grit actress created her own “bowl” of a mix of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Krispie “confetti” candies and yellow cake mix.

Hailee Steinfeld & Bloodpop: Capital Letters»: 8 / 53

“It’s time for cereal to have its own holiday!” Hailee said in a statement. “I love a classic good bowl with milk, but now I have some fun ideas to spice up my cereal routine.”

Brown bomb! Steinfeld came dressed to impress for her appearances in a strapless Elenareva denim dress and matching pumps

Well known for her role in Pitch Perfect 2 and 3, fans can expect new music from the singer very soon…you have her word.

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters Dress

“It happens,” the performer said, sharing a photo from the studio. ‘Thank you for being so patient.’

Hailee Steinfeld Rocks Bold Red Lipstick At Paramount Network Launch Party: Photo 1133910

“I have an obsession with cereal,” she told Megyn Kelly. “It’s my meal and my snack”

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