Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters – A toughie this week, but not entirely pleasant. Some of the notes were more word salads than anything coherent, as if the setter had a hard time putting all the pieces together. It could just be me. There were some good points to be had, logic, as well as some fun wordplay, but overall it just wasn’t for me.

Anyway, I got there in the end. You can find my completed grid below as well as explanations of my solutions where I have them. I hope you find them useful.

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

As a housekeeping post before all that, if you’ll believe it: I have book reviews gathering dust here, and my old story there. If you’ve had trouble with the latest Jumbo Cryptic, then my Just For Fun page might be just the ticket, with links to solutions for the past ninety bugs.

Ny Times Crossword 14 Jul 22, Thursday

That’s right. With that little bit out of the way, let’s get down to business. Stay safe, and all is well, see you next time.

Answer: GODOT (ie “the invisible person in the play”, referring to Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot, in which two characters stand in for the main Godot, who never arrived). The solution is GO (ie “try”, as in go) followed by DOT (ie “to see”).

Answer: DADAISM (ie “abnormal art” of the early 20th century – think Salvador Dali and such). The solution is a DAM (ie “block”) wrapped or “secured” by a DAIS (ie “platform”) like: DA(DAIS)M.

Answer: BRASS BAND (i.e. “put together without strings attached”). The solution is BRASS (ie “mouth”, both taken to mean powerlessness) followed by BAND (ie “ring”).

Games World Of Puzzles January 2021 (digital)

Answer: TRAVERSAL (ie “passage”). The solution is TALE (ie “story”) with the last letter removed (indicated by “short”) and the remainder wrapped “around” RAVERS (ie “unrestricted people”), as : T(RAVERS)AL.

Answer: POSTGRADUATES (ie “Rhodes scholars etc” – Rhodes Scholarship is an international post-graduate award for studying at the University of Oxford (Wikipedia)). The solution is POST (ie “publish”) followed by GRADUATES (ie “marks off [by degrees]”).

Answer: Anton CHEKHOV (the “dramatist”). The solution is CHEEK (ie “be rude to”) and HOVE (ie “seaside town”) once both have removed or “dropped” the E (which is a popular English abbreviation), such as: CHEK-HOV.

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: ROCK (that is, “unclean”). The solution is PURR (i.e. “sound content”) reversed (indicated by “back”) and placed “in” COT (ie “bed”), as: CO(RRUP)T.

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The Nyt Crossword Puzzle’s Use Of An Ethnic Slur Says A Lot About The State Of Crossword Puzzling

Answer: TURBINE (ie “rotary engine”). The solution is BIT (i.e. “piece”) and the last letter is removed (indicated by “short”) and the remainder is inserted or “rounded” by TURNED (i.e. “spun”) once it has also been stripped of its last letter (shown). with “almost completely”), as: TUR(BI)NE.

Answer: HE DOESN’T EXIST WITHOUT A LEAVE (ie, “a sudden disappearance”). The solution is A (the popular abbreviation for “answer”, like Q&A) followed by B (ditto “book”) and then SENT (ie “sent”) and BUTOUT LEAVES (i.e. “[a book…] without pages ” – the pages of a book are called leaves) minus the last letter (indicated by “almost”), such as: A-B-SENT-NTELA-LEAVE.

Answer: Huckleberry FINN (ie “Mississippi bar” in several of Mark Twain’s books). The solution is INN (ie “hotel”) placed behind or “attached to” F (ie “behind the roof”, i.e. the last letter of “roof”), like: F-INN. Good suggestion.

Answer: HALITOSIS (ie “smoke from a trap” – a trap is a slang word for a person’s mouth). The solution is ALIT (ie “settled”) placed “in” HO (the popular abbreviation for “house”) and followed by SIS (ditto “sister”), as in: H(ALIT)O-SIS.

Ny Times Crossword 31 Aug 22, Wednesday

Answer: APERCU (short for outline, spark or “expectation”). “But not fully” indicates that the solution has been hidden from the light, while “later” indicates that the solution has been modified, such as: L(UCRE PA)ID. One of the strangest words that I knew strangely. That’s not always the case!

Answer: SARNIE , informal name for sandwich or “unusual food”. “Suddenly” indicates an anagram. The solution is an anagram of ARISEN.

Answer: WARNING (ie “harassment”). The solution is HARM (i.e. “hurt”) and ASSENT (i.e. “agreement”) and M (the well-known abbreviation for “minutes”) of HARM pushed back a few points (indicated by “delay of…”) , like: HARM -ASSENT => HAR-ASS(M)ENT.

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: SANDBAGGER (i.e. “I attack”). The solution is SAN (ie “ancient health center”, short for sanatorium) followed by DAGGER (ie “knife”) once it is wrapped or “has” a B (symbol of boron chemical”), such as: SAN- D(B) AGGER.

Crossword Lists And Crossword Solver: Kerr, Anne Stibbs: 9781472968050: Books

Answer: INTERRELATED (ie “as parts of a conspiracy”). The solution is LATE (ie “dead”) with INTERRED (ie “buried”) placed “outside” of it, like: INTERRE(LATE)D.

Answer: OUTER (ie “a person who brings someone down”). The solution is JOUSTER (ie “horse rider”) with the first letter removed (indicated by “not the first”).

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Answer: SAUCER (ie “china part” – ignore the misleading capitalisation). The solution is SAUCIER (i.e. “to go forward”) with which I omitted (indicated by “first person fired” – to show: first person: “I did something”; second person: “he did something”; third person: “he/she/they did something”).

Answer: WORK MIRACLES (ie “wonderful”). The solution is the letters OD (the popular abbreviation for “overdose”) wrapped around or “blocking” the middle letter or “heart” of DOWNERS, like: DOW(O)N(D)ERS.

Phi « Listen With Others

Answer: GOOF (ie “blunder”). The solution is LEAVE (ie “fired”) minus the last letter (indicated by “almost”).

Answer: Antonio SALIERI (the “age of Mozart”). The solution is LIE (i.e. “level”) placed “with” SARI (i.e. “extraordinary dress”), as: SA(LIE)RI.

Answer: GRUYERE (ie “cheese”). “From” indicates that the solution is hidden from the light while “remembered” indicates that the solution is reversed, like: MONT(EREY URG) ENTLY. Another suggestion that works well.

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: YES (ie “a theme created by [The] Beatles”). The solution is an anagram (indicated by “made”) of TITLE followed by B and E (the “Beatles’ lead pair”, i.e. the first two letters of “Beatles”), like: LETIT-BE. Good explanation of the puzzle. Very well done.

How Word Lists Help — Or Hurt — Crossword Puzzles

Answer: OVERSENSITIVE (i.e. “hurt easily”). The solution is SESETE (i.e. “in the work”) wrapped in both TEMA (i.e. “metric works” such as poetry, verse, meter, that sort of thing) and, “later” onward, IV (ie “[Rome] number] four”), as: O(VERSE)NSIT(IV)E.

Answer: SMOKE BOMB (ie a projectile “that will not explode in fire (regardless of appearance)”). The solution is SMOKE (ie “a way to cure” or preserve meat or fish) followed by BOMB (ie “turkey”, both references to box office flops).

Answer: DISORIENT (ie, “go off course”). The punningly solution also satisfies “westernise”, given that the east speaks of the east.

Answer: SEEDY (i.e. “rough”). The solution is DY (i.e. “Derby edges”, i.e. the first and last letters of “Derby”) placed behind or “found in” SEE (i.e. “visit”), like: SEE- DY.

Crossword Puzzles Were Invented In Troubled Times

Answer: GATE-CRASHER (ie, “one accepted without being asked”). “Scary” means an anagram. The solution is an anagram of RATES CHANGE.

Answer: Mr. Francis DRAKE (ie “the famous sea captain”). The solution is D (the popular abbreviation for “duke”) followed by RAKE (ie “libertine”).

Answer: TOOTH MISSING PROBLEMS (ie “formation problem”). The solution is GT (i.e. “greatest”, i.e. the first and last letters of “big” – “extreme” does not need IMLTHO as GT is already an accepted abbreviation of “great “) and RUBLES (ie “Russian currency”) are both placed “after” TEE (ie “[golf ball] support”) and THIN (ie “diluted”), as in: TEE -THIN-GT-ROUBLES.

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Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: REFUSE (ie, “refuse to believe”). The solution is WO (the well-known abbreviation for “without”) followed by VAS (that is, the “vessel”, tube or duct that carries liquid (Chambers)) and ID (the well-known abbreviation for “identification”). Then the whole lot is reversed (indicated by “capsize” – this is the lower light), like: DI-SAV-OW.

Like Some Wine, As Shown In The Circled Letters

Answer: DELICATES (i.e. “lingerie etc”). The solution is SET (i.e. “hardened”) and ACID (i.e. “tart” or sharpness of taste) once it has been packaged or “stored” AND (i.e. “French”, i.e. French “the”). It is all reversed (indicated by “rebuffed” – this is a low light), as: D (EL) ICA-TES.

Answer: IMPERSONATOR. The solution is a SON (i.e. “scion”) installed or “imprisoned by” IMPERATOR (ie “Roman emperor”), as in: IMPER(SON)ATOR.

Answer: Mosquitoes (ie “bugs”). The solution is I and HO (ie “to close”, as in closing a door to) are both placed “in” MOSQUES (ie “religious buildings”), as in: MOSQU(I-TO)ES.

Answer: BIGHT (i.e. “going in with a lot of width”). The solution is BIG (ie “big”) followed by HT (the popular abbreviation for “height”).

Mystery Crossword (1497)

Answer: FLEXIBLE (i.e. “flexible”). The solution is APT (i.e. “suitable”) placed or “added” to A DIVE (i.e. “low bar”), as in: A-D(APT)IVE.

Answer: SQUIRM (i.e. “worm”). The solution is QUI (i.e. “Parisian who”, i.e. French for “who”) inserted or “stop” MRS (i.e. “married woman”) once reversed (indicated by “return”) , as: S(QUI)RM.

Answer: ATTRITION (i.e. “natural attrition”). The solution is a homophone (indicated by “spoken”) of PATRICIAN (ie “aristocrat”) once its first letter is removed (indicated by “losing head”).

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: AWARENESS (ie “awareness”). “Of” indicates that the solution is hidden light, like: FIEL(D IS CERN MENT)IONED.

Libertine Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: SALTPAN (i.e. “dry basin” – refers to the landscape). “Change” indicates an anagram. The solution is an anagram of A PLANT’S.

Answer: ENCLAVE (ie “one place within another”). The solution is LAV (i.e. “where you can go”, i.e. the popular abbreviation of “lavatory” – “of” taken to mean a visit to the toilet) placed or “included” in HENCE (i.e. “from ‘ere”) once H is present. droppin (indicated by “‘ere” – like the cockneys do, innit, droppin’ aitches all their bleedin’, gawblessem, guv’nor, jellied eels

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