Light Up Neon Letters

Light Up Neon Letters – Who has time for long typography tutorials? Or splashing cash on Photoshop operations? Here, we’re all about making your life easier while learning some awesome new design skills. Read on to learn how to create a glowing neon text effect right in InDesign in less than 5 minutes.

The illuminated neon type is fantastic for adding nighttime glam or a cozy 1980s vibe. This type of text effect would look great on a poster or event flyer, and it’s really easy to do!

Light Up Neon Letters

Light Up Neon Letters

I set the effect shown here on a landscape A3 page (go to File > New > Document), although of course you can change the page size to suit your own purposes.

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. Use the Rectangle Tool (M) to create a shape that spans the entire page.

For the text effect to take effect, you must fill the rectangle dark. Select [Black] in the Swatches panel (Window > Color > Swatches), or click New Swatch in the panel’s drop-down menu to recreate the color used here. Double click on the new swatch to edit, set the CMYK values ​​to C=85 M=76 Y=61 K=93.

These are used to layer the dark and light tones of the neon effect. If you want the neon effect to be a different color, say blue, make two swatches the same, one dark blue, one light blue.

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Use the Type Tool (T) and create a large text box in the center of the page. Type the text and select the desired font from the Control Panel at the top of the workspace or from the Character panel (Window > Text and Tables > Character). To create a more authentic neon sign effect, I chose a script font, Burtons Script. Qiaofei Letter Neon Signs Led Blue Neon Light Up Decorative Art Lights Battery/usb Operated Marquee Letters Alphabet Neon Word Decor Lights For Home Shop Bar Baby Shower Birthday Wedding Party (w) :

In the Swatches panel, set the Font Color to Dark Pink. Once you’re happy with the size, position, font, and color of the text, you’re ready to outline the text. Note that this means you can’t change the formatting of the text, so Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste the text frame, moving the copy to the palette to keep a copy of the text if you like.

Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste the vector, moving the copy to the cardboard. We will use this a little later.

With the vector selected, go to Object > Effects > Outer Glow. Set the Mode to Screen, the Opacity to about 20%, the Noise to 3%, and the Spread to 70%. Click the colored box on the right side of the Mode menu to open the Effect Color window. Select Dark Pink from the swatch list.

Light Up Neon Letters

Select the vector, then Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste In Place, layering it directly above the first vector.

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Diy Colorful 26 Neon Letters Light Light Up Led Word Sign Alphabet 3d Wall Hanging Letter Decor For Home Wedding Birthday Party

Go to Object > Effects > Outer Glow and increase the Opacity to 80% and decrease the Spread to about 40%.

Go to the cardboard sheet and select the vectorized version of the text pasted there

. Select it, then choose Edit > Copy, move the copy onto the page, and place it directly on top of the other text vectors.

Then go to Object > Effects > Transparency. Set the mode to Screen and lower the opacity to 70%.

Red And Silver Neon Light Photo

Click Outer Glow in the left menu of the window and set the Mode to Screen and the Opacity to about 65%. Choose Pale Pink for the effect color.

Click on the Shadow word at the top of the window menu and set the mode to Multiply, the opacity to about 40%, and the effect color to dark pink.

Add a final effect to this vector by clicking the Gradient Feather option at the bottom of the window menu. Select Radial as the type and click OK to exit the effects window.

Light Up Neon Letters

To make the neon effect really pop, we’ll add a final layer of light on top of the text effect.

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To do this, go to Edit > Paste and drop another copy of the vectorized text onto the page. Place it directly on top of the other vectors and set the Fill to pale pink.

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Click on Outer Glow and choose Screen for the mode and Pale Pink for the effect color. Lower the Opacity to about 50% and increase the Scatter to 40%. Click OK to exit the window.

And done! Make your designs really pop with this cool neon text effect – why not try it out at a concert or club for extra impact?

Want to learn new typography skills? Browse our beginner tutorials for easy tips and tricks to make your type designs look super professional.

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