Bailiwick Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Bailiwick Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Amy here, enter for Nate, who, like any Californian worth their salt, is making a movie.

I would not have thought to celebrate the centennial of a national monument being built, but here we are. Grid art dedicated to the LINCOLN MEMORIAL includes HONEST ABE’S STOVEPIPE HAT and the Memorial itself. The black squares in the middle sort of look like the SAVIOR OF THE UNION (never heard that epithet before) sitting on top of his monument with his arms and legs up in joy. Nicknamed Lincoln’s BEARD, GREAT EMANCIPATOR and RAIL SPLITTER, and [what the subject of this puzzle promised in his most famous address], A NEW BIRTH / LIBERTY. (He did not know that the backlash of the Reconstruction would waste this new freedom for the Black Americans for decades to follow.) Oh! And the three 3-letter entries sandwiched between the Memorial columns are PRE, SID, and ENT, so that means PRESIDENT. If you had no idea what letter you need for 107d. [___ the Kid, rhymes N.H.L. nickname], well, there’s no other letter that starts a common name with the *ID pattern, and if you thought it might be SYD, well, it’s not PRE/SYD/ENT.

Bailiwick Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Bailiwick Crossword Clue 4 Letters

I enjoyed learning this trivia hat, but “a bunch of sentences related to something historical” doesn’t make for the most fun crossword. A 21 × 21 puzzle with no humor inherent in the theme is a lot of squares to solve without playing on words. 3.75 stars from me.

Seven Days, November 19, 2008 By Seven Days

No reveal in today’s puzzle, but a hint comes in the sign of the first theme answer. Combining the hint with the puzzle title, we learn that the answer to the clues and stars contains a word that is a type of haircut and this word sits above another entry containing the letters –REST–.

I can not say that I paid much attention to the term during the settlement, and I do not know that it would have helped me very much. After all, I do not know what a haircut is. But the entries themselves are fun and I’m impressed at the execution here with these long entries stacked on top of each other.

In the filling I like PIANO ROLL, PREP COOKS, MOHAWKS (clued accordingly as the people, not the hairstyle), “GOOD TRY,” SAD SAK, KNEEPAD, and LETS RIP. Not really sure that “BEINGS CANNOT?” is something people actually say, but other than that, lists fill all around.

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In fact the filling is so smooth that I gathered a time to settle that I am still not sure I believe. I have never solved a 21x so fast before.

Print Out And Complete: The Observer Giant Christmas Crossword

Theme: Each theme answer breaks GIFT so that the answer begins with G and ends with IFT, literally “separate gift.”

This term was really fun. While I did not watch Insecurity, it was easy enough to start on the crosses with GROWING RIFT and then complete it completely as it became apparent. I also thought that GET MY DRIFT was fun. I don’t hear people say it very often, but it was always very clear and set a nice precedent for the themes to follow.

This grid is asymmetrical, and I think that the SW corner ends up feeling a little segmented from the rest of the puzzle, and its only real opening comes from the themes. The same could be said for the NE corner, with openings only in 29a [“Body part under a collar clasp”] OUR, CEMETERY SHIFT, and 55a [“Make a mistake”] ERR. However, the mid feels very connected, and it easily flows down the grid.

Bailiwick Crossword Clue 4 Letters

We all had those moments when a word you thought or entered accidentally appears in the grid later in the solve. But I had one of those terrifying moments just now. When FORD and SERTA met, I thought to myself “They would make an excellent SLEEPING car!” Then I discovered SLEPER CAR, and I had to pause and wonder if I hit on another layer of theme. No. Just a very wild accident. Anyone else have one of these memorable moments?

How To Solve The New Scientist Cryptic Crossword

Anyway, this is a breeze puzzle on the plate today. The elevator goes back to the ground floor and this is accessible to everyone. This is one of those puzzles that doesn’t seem so complicated but there are a lot of theme answers that need to be crossed in specific areas, so much more complex than what meets the eye. Some really nice boots! Nothing seems forced (OXFORD BLUE is new to me, but that’s it) and the businesses are all very well known regular brewers. I loved that MARSALIS made an appearance. This is personal though: My son is named after the patriarch of the family, Ellis MARSALIS, who died of complications from Covid the same day my pup was born.

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EGAD is the winning sign. [Exclamation that Robin theoretically could have used instead of phrases like “Holy oleo!” or “Holy shit basement, Batman!” (he actually said these)] That’s good. Especially because the answer is so short and common. Also, how in the hell did they not break character by saying those stupid sentences on set?

Not too much else to say about this. I loved it! And of course, we are very pampered with the added Birnholzian layer. This one,  MERGER, was elegant and appropriate.

I’m going to assume the theme of this puzzle by David Alfred Bywaters is based on an American abbreviation convention I’ve never seen. MTW and F stand for four of the five weekdays, and Th is the odd one with a two-letter abbreviation. Another unique theme of the puzzle is the use of four pairs of themes: Monday and Tuesday swap to make wacky phases, then Tuesday and Wednesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and finally Thursday and Friday. The weekend disappears and Monday and Friday only appear once.

Words That End With Ick, Check Out The List Of Words Ending With Ick

While the theme was a bit more difficult than many LAT Sundays, being based on wacky phrases, the rest of the grid was fairly straightforward. [Term and a mark on an airport sign] TSEPRE was very opaque to this non-American. On the other hand, [Pet food, often], CHEWABLES were firmly in my bailiwick… Not all chewables are very appetizing; Rimadyl, however, is dangerously tasty, and has caused an involuntary pet OD in its time…

Before solving this puzzle, I noticed a typo in my WaPo handwriting (I’m prone to typos). And I changed the “to” to “too.” How timely.

THEME: Sentences with different rates in them (I don’t know how one spells this word when referring to them together).

Bailiwick Crossword Clue 4 Letters

I’m not entirely sure I have the term right. It looks paper thin. Is there an element I’m missing? What does the title mean? Oh… ok… like 2 is “double” and there are four different iterations to mix? But the only one that means “double” is the version 2 … I’m so confused. Will stop thinking about it. Why these sentences though out of the multitude that one could find? Okay. I’ll stop thinking about it now.

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A Crossword For Chess Fans

Overall, PAIUTES is new to me. I needed every cross and triple checked to make sure it was right. This is a very long entry for a word that might not be familiar to some. Did anyone say “YUM! YUM!” I know it as the excellent sauce of hibachi. MARLO Thomas was new to me.

This was posted in Daily Puzzles and tagged Daniel Bodily, David Alfred Bywaters, Drew Schmenner, Evan Birnholz, Gary Larson, Jeff Chen, Zhouqin Burnikel. Bookmark the permalink.Is Will Shortz a sadist??? IS HE A DEMON? [He’s not… I’ve met the man in real life and he’s exactly what you’d expect from someone who made his own enigmatology major in college.]

Why, why, why would you put in this puzzle the same answer that defeated us in the last puzzle?! Besides the fact that it’s just sloppy to have to repeatedly fill two days in a row, there he was, taunting me: 24-down, BIB. I think Mr. Shortz wanted to redeem himself for the worst indication for BIB ever by calling a do-over. This one, “lobster catcher?” is better, and the whole puzzle, in general, is far more beautiful.

Solving time: 16:00. I have to say that there were some real niche clues in this one [slang I’ve never heard of: VAGUEBOOKS; actresses I’ve never heard of: ANOUK Aimée, who is apparently a French film actress from the sixties; opera and feline I have never heard of …. the list goes on] and I was lucky to be able to solve their accounts and then guess my way to the correct answer at the end. What the hell is a TOPCAT?

Crossword Puzzle Solution For April 25, 2022

Themes: Most Fridays and Saturdays are themeless because they are too busy to be difficult. Many other meanings and words 25 cents in this one. [Why say bailiwick if you just mean AREA?!]

Fave Clue: 17-through, “2016 movie that won the best movie.” I just want to know how many people started writing in LALALAND…

If only the envelopes of the Oscar winners told you how many letters were in the answer, we would never have the best drama film we did. (Oh, and go see MOONLIGHT. I

Bailiwick Crossword Clue 4 Letters

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