Machine To Embroider Letters

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If you have decided that you want to monogram towels, clothes, blankets and any other personal items, you will need a sewing machine that monograms. Either that or plan to monogram by hand with a needle and thread!

Machine To Embroider Letters

Machine To Embroider Letters

I prefer machine embroidering monograms rather than hand embroidering because it takes less time and is less labor intensive.

Quick Light Stitch Chain Font Machine Embroidery Designs In

Therefore, I have put together this guide on how to choose the best monogramming sewing machine for your needs. Read on to learn more!

The letters can be interlaced or placed next to each other. Often, monograms represent a person’s initials and thus consist of three letters. Monograms can personalize clothing and many other personal possessions. (See: how to monogram a lunch box tutorial for an example!)

For example, here is a three letter initial monogram that I created using embroidery software. The letters do not overlap, but the middle letter is larger than the other two.

Here is a simple monogram using letters that are all the same size. This type of monogram can be created using the built-in alphabet stitches on a sewing machine.

Liberty 2 Alphabet

Now, when we talk about a sewing machine that monograms, there are three different types of machines that you may be referring to.

First, there’s a sewing machine that has a built-in monogram font or two. There are many sewing machines that have a full arsenal of sewing stitches and then some built-in fonts. These are computerized sewing machines, but they are not computerized embroidery machines. While you can use anything built into the machine, you can’t import fonts or monograms from your computer. This type of machine is capable of forming the monogram you saw above with letters of the same size.

If you want to design your own monograms or make letters of different sizes, then you are probably looking for a sewing machine that is also an embroidery machine and such monograms. Embroidery machines are usually more expensive but offer much more functionality and variety.

Machine To Embroider Letters

I wrote a very in-depth post about some of the best combination sewing and embroidery machines, all of which have the ability to sew, import designs, and use their built-in fonts to create monograms. You can also buy just an embroidery machine that doesn’t have built-in sewing capabilities if you just want a monogram machine.

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Bean Stitch Embroidery Script Font For Machine Embroid

And if you’re looking for a sewing machine that can do a static monogram, that’s possible with any sewing machine. No special type is required, but there is a learning curve, so be sure to watch tutorials if you don’t have experience.

I will split these reviews into two parts to cover the first two types so you can decide what type of monogram sewing machine you are looking for.

Now, again, these are sewing machines that have monogrammed fonts but don’t have the ability to import additional fonts or designs. If this is not what you are looking for, just skip this to monogram embroidery machines.

Now, the Singer Quantum Stylist sewing machine is still not a traditional embroidery machine, but it does come with five alphanumeric stitch fonts. These are just five of the 600 included stitches with this machine! It is a versatile monogram sewing machine that will allow users to quilt, make clothing, applique, crafts and much more.

Embroidery Machine Or Cricut?

As for the monogram fonts, you are limited to only those 5 fonts as there is no way to import additional font files. You are also limited in size and the ability to edit aspects of the font. However, you can always use any of the decorative stitches to make free-motion embroidery.

Fun features of this sewing machine include a thread trimmer button, built-in needle threader, included width table and one-touch stitch selection from a computer screen.

It includes an impressive 18 presser feet, several of which are an overlay foot, a walking foot, a zipper foot, a clear cord foot, a button foot, and even a stitch in the ditch and braid foot.

Machine To Embroider Letters

Overall, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is an incredible value for its features, but it won’t be able to make fancy three-letter, different-sized monograms without free-motion embroidery on your end.

Chainstitch Sewing Machine — Thread Honey

The less commercially available Singer monogram machines, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 and Singer Stylist 9985, include 820 stitches (5 fonts) and 960 stitches (6 fonts), respectively, if you need even more variety!

The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a computerized sewing machine that includes one monogram font. This font is one size fits all, one style fits all fonts. The font is not “decorative” and is a fixed 1/4″ tall. It’s also not a font you’ll be able to use to make traditional 3-letter monograms where the middle letter is larger.

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However, if your main purpose of monogramming is just to add your child’s name to their clothes or a tag to a blanket, then you’ll be golden with this monogramming sewing machine! Of course, if you’re interested in free motion embroidery, the Brother HC1850 has everything you need to create beautiful monograms!

The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a full-featured Brother sewing machine. It comes with a removable, wide table and a small LCD screen allowing needle selection and changing stitch length or width.

Machine Embroidery Design Capital Letter A Digitized Lavender

It also has an automatic needle threader, automatic drop, and has a jam-resistant, top drop spool. As a loyal Brother sewing machine, I can attest to how easy it is to set up and thread a Brother sewing machine.

The Brother XR9550prw sewing machine is among the best Project Runway sewing machines and is very similar to the Brother HC1850 sewing machine.

Instead of 130 stitches, you will get 110 stitches. Functionally, these two machines are identical and their font is the same, too. It’s just a preset font that lets you add small letters to fabric. Again, you will not be able to create large monograms unless you are interested in learning free motion embroidery.

Machine To Embroider Letters

And finally, another similar sewing machine from Brother, the Brother SQ9285, has the same font but comes with 150 stitches plus the 55 alphanumeric stitches. You can read more about it at

Apex Embroidery Designs & Fonts

It comes with one main English mode, but there is an option to add European accented letters or Russian/Cyrillic characters. You can change the size just a little on the letters and make lowercase or uppercase, but this is still not an embroidery machine.

However, this versatile machine sews, quilts, and boasts several on-screen editing features. Unlike the Brother sewing machines that monogram, the Janome 4120QDC has a real touch screen. Thus, it offers a little more to the user.

Its one-handed needle threader makes threading the sewing machine easy, and several automatic functions such as thread trimming and easy bobbin winding make setup and use so simple.

EverSewn isn’t as well known as a sewing machine brand as Brother, but it comes with a loyal following. They produce technologically advanced products at affordable prices.

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Zig Zag Typewriter Applique Machine Embroidery Alphabet

This is the sewing machine my mom currently uses, and she loves it! It has two basic alphabet fonts with, you guessed it, minimal editing capabilities. But, it will be perfect for small letters.

The Sparrow 30 includes an oversized wide table and features automatic thread trimming, adjustable presser foot pressure, and a memory function to store your favorite needle combinations.

To reiterate, combination sewing and embroidery machines are computerized and will import any design you can dream up and create.

Machine To Embroider Letters

These embroidery machines will have built-in fonts for monogramming, but you can also import your own. This means either buying fonts or pre-made monograms online or designing your own using an embroidery program. (I show you how to design a monogram embroidery file in Sew What Pro if you want to check that out!)

How To Embroider With A Sewing Machine

The biggest consideration in determining which monogram embroidery machine to buy will be the size of the monogram you want to design.

Each embroidery machine will have a maximum ring size that corresponds with a maximum embroidery area. This is the largest monogram you will be able to create, unless you break up your design and sew it in several sections. The least expensive embroidery machines will offer a 4″x4″ hoop size, and the size and price will increase from there.

If you are planning to start a home embroidery small business and need to monogram, say, at least 7″ monograms, save yourself the headache of separating each design, and buy an embroidery machine with a larger hoop size to accommodate those designs. It’s not the end of the world to separate designs, but it can be time consuming to line everything up perfectly after sewing the first section, and time is money!

I’m listing these sewing machines that monogram AND embroider below in order of hoop size: small, medium, and large.

Machine Embroidery Design Henry Checkered Pattern Fill

One of the most affordable small embroidery machines is the Brother SE600. It’s a combination sewing and embroidery machine that packs a punch.

The Brother SE600 has a 4″x4″ embroidery area, which is not huge, but again, with embroidery software, you can split designs to allow your machine to embroider even larger areas. You have the option of importing any design you find online (or create with software) to the machine

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