Moneyl Words With These Letters

Moneyl Words With These Letters – Be careful who you follow. The Esurance contest offers a chance to win as well as a chance to get scammed.

On Sunday night, right after the Superbowl ended, the first announcement was from Esurance, the insurance company, announcing a $1.5 million gift for all the money they saved by not buying air time DURING the Superbowl. Excited participants just need to tweet the hashtag #EuranceSave30 before 1:00 PST on Tuesday.

Moneyl Words With These Letters

Moneyl Words With These Letters

You better believe the Twitterverse has exploded with hopeful winners, and of course anything that gets THAT kind of attention is obviously going to bring out the worst Twitter has to offer.

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Scammers, and I’m guessing there are a lot of them out there, have decided to set up their own “fake” Esurance accounts to do a number of things, the first of which is to draw attention to the Esurance giveaway, but also: win followers These copy-cat accounts have one thing in common and that is telling people to retweet their posts and follow their account.

Most likely the purpose of this is to get a large amount of followers and spam the followers after the account has returned to its original state or sell it to the “underground” Twitter follower to make a quick buck.

For further proof that these users are trying to spread spam, check out the tweet history of this particular Esurance copy:

Now it’s possible that these people just want Twitter followers for themselves, and in that case, why would they ever want to have a parody Esurance account? Well, it’s incredibly simple to change your account display name and Twitter handle, I decided to try it myself. My normal twitter handle is @Kujman5000, I simply went to my account settings and:

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Now I’m @EsuranceWinIt, the cleverly disguised scammer hoping to get thousands of Twitter followers on the promise that following me and retweeting my every word will help people win. I even posted once with my new handle.

I forgot to tell them to follow me! Gar! I’m such a bad scammer!

I quickly changed that with a warning to my current followers that I was just trying to prove a point.

Moneyl Words With These Letters

Another reason these Tweeters are trying to get the world’s attention is to make money through “Donations”

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Fortunately, it wasn’t long before smart people started poking holes in this scam and telling everyone they knew these guys couldn’t be trusted. In fact, this particular account has been closed.

Some of these accounts went ahead and tried to cover their tracks by claiming to be “Spoof” accounts, not real Esurance.

To wrap this up, if you want to enter this contest, just tweet something with the hashtag mentioned before, no following, no retweeting, nothing. If you fall for these scams, please unfollow them as soon as you can and warn everyone you know. The more followers these scoundrels have, the more the account is worth, and even if you don’t win that $1.5 million, it would have helped them win their own prize.

To hear more from Adam Kujawa and his unique and surprising opinions, follow him on Twitter @Kujman5000 A good life expectancy estimate helps you know how much to save, when to retire, and when to start Social Security.

Solved] Iii :the Function F(t) = 900 Represents The Rate Of Flow Of Money In Dollars Per Year. Assume A 15 Year Period At 4% Compounded Continuousl…

The Social Security life expectancy calculator predicts that I will live to be about 86 years old. An insurance company’s version says he should expect to die at age 98. A longevity calculator created by actuaries disagrees, putting the odds at just 32 percent that he’ll make it to 95. .

Finally, I will find out which life expectancy calculator was the most accurate. Meanwhile, the different results help illustrate one of the most important and difficult calculations in retirement planning: figuring out when it will end.

People who underestimate their life expectancy could save too little for retirement and run out of money. People who overestimate how long they will live may stay in the workforce longer than they want or spend less in retirement than they could.

Moneyl Words With These Letters

Assumptions about life expectancy can make a dramatic difference in retirement strategies. For example, people who expect their retirement to last 20 years could withdraw 4.7 percent of their nest eggs in the first year and have a 90 percent chance that their money will last, according to calculations by David Blanchett, head of retirement research at Morningstar, an investment. research company To have a similar success rate with a 30-year retirement, the initial withdrawal would need to drop to 3 percent.

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Image 7 Of The Washington Times (washington [d.c.]), October 21, 1904

Given these assumptions, someone who wanted to withdraw $25,000 in the first year from their retirement funds would need to save about $532,000 to fund a 20-year retirement. Planning for a 30-year retirement would mean saving $833,000, or 57 percent more.

Life expectancy can also be a factor in starting Social Security, which can start as early as age 62. But most people live long enough that the bigger checks they can get from delaying their claims until at least full retirement age, which is currently 66 and rising to 67, more than offsets the smaller checks that they give up in the meantime. But those in poor health with shorter life expectancies may want to start receiving checks earlier.

The first thing to consider is that the longer you live, the longer you are likely to live. At birth, the average American man has a life expectancy of about 76 years and the average American woman has a life expectancy of 81 years, according to the Social Security Administration. However, if you make it to 65, the average man can expect to live to 83 and the average woman to 85.

Also, married couples should plan for a longer life. This is not only because married people live longer than unmarried people, but also because the chance of any person being alive at a given age is usually greater than their individual chances. According to the Society of Actuaries, there is a 50 percent chance that at least one member of a married couple, both age 65, will be alive at age 92.

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Other factors can add or subtract years to a person’s life expectancy. The more income and education you have, the longer you are likely to live. Race, lifestyle, health and family history also play a role.

Some life expectancy calculators, such as the Longevity Illustrator created by the Society of Actuaries and the American Academy of Actuaries, use only some of these factors. Others, such as the Living to 100 calculator, ask dozens of questions about various aspects of your life, health, and the health of your family members. (Living to 100 predicted that I would make it to 95, by the way.)

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Interestingly, few calculators ask about race, even though this can have a profound impact on life expectancy, even when controlling for other factors, such as education and income. For example, one study found that black men and women with 16 or more years of education lived an average of 4.2 years less than similarly educated whites and 6.1 years less than Hispanics with the same level of education of education

Moneyl Words With These Letters

Many financial planners, whose clients tend to have higher incomes, use 90 or 95 as their default life expectancy, Morningstar found. Certified financial planner Malcolm Ethridge of Rockville, Maryland, has been serving for 99 years. He acknowledges that few of his clients are likely to reach that age, but he prefers to err on the conservative side.

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CFP and MD Carolyn McClanahan of Jacksonville takes a different approach that takes into account the client’s financial resources, health and family history. If a client’s funds are expected to run out in their mid-80s and they’re in good health or have long-lived family members, for example, McClanahan will help them come up with a Plan B.

“We discuss potential ways to reduce spending in the future or the possibility of tapping home equity at some point,” McClanahan says.

Morningstar’s Blanchett suggests another option: create a custom estimate using a life expectancy calculator that at least takes into account gender, smoking status, income and health, then add a few years to create a pillow Based on his research, he suggests adding five years to a single person’s personalized life expectancy estimate. For married couples, he recommends adding eight years to the longer of the two life expectancies.

We can’t know for sure when retirement will end, only that it will. A reasonable estimate of when helps us know how much to save and spend in the meantime.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Liz Weston is a columnist for NerdWallet. She is a certified financial planner and the author of five money books, including “Your Credit Score.” Read more

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