Maxim Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Maxim Crossword Clue 5 Letters – NYT Crossword Answers for January 03 2022 Find out the answers to the complete January 2021 crossword puzzle

NYT crossword answers for January 03, 2022 are published in this article, and hello, crosswordist! This article is special for all of you who love to solve puzzles and in this article we update all crossword answers regularly so visit our page to check and check all your New York times solved answers and unresolved. Crossword answers today.

Maxim Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Maxim Crossword Clue 5 Letters

New York Times crosswords are published in newspapers, New York Times crossword news websites and also in mobile applications. They are also syndicated to over 300 other newspapers and magazines. The game is created by various freelancers and has been edited by Will Shortz since 1993. The puzzle gradually increases in difficulty throughout the week. It starts with the easiest Monday puzzle and ends with the difficult Saturday puzzle. While the biggest crossword puzzle of the entire week appears in The New York Times Magazine on Sunday. Solving this Sunday puzzle has become a part of American culture. The crossword that appears during the week measures 15 x 15 squares. While Sunday’s crossword puzzle measures 21 x 21 squares.

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Crosswords have earned devoted fans over the decades who solemnly dedicate their time to solving the puzzle using the clues. On the other hand, there are people who are absolutely afraid of puzzles because they think that solving puzzles means being smart and mastering the use of vocabulary. In reality, it is not! It’s all about how we understand the clues. So we’ve gathered all the pieces and solved the puzzles to get you started. Here in this article you can check all our solved puzzles and their answers if you searched for one.

Complete solution of New York Times crossword for January 03 2022 is fully provided in this article. This puzzle was edited by Will Shortz and created by Dan Harris. NYT Crossword Answers for January 03 2022, Clues are given in the order they appear. So don’t forget to check your answers with our article.

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THEME: “New Look” — Two “I’s” are added to the last word (or part of a word) in familiar phrases; the gimmick is explained by the pun, a “FRESH PAIR OF EYES” (116A: Provider of a new look… or homophone clue to this puzzle’s theme):

Kominers’s Conundrums: A Top Secret Search For Galactic Gourds

Word of the Day: AL TOON (34A: Three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver in New York Jets Ring of Honor) – Albert Lee Toon Jr. (born April 30, 1963) is a former professional American football wide receiver who played for New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons. A two-time First Team All-Big Ten pick at the University of Wisconsin, Toon set several school football records for the Wisconsin Badgers. Three-time Pro Bowl selection played his entire NFL career with the Jets (1985-1992), leading his team and the league in receptions in the late 1980s. He is considered one of the Jets’ greatest receivers and all-around players in franchise history. (Wikipedia)

Should the “New York Jets Ring of Honor” be a significant entity? what the hell is that AL TOON is a three-time Pro Bowler, that’s good enough. Saying he’s in the “New York Jets Ring of Honor” is just a weird way of shouting “he’s definitely not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame!” There is absolutely no crossword reason to use “New York Jets Ring of Honor” except perhaps to signal that AL TOON was a Jet. “I fell into a burning ring of honor!” That’s all I can hear in my head. Also, Ring of Honor has big “weird ritual” vibes, like maybe the induction ceremony involves human sacrifice at the mouth of a volcano. Long story short: I have no idea who AL TOON is (I wasn’t even sure if that was a name or two), and the clue didn’t help. There is an American artist, John Altoon, who was married to the actress Fay Spain, who I know from supporting roles in a couple of Mamie van Doren movies, the poster for one of which hangs framed in my living room. Fay Spain had her first screen test with James Garner, whose 1997 HBO hostage film Dead Silence we watched earlier today. Wikipedia is truly full of the most incredible rabbit holes. Annnnnyway, this theme was good. Add two “I’s” to the answers, thus giving the answers a FRESH PAIR OF EYES, with a homophonic pun on “eyes”, yes I see, very cute. It’s vintage Sunday nonsense and, as the Sundays say, it’s pretty clever. The resulting themes are mostly suitably nuts. I didn’t love this, but I certainly enjoyed it more than I enjoy most Sunday puzzles.

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The BEEFIER clue is insane (As the Rock vs any of the Stones). Why, why would you do that? I know you really (really!) wanted to do some kind of Rock/Stone mix, but a hint of BEEFIER seems like an odd place to show that bit of spirit. Do people really watch ‘Two Broke Girls’? Actually, a bigger question, is it still on the air? I feel like if something comes on CBS and does well, it just runs forever and ever through inertia and no one really notices. Well, millions of people notice, but somehow, culturally, no noise is made, despite the falling trees (er, episodes). The CSI is also in this puzzle, in case you’re wondering who’s paying to consider the promotional puzzle (probably not, but it’s a good conspiracy theory). “Two Broke Girls” ran for six seasons, I’m told (again, via Wikipedia). The thing is, I know BETH Behrs as well as I know AL TOON (if BETH Behrs is famous, then maybe you should think about how to put her *name* in the puzzle-*that would be original) . Yesterday I thought the NRA was the IRA and today I thought the NBA was the NRA (79D: Community Assist Award Org.). I also thought DAHS were DOTS because a. who the hell knows Morse code, seriously, and b. DAHS is the best looking non-word, I just can’t accept it despite knowing it ( exclusively from crosswords) for decades. Btw, Morse code consists of “dots and dashes” which are also known as “dent and DAHS” (because “dots and dashes” was so full?). Other things I didn’t know: that people ate CAMEL (115A: Food at a traditional Bedouin wedding) or that Missy Elliott was ever in an R&B group before her solo success – these last two ignorances turned the corner SW a little awful, but only a little.

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Maxim Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Despite being an ENG teacher, I didn’t suspect ENG at all as an answer to 81D: Liberal arts sch. major. What a strangely worded clue. First of all, “sch.”, dammit. Second, you can major in ENG practically anywhere. I actually went to a liberal arts college, but they have that major at big universities, apparently. You could just say [Deg. liberal arts] or [… maj.] or any abbreviation. you must know the abbreviation. i.e. ENG. Hey, we all know ENG is short for ENG lish, right? Just checking I assume we are all on the same page but you never know. Speaking of explanations, “doodles” are (I assume) labradoodles, though I think of them as larger dogs, not LAPDOGS (8A: little doodles, maybe). Maybe there are mini versions. Oops, no, apparently *any* dog crossed with a poodle immediately becomes some kind of “-doodle” (or a “-poo”). Weft. Stop doodling dogs! Just adopt a mute. Or get a PULI, at least they look cool (32D: Hungarian Shepherd Breed). A STETSON is (I assume) made of felt, what’s that clue about (124A: Felt on the head?). The “Hoos” are UVA (a back formation of the school’s shout – so dumb, especially when you’re already the Cavaliers, just be the Cavs, so much less Seussian than the “Hoos”). TERPS are, of course, Terpsichore from Maryland. That’s enough trivia for today. Crosswords have been published in newspapers and other publications since 1873. They consist of a grid of squares in which the player aims to write words both horizontally and vertically.

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Next to the crossword will be a series of questions or clues, which relate to the different rows or lines of boxes in

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