Moreover Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Moreover Crossword Clue 3 Letters – 1993 the country was hit by Joe Diffie / DAY 2-4-21 / People who believe that all natural objects have souls / Post-human race in Sci-Fi

Relative Difficulty: Easy (except maybe some song titles, depending on your knowledge base) (it’s too big a grid today: 15×16)

Moreover Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Moreover Crossword Clue 3 Letters

THEME: color song — a rebus puzzle where the rebus squares are the colors found in the song titles; for each colored square (four in all), the crosses are song titles in both directions (Across and Down):

Average Word Length For Nytimes Crossword Answers, 1994 2017 [oc]

Word of the Day: EIN(22A: Fig. on some I.R.S. forms) — Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number, is a unique nine-digit number. Assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for identification purposes. When the number is used for identification rather than employment tax reporting, it is usually referred to as a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and when used for employment tax reporting, it is usually referred to as an EIN. These numbers are used for tax administration and must not be used for any other purpose. For example, the EIN should not be used in tax auctions or sales, lotteries, etc. (wikipedia)

This was really disappointing, in that he promised, but then never came together. Got “PAINT IT [BLACK]” early and thought there was just going to be a BLACK rebus (you know, for BLACK History Month…somehow). I know Michael Jackson’s song “[BLACK] OR WHITE” but at that time did not expect to see a second square rebus in the same song, and thus did not find the BLACK cross. Eventually got to Lorde’s song and thought “It’s called ‘BLACK Light?’ I really thought it was … oh, I see it is, it’s ‘GREEN LIGHT’ .” And thank God I knew that song because what on earth is GREEN by God is “JOHN DEERE GREEN” and what’s more who Joe Diffie?? would think that if DIFFIE was really famous, his name would appear in a puzzle at least once in the almost 30 years since “hit.” You notice that it is the only one of the term clues that has a genre qualifier in. it (“country”). The rest is just “hit.” I guess GREEN is an iconic color for John Deere products and so you’re probably hoping to infer the color that way? In terms from the well-known general, this answer. is the mother of all the familiar ones, wow (“The song rose to number 5 on the country charts”—wikipedia)

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So at this point, after the GREEN square, I had songs … and colors … and the songs crossed in the colors … So I’m looking for something that makes it make sense. Are the colors of these flags? I thought about Pan-African colors, but these are red, gold, and green. Maybe black and green will participate in some other, as yet unknown flag. Or maybe there’s some kind of wacky A-side / B-side gag going on with the two songs involved in the puzzle squares, and I’ll figure it out as I go along. I thought “well there has to be a reveal somewhere to explain what’s going on.” But no. None. The explanation never came. The trick never happened. The thing to tie it all together never happened. Or, it already came, and I just did not know it. It’s just songs that cross in color. The colors … are meaningless. Crosses… are just crosses. There is no payment. The payment is … I guess, find the rebus? Or do you appreciate that the rebus squares have songs in both directions? I really wanted the colors (or the songs) to do something, mean something. But they are just songs. And they just color. So the puzzle is very interesting from an architectural point of view, but there’s a giant “So what?” hover over the entire effort. I ended up feeling like I must have missed something, only to find out later that I hadn’t. It’s not a great feeling to have at the end of a puzzle.

The puzzle was very easy for me. Almost no resistance. I knew every song except the country song, so I was lucky in that respect. My condolences to the less pop culture-savvy of you; this could not be much fun. The puzzle really relies on you having great knowledge of one aspect of pop culture, so if that’s not your bag you’re really left out. “BODAK YELLOW” was a great song and absolutely puzzle-worthy, but I can see people who haven’t heard of the song looking at “BODAK” and going “What… is a BODAK? I really have a mistake.” (Note: Have you ever seen BOJACK in a puzzle?)

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Bible Drill Crossword

The filling seemed a little on the crosswise side (when you have ELOI ACAI IVEY fill a whole row, that’s a sign. PED WII . ATOB . ANEG . Even the longest thing leans in crosswise (ONE IOTA, IN SITU , LAO- TSE ).Would have liked to see some more MAJESTIC stuff (VERA WANG is beautiful).Are EYEWINKS redundant? (12D: Gesture indicating secrecy) Because it feels redundant.What are you winking if it’s not your eyes? even want to know? Is it your Tiddly? What is a Tiddly, anyway!? I don’t have many specific complaints about the fill. Mainly what I feel about this puzzle is a. it was easy, and b. it was a Again, I admire the construction, but the lack of clear unifying premise, the lack of an emphatic Aha at the end, made the experience resolved less than satisfying. The area was named for the gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg / THU 3-25-21 / China River bordering North Korea / Seymour, pioneer of supercomputing / playing five-point rugby / Grocery products with orange packaging / Nick who voices Kuiil on The Mandalorian

THEME: Opposite of [circled letter] — this is the clue to six terms, each of which is a word that contains the putative “opposite” within them, in the circled letters. So:

Word of the day: Seymour CRAY(35D: Seymour, pioneer of supercomputing) — Seymour Roger Cray (September 28, 1925 – October 5, 1996) was an American electrical engineer and supercomputer architect who designed a series of the world’s fastest computers during several decades. , and founded Cray Research which built many of these machines. Called the “father of supercomputing”, Cray is credited with creating the supercomputer industry. Joel S. Birnbaum, then Hewlett-Packard’s chief technology officer, said of it: “It seems impossible to overstate the effect it had on the industry; many of the things that high-performance computers now routinely do were at the edge beyond credibility when Seymour envisioned them.” Larry Smarr, then director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois said that Cray is “the Thomas Edison of the supercomputing industry.” (wikipedia)

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Moreover Crossword Clue 3 Letters

Just a chore. Whatever the opposite of “fun related to words” is, that’s what this was. The thing that kills it is the cluing—it’s like being hit with a hammer, but more tiring, if a bit less violent. Same sign, over and over. And a sign that tells you nothing specific, that involves no puns, no cleverness, nothing. Just thud thud thud thud thud thud. You know exactly what you have to do from the very beginning, and then begin the extreme chore of doing it. Does my life improve when I know that the letters in WOEFUL can be sequenced inside WONDERFUL? It’s not that. Did any of this bring even a glimmer of light to that “aha” feeling that makes solving difficult clues so satisfying? No, no one could do that. And EFFECT? We all use EFFECTIVE in our everyday lives. I doubt anyone uses EFFETE even 1/1000th as much. What a terrible fear of alleged “opposites.” And hiding FASTING inside FASTING isn’t exactly what you’d call amazing. Thematically, this was sad, and the fraud pervades every other aspect of the solving experience.

See 1 Across

The severity lies mainly in sussing out the themes that have nothing specific to go on the clues. But I managed to add difficulty, and a lot of it, by making a small mistake, which is possible, which caused an amazing cascade of negative implications for my successful solving. Once I got into the NE corner, I thought I made pretty quick work of the short downs (10- through 13-Down). Cross that I seemed to work: ON ICE and NOLTE worked, EFFECTIVE and NED worked, so I thought everything was OK. But a letter was cut. SNORT OCTAVE and TEEMED were fine, but I had FILE IN instead of PILE IN (11D: Enter all together), and as Robert Frost didn’t exactly say, that made all the difference. I couldn’t get rid of FILE IN because it looked so good. All the correct crosses confirm just that for me. So … the sign of the gynecologist … I had -SFOT … and I had no idea, really, that “Zone” was anatomical. So I thought maybe a geographical region, a cape or a peninsula, maybe (?), was

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