Words With Letters Condor

Words With Letters Condor – Peru is an amazing country with a long history. A lot of history has been lost, although it was not written down, so there are many hidden things in Peru.

Peru is also a very diverse country with beaches, mountains, forests and many different animals. Although Peru is not always well known for its food (but that is changing) there are many wonderful foods – including potatoes! – originally from there.

Words With Letters Condor

Words With Letters Condor

Before you begin… You will need printed worksheets to complete this workbook. Start by clicking the button below and print the sheet. Raised to help you if you need it. Be sure to check ‘fit to page’ when printing

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Once you have printed the worksheet and got a pen or pencil, then scroll down to start the activities.

Here’s a bigger map… You can click on the red circles to learn more – it might help you later!

Do you have a younger brother or sister? They may want to join but there are too few on the job books. Here is a sheet for siblings to color at the same time, so everyone can work together!

Activity 1: First questions There are many interesting things to learn in Peru! Can you answer the questions in this quiz? Remember, try not to guess, but actually do some research to find out the answers – ask your parents, or look on the internet to find the answers! One of the questions has a star next to it – the answer is in the Answer Grid ⭐

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Task 2: Make a map of PeruPeru is a country of megadivers. That means it is one of 17 countries that has more animal and plant diversity than most countries.

Peru has low land (and beautiful beaches!) on the coast, while the center of the country is high mountains. The Andes Mountains run along the spine of South America and are home to some of the highest cities and towns in the world. On the other side of the Andes is the Amazon rainforest, which covers 60% of all of Peru!

Together we will fill in the map of Peru… On page 3 of the workbook, you will find a map of Peru that is mostly blank. In this activity, you will fill in various features on the map. You will need to do some research by looking at another map of Peru.

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Words With Letters Condor

You will need some pens or pencils of different colors to complete this activity (black, blue, purple, yellow or orange).

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Take a black pen and mark the capital city of Peru. It’s the biggest dot on the map, but do you know the name of the capital? Many Peruvian cities are located on the coast. The northern capital city on the coast is Trujillo, the southern capital city on the coast is Pisco, which means “bird” in Quechua. Mark these in BLACK

Peru has a famous lake on its border with Bolivia. It is called Lake Titicaca. Can you mark them with your blue pen? Two Peruvian rivers have already been marked. Not two others. One is the Rio Marañón and the other is the Amazon River.

In fact, the Rio Marañón is the source of the Amazon River, so they are part of the same river.

Can you mark the two parts of the river with a blue pencil? One is much bigger than the other.

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Now we want to highlight some of the famous Peruvian symbols. Use an orange or yellow pencil to draw symbols that represent different symbols.

Look at the symbols below that represent different symbols. Below are instructions on where to draw the symbols.

The Incan Empire ruled much of South America for hundreds of years before Europeans arrived. Today we call it the Incan Empire or the Incan Empire, but the people who lived there were called the Empire of the Four Divisions.

Words With Letters Condor

The Incan Empire was very powerful and modern, and it extended from Colombia to Chile and Argentina. Although the Europeans who arrived thought that the Inkan people were not very sophisticated because they did not have roads, writing or the wheel, we now know that the Inkan society was very unusual and developed many other ways of to do things, without wheels or writing. .

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The center of power was Qosco, now known as Cusco in Peru. This is where Sapa Inka (King of Inkan) lived. Sapa Inka is seen as a representative of the Sun God on Earth. Here are some amazing facts about Sapa Inka…

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Instead people shared and bartered, and taxes were paid to the Sapa Inka through donations. The Incans would spend some of their time building dams, canals and roads, or growing crops, tending llamas or working as runners or potters, all for free to help the kingdom continue.

The Inkan Empire was huge – you can see it on the side map. In order for the empire to continue it needed a lot of organization. These days it is easy to know what is going on in different parts of the country through phones, internet and television. But in these times it can take months for information to travel from one end of the empire to another. Except the Incans had a trick for that.

The Incan Empire had a group of young men called chasquis, or runners. Chasquis are taught from a young age to run fast. They would carry messages and run through the streets of Inkan, delivering messages throughout the Kingdom.

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Each Chasqui would run about 2 miles to the tambo, or exchange center. There they would relay their message to the next chasqui who would run another 2 miles and so on. Each Chasqui will walk the same route in both directions, working for a few weeks before taking a few weeks off.

The quipu was a string tied together in a pattern of Inkan writing – different knots on different strings meant different things. Chasquis carried part of the messages they wrote in the form of a quipu, and kept the other part.

Pututu was a type of shell that could be blown to make a big noise. Chasquis would blow their pututus when approaching a clearing to warn oncoming chasquis to prepare for the message.

Words With Letters Condor

See the map below. It shows some of the chasqui routes, especially Cusco and Machu Picchu, which was a very important route. Each black dot is a tambo – the distance between each tambo is about 2 hours on a highway (but 3 hours on a small road!).

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However, some areas have barriers that cause delays. You can see the keys at the bottom of the map.

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Work out how long it takes for the message to travel each of these 3 routes. Quipu A needs to travel from Wayllambamba to Winay Hayna. 4 of the worksheets to fill in your answers. How many obstacles are there between Tucarhuay and Machu Picchu? Remember obstacles are only things that slow you down…⭐

In 1524, Spanish colonists arrived in Peru. They began to attack the Incan people, wanting to rule the kingdom to give it to Spain. The Inkan people were not used to European guns and horses, and were weakened by European diseases brought by the Spanish.

Although the Incas were good warriors and well organized, they were defeated and South America came under Spanish rule. Many natives died of disease or were killed by invaders. The natives who were left behind were mistreated and forced to work for the Spanish who were generally considered more important than the Europeans.

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About 200 years after Peru was conquered by Spain, a man named Tupac Amaru II became famous. He claimed to be the great-grandfather of the last Sapa Inka (although this is not true). He was angry with the Spanish government, as they forced the indigenous people to work in hard jobs, such as mining, without pay. He decided to fight against the Spanish and gathered other followers to help him.

For a while he did well in the war of independence, but was eventually captured by the Spanish. The Spanish put him on trial and then killed him and his family. But Tupac Amaru’s name is still famous in America, and he is a symbol of freedom fighting.

Many people living in Peru today are of European descent. But another major group descended from the Inkan people of the Inkan Empire. Two of the largest indigenous people groups are the Quechua people and the Aymara people. There are also small ethnic groups such as the Jaqaru and Kawki people

Words With Letters Condor

They have their own languages ​​and a strong culture and history of their own, separate from the other peoples of Peru.

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Sometimes the indigenous people of Peru were treated badly. For a long time the Spanish made them work without pay, and recently the Peruvian politicians tried to stop the Quechua

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