Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2

Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2 – You can expect me to be careless. I’m just blown away by the wind and I’m dreaming. A dream!

I was standing on the beach. It was night, the stars twinkling in the dark background, the full moon illuminating a long stretch of pure white sand. The calm water flowed in and out again, a soothing rhythm that seemed to be the only constant over the past few weeks. A section of large, gray rocks stopped the sand from advancing and then turned into tall cliffs, with strange-looking trees carved into the top. I wasn’t hurt, my shoulder was perfect, and I didn’t have any pain. It was amazing.

Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2

Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2

“True,” said the voice and I turned around, facing the speaker sitting on the sand, letting the cool water touch his toes. Her rusty brown hair was neatly combed and French braided with a green bow. His kind eyes were hidden by a smile that was so full of warmth and happiness that it seemed impossible that anything bad had happened.

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Rhea smiled, “Come on, stay,” she patted the sand next to her and I joined her by the water. A wave came in and I touched the water. It didn’t feel right, it felt… sticky, almost like artificial water made from melted plastic. Rhea signed, “Yeah, that’s the story of this beach. It’s all artificial, you two won’t get a good view down here.”

Rhea saw her mistake and smiled reassuringly, “No, you’re not. That was stupid of me and I’m sorry. You’re in the Dreamland, the most beautiful part of Tarthas.”

“Ehhe,” I nodded, sitting back. He was right that this ‘beach’ is beautiful. It was calm and peaceful, a wonderful change from the previous days. “Lady Rhea? What am I doing here?”

Rhea looked at the stars, “I thought you needed to rest last week. You were injured from your fight on Mount Etna,” she looked back at me, “and I need to talk to you about you father.”

I’m Too Old For This

“Looks like you don’t like him,” she said, looking for my reaction. I just looked over the ‘water’, and swallowed a little. “Why? Even when it comes to Perseus you’re-well-doing what you’re doing now. But my question is why?”

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I pulled my hard eyes out of the ‘water’ and said to Rhea, “You hurt him, Rhea. That’s unforgivable.”

Rhea nodded in understanding, “I understand Andy. But there is something else that confuses me. If you hate your father so much, how do you take his name?”

Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2

“His name, you take his last name. Jackson. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you find out about all of this—” he said, holding up his hand, “—you changed from Chase to Jackson. And when you were fighting Triton, you were a plan. He cursed when he called you that. by Chase.”

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Rhea put her hand on my shoulder, “Andy, deal with it. You don’t hate him and you know it.”

Rhea sighed and smiled once more, “Sometimes your stubbornness is impossible. Just remember my child, give Percy a chance. He’s new to parenting; you can’t blame him for…”

Rhea looked at me and stood up, “Yeah, whatever you want to believe. But trust me. Oh, and happy 13th birthday, Andromeda. Now—”

My eyes opened. All I saw was a blue blur, just a blur in my vision. I groaned, my joints stiff and numb, probably from the large doses of painkillers. I was lying in a bed of some sort, the room eerily quiet. My vision improved and I could see the vague shapes of people standing around me. Well, at least I know I’m not surrounded by three-legged, armed, twenty-headed Science teachers. Or a hundred giant armed, fifty-faced monsters bent on revenge holding my parents on top of a volcano.

The House Of Hades

“Andy? Andy!” Someone shouted, but I didn’t see them. “Apollo! You are awake; bring your divine ** in here!”

There was a screech, a CLANG – SMASH! and steps, where it sounded like a herd of elephants trampling towards…well, wherever I was. Finally, I blinked a few times, my eyes coming back to me. I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again, resisting the bright light. I blinked several times, my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see the people standing in the room.

By the door, slightly hidden in the shadows, was Poseidon; Annabeth sat on the right side next to me, her cuts and bruises healed, but she had her left arm in a sling. Then there are the two who just walked into the room. One was ahem – rather hot and the other was Perseus. ‘ said Nuff.

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Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2

Apollo (at least, I thought it was Apollo, I don’t know about these types of gods) came up to me and Annabeth moved to check my injuries. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m in a WHOLE LOTTA PAIN RIGHT NOW! No? Oh well.

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I sighed. My ears were pounding, the loud noise was echoing every sound and I had a headache, so Apollo’s voice sounded like he had just shouted through the world’s biggest megaphone connected to AC/DC concert amplifiers, up to 1, 000, 000, 000 , 000% near my ear.

“He only fell off the mountain, fell thousands of meters and sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean.”

Percy—Perseus raised his hands in ‘surrender’ as Poseidon walked back in, surprising Percy because he didn’t notice him walking.

“It’s coming, it’s coming,” Annabeth breathed as she stood up. He turned and squeezed my hand. “Don’t hurt yourself and die while I’m gone.”

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Annabeth rolled her eyes before walking out the door, Poseidon leading her to where her mother was waiting.

“Ow…ow…ow-OW, SH*T!” I yelled as Apollo poked me in the ribs. He nodded and said something. “Argh! You’re worse than Josh!” I opposed him as he continued to be the ‘God of Medicine’.

Apollo smiled as he wrote something on the medical paper, “That’s usually a good thing,” he looked up at the paper. “Do you want to know how much damage you have done to yourself?”

Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2

“Oh well!” Apollo smiled at my scowl. In fact, he was like two years old… he was innocent of two year olds. “He broke four ribs, three on the right and one on the left.

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“You burst an artery in your shoulder, so you lost a lot of blood, but being the amazing god that I am I fixed it—” he continued before I responded sarcastically. “-you’ll have a scar, but on the bright side, you can make a sick story to tell at school.”

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“Yes, a broken ankle and wrist, many bruises, grazes and bruises, a broken arm, a broken knee and shoulder, a broken nose and a small head wound.”

“Okay Apollo. You’ve suffered enough.” Percy said as he went into the infirmary. Apollo frowned, a smile still plastered on his face. Then something very interesting happened. Apollo’s phone rang.

Apollo replied, “Yes-bo? Uh-huh…okay…yeah, sure thing…I’ll be over soon, don’t touch anything…no, not even the ground…okay, see you, bye.” He hung up the phone and looked in our direction. “I have to go, hunters are in trouble.”

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I sneezed, then turned around in surprise; Percy had risen along with me. Percy didn’t notice this (again, people call me careless) and sat in the chair next to my bed when Apollo burst out with golden light (I averted my eyes, after healing, I didn’t want to die. ) and there was silence.

I hadn’t left this bed in years, and as a result I was constantly tossing and turning due to helpful ADHD. I tried to ignore Percy doing the same thing— I mean we both had ADHD; it didn’t mean we were doing the same… right?

Finally, after a long time, Percy turned and asked me the question he had obviously been wanting to ask since sitting down.

Percy Writes Annabeth Letters Fanfiction Ww2

I glared at him for a long moment before answering, “You hurt him, Perseus. ?”

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By the third or fourth day I was awake, I felt no pain at all and most of my injuries had healed. Now I had a big scar on my shoulder, but it looked cool, so I wasn’t discouraged. Annabeth’s arm was out of a sling, and she had left a few hours ago to check on everything at home, what with missing a month of work and bills to pay and phone calls to follow up on. It took him convincing me, especially that “I will be fine”; things that a worried mother often drinks.

Okay, now don’t judge, but you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to realize I was in Atlantis.

But Atlantis was really good.

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