Pangram With These Letters

Pangram With These Letters – Welcome, my name is Corbett Harrison I have been an educator since 1990, and a teacher-trainer and university adjunct professor since 1998. I specialize in teaching writing using different instructional techniques I also focus on critical thinking, especially in the pre-writing and revision stages of the writing process I retired from the classroom in June 2019, and I will continue to consult with schools, districts, and states who are more interested in developing quality writing plans, not buying from a one-size-fits-all writing program.

Starting in the summer of 2019, I will once again be available to train your school or district teachers if you are looking to hire a qualified and dynamic trainer. You can find general information about my workshops here

Pangram With These Letters

Pangram With These Letters

If you would like to check my availability for a specific date or dates for the 2019-20 academic year, please contact me at this e-mail address. My calendar is already filling up with workshop work

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One of my original Writer’s Notebook lessons To help our students write ideas in their writer’s notebooks as they become workshop topics, my wonderful wife (Dena Harrison), a wonderful fellow NNWP advisor (Jenny Ho), and I created a menu of eight choices for the notebook. / workshop during a recertification class we took during spring break of 2012. Each cultural-themed menu (the Italian menu is posted freely below) comes with five sections, each with three choices: appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, and dessert. Students can earn a special notebook sticker by creating an entire “meal” using different sections of the menu.

Want more than a sticker? The “salad section” is actually an “extra credit” notebook option for each month’s menu. Inspired by a different Mentor lesson that we will present in class, each menu will feature a unique online challenge that will inspire creativity with teacher-models. Students who read through the online notebook challenge below, independently enjoy the featured mentor lesson, and then apply my teacher-model to create an original page in their notebook will also receive a bonus notebook participation grade. | The final notebook page must be clean, creative, illustrated and colorful!

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Creative Word Play: Pangrams And Holoalphabetic Sentences

On this page, you’ll find the “Extra Credit Salad Section” lesson that comes with our Greek-themed notebook/workshop menu. You can preview our Italian menu by clicking here

Like the creative approach of this lesson? Like a teacher model? Follow me on Pinterest to access all my educational boards I have a special board that contains pages from my own writer’s notebook that provides quick access to all of my favorite notebook pages—many of which are linked to an article that describes how to use the concept as a Common Core-aligned lesson. .

Our Greek restaurant menu should inspire us to think about the Greek roots we learned this month Applying our knowledge of Greek roots to what is probably a new word to you: pangram

Pangram With These Letters

(noun): A sentence that contains all the letters of the alphabet, each used at least once

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Traveling Teachers: I have a two-page hand-out that I use as a “riddle” on the Pangram Smartboard when I introduce them to the whole class. You can access it by clicking here I show the top half of the first page and allow students to discuss it before showing the bottom half of the first page

The phrase “fast fox” is a good test for typists If you can type sentences without looking at your hands once, you know exactly where each key is on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Once you can type without looking at your hands, the question is how fast can you type It’s no wonder that the above pangram has been used as a typing test for decades.

I recently re-read a really interesting picture book by Australian author Margaret Wild. Fox tells the story of three animals: a fox, a dog, and Maggie It’s a well-written story with some excellent use of fire as a metaphor, and I love how the sentences wrap around the pages. I believe the author must have intended the story to be a parable about something specific or a parable about how people treat other people. Although the story is sad and the fox is very cute, it ends with a positive gesture. I love the last sentence of this story I hope you do too

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I was wondering how you could summarize the picture book above with the famous pangram above… approx. The dog in the book is not lazy, so you have to think of another z-word to use to describe him, and the fox never jumps on the dog, so the verb has to change. And so, the first half of this notebook challenge is:

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In your writer’s notebook, using the top half of a page: Correctly summarize the Fox story with a single, original sentence that is a pangram. Describe the pangram

In your writer’s notebook using the bottom half of the same page: Write an original pangram that makes sense. Can you keep it under 50 characters? Describe your original pangram

Need a visual example? Here is the page I created for my writer’s notebook What do you think? Let me know by telling me in class or—if you’re not one of my students—by e-mailing me at corbett@ Can you make a writer’s notebook page that is more original than mine? I bet…

Pangram With These Letters

Like the creative approach of this lesson? Like a teacher model? Follow me on Pinterest to access all my educational boards I have a special board featuring pages from my own writer’s notebook that provides quick access to all of my favorite notebook pages—many of which are linked to an article that describes how to use the concept as a Common Core-friendly text.

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© Corbett Harrison, Educational Consultants, LLC. All rights reserved. Teachers may freely use the resources and ideas posted on this website with K-12 students If sharing our resources with adults, with colleagues, or in any way outside of your classroom, please ask for permission to share by clicking here. Thank you! An English pangram is a sentence that contains 26 letters of the English alphabet The most famous English pangram is probably “The quick brown crocodile jumps over the lazy dog”. My favorite pangram is “Surprisingly few provide a disco jukebox.”

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A complete pangram is a pangram where each letter appears only once I have found some sources online that list known perfect pangrams No one seems to have successfully attempted to produce all of them successfully, so I took it as a fun challenge. Thus I found all suitable pangrams in English I will explain the constellation later

Unfortunately, these are some of the most logical sentences I could find All perfect pangrams created from the Official Tournament and Club Word List 3 (OWL3) for Scrabble include the word cwm or crwth.

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The method for finding the perfect pangram comes in two steps The first is to find the set of all words that contain every letter of the English alphabet once The second step is to see which of those sets can be rearranged into valid English sentences

To begin finding sets of words that span the English alphabet requires a list of English words. Finding and maintaining a high quality list of words was much harder than I expected Originally, I thought the project would take two days, but it ended up taking two weeks because of these data quality issues.

I started with the Unix dictionary, which is a freely available list of English terms that comes with almost all Unix-based operating systems. I noticed right away that there were quality issues with the listing At first, each letter of the alphabet was considered a word in the Unix dictionary, and this included many non-words, such as “

Pangram With These Letters

”. This indicated the need for a blacklist to manage the list of words found online Second, the Unix dictionary lacked pluralization for words, so the dictionary would include the word “

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”. The word list is so restrictive, in fact, that no previously known perfect pangram has included words only from the Unix dictionary. I still get something like “s”.

Then I turned to the Internet to find a large set of words I found a huge word set that was too big, but when I started digging out the perfect pangram from that list, I found it.

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