Love Letters Phora Lyrics

Love Letters Phora Lyrics – As Phora prepares to promote her eponymous album Sincerely Yours for her multi-country tour, we got an exclusive interview amidst her long hours of preparation. Phora is on this journey and now. I speak honestly about work and energy. If you believe the American Dream is dead, think again. Phora’s dedication is to discipline everything you believe in. He is living proof that with focus and determination, success can be achieved. One thing I love about Phora is that she truly loves her fans and is humble about her music. No matter how old you are, Phora represents each of us with her words of wisdom. Sincerely Yours summer tour June 7 It is scheduled to start in CA in 2014 and run until the end of July 2014. Tickets are available at the door. Ladies and gentlemen, My Phora interview.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us and conduct this interview. I am so honored to have a few minutes with you.

Love Letters Phora Lyrics

Love Letters Phora Lyrics

There is a saying that reminds me of all you have done for you and the culture. Do you still have to introduce yourself to others “so fast that you don’t need to introduce yourself”? I ask because I start interviews with “Tell me about yourself.” It feels like the whole world knows you by now.

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Yes, I’m still constantly meeting new people. I have yet to introduce many people. I really appreciate the hospitality; But I’m nowhere near world famous. It takes years of work and dedication; But longevity is key… but we are constantly working towards that goal.

Let’s take a look back at your last two albums, Still a Kid and One Life to Live. On Still a Kid – One of the most memorable songs is Sunny California. How did that song come about?

To be 100% honest, I probably recorded this within 50 minutes of writing it. Do not delete Go directly from mental to notepad without skipping anything. I think it came from a time in my life that was really pure. good hearted, Good energy is there at certain times in my life and people can feel it in the music.

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How can your audience use the power of your lyrics to improve their lives and the lives of others?

Phora Sings About “romeo’s Cure” In New Single

The power of voice is a very powerful thing. sound in general; The music is too much. therapy Make a block, It can even be used as a weapon. For the fans who listen to my music, I want to take these words and direct them to you. I’m talking to you. My music directly to you will be the same things I would say in person in some cases.

Your new album, Sincerely Yours, carries many of the themes from the last two albums, but expresses the thoughts vividly; This means that the image has different colors meant for different aspects. Your single and video “Feel” really sets the metaphor for these other colors. What is the deal with Sincerely Yours – Who were the people involved in making this album?

Yes, Definitely. Sincerely yours is an open letter from me to the world (hence the title “Sincerely Yours”). Every strong emotion I’ve felt in the past few years is all in one. Stories about love, The experiences I have seen Things I learned from the people around me. good times The times when I felt like there was nothing left in the world. anger, There was tension on some people; Those moments are FUCK YOU and so on. The world is responsible for making this happen. friends The enemy… the stranger Colleagues… loved ones…

Love Letters Phora Lyrics

It’s not very special. still in the closet For myself, Click that record button, Mix and master my tunes, How I want singles when I want them; How many will I choose (the joy of freedom)? The only difference is that I got a house. I think I moved away from everyone I knew. Me and my producer Eskupe (who was with me working on the album for weeks on end). Avoid distractions and really focus on our goals. no party Just hard work and dedication to random girls etc.

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The Beauty Inside

As an old cat, I honestly feel that your music is bigger than music. It’s a literary composition that showcases your strong lyrics. Your music is really inspiring and your music concepts are cultural, I feel that it transcends generations and ethnicities. It speaks to the realities of humanity. In friendship you have so many thoughts that know no boundaries – I could list your entire album. What can we learn from this album, like the focus and soul of your words?

As I mentioned “unframed thoughts”. Let me tell you, the idea is beautiful. You can learn a lot from small things. For those who listen to this new album, See it from your own perspective; See what’s relevant to you. I just want to say that I felt there was something in there, guaranteed.

For a young person your age, when did you discover: “Being an artist is really my calling. – This is what I intended to do.

Yes sir! 19 years and counting! I really understand the seriousness of what I do when I get several paragraphs from people who have had crazy experiences and say that my music got them through a difficult time in their lives. That means most. I will not trade anything there.

Exclusive Interview: Phora

Do you consider yourself a leader or a leader of the new generation of modern Hip Hop in terms of respect for your peers?

A good topic. I don’t mean to be a leader of the new hip hop generation. I don’t want to announce myself, but I see myself as a young leader of young leaders. I’m a role model for people who haven’t met themselves yet. I don’t even know the leader, but I see it in everyone. Everyone you meet. Bigger than hip-hop; All respect great people.

Your work ethic is extraordinary – you describe it in Stuart Little: “We don’t need a label, we don’t need a deal, all we need is love from the fans, and they always make it right.” I know your fans mean a lot to you – what are the challenges and opportunities you face as an independent artist? And what role do your fans play in your independent beat?

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Love Letters Phora Lyrics

Definitely one of my favorite subjects. Fans are everything. Even in some cases my promotion team, booking agents; tour guides; Information hotline LOL! For an independent artist who truly appreciates music, it’s great when the fans do everything. We see hundreds of artists who are professionals in all aspects of what it takes to be successful, but where are the fans? Music at the end of the day It comes to connection. Someone who listens to your music and is your true fan and has a connection with you; There is a difference with your music alone. Quality over quantity. That, my friend, is an inspiration for longevity. Timeless music To put it quite bluntly, TIMELESS. And (I’m not saying my music is timeless) the music I make is something people can still relate to 10 years from now. 20 years from now. 100 years from now. The same can’t be said for twerking and poppin’ mollys.

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Social media is crazy right now and has opened up channels of communication never seen before. Do you believe you can live without social media and “get your albums out of the trunk”?

Of course, the Internet is a beautiful thing. FAIR GAME FOR EVERYONE. And I will say something that some people may not agree with but cannot deny. The internet is fed up with a lot of wack rappers. But I did some research and figured some (not all) have been milled for years and years. Not everyone is going to be a great person. But I never knock other guys’ moves. Unless you’re that big of a rapper, you’re staying up until 4am every day, thinking about moving your moms out of the house, and making songs to the best of your ability, so I have no choice but to respect your momentum. That’s obvious.

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