Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters

Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters – Changeable letter signs are cabinet-style signs consisting of a polycarbonate, or acrylic sign face attached with clear strips or “tracks” where individual plastic letters are placed to spell out a message in text format. They come in many sizes and the materials used may vary. Most letter signs are internally illuminated using fluorescent lamps or LEDs that can be changed externally. In most cases an identification area can be included above or below the changeable character area.

A sign with lettering section and identification area that can be moved into a single cabinet system for a clean design.

Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters

Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters

A sign with an adjustable letter section and rectangular panel specially designed for the organization’s logo and an identification area above. This is a great option among business convertible letter signs

Clear Letter Tracks For Plastic Alphabet Letters To Create

If quality materials are used, replaceable letter signs can last more than 15 years in the field. Portable versions with lower quality materials last 1-2 years and are prone to fading and cracking.

Fluorescent lights were always the industry standard until LED lighting became more economical. Need lights

Modern adjustable letter signs taller than 6′ will include a prop arm used to easily remove and replace each letter.

Each replaceable letter sign includes a vandal cover made of an aluminum frame and a clear polycarbonate or acrylic face with hinges. Each includes at least one if not two prop arms. These can come with gas springs or simple aluminum rods. The lower end of the aluminum retainer is equipped with a locking mechanism to secure the sign.

Portable Readerboard All Graphic Arrow Sign

Powder coat is generally more durable and lasts longer, but once the powder coat is scratched or chipped it can be difficult to touch up properly because the paint rarely matches the color tone of the powder coat. Paint is not durable and may flake or chip over time, but it can be repainted or touched up easily. As long as the use is a constant low-friction area, powder coat is the best option, otherwise, go with paint to allow for future touch-ups.

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Portable changeable letter signs may be attractive because of their sub-$1,000 price tags, but they are not durable because of the materials used, and most are non-luminous. These tools are used to promote portable businesses, so if you have a permanent establishment, the portable sign may not properly or effectively represent your establishment for years to come.

“We love the sign! It looks great and helps us get the word out for all of our events!

Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters

Your convertible letter sign specialist will provide detailed explanations of the good, the bad and the ugly of every warranty on our market. Your sign specialist can answer most service questions upfront, but if a particular detail requires more specific attention, each of our factories is fully staffed with factory-trained technicians.

Replacement Sign Face 5′ X 10′

Let us help you make a well-informed purchase. Contact your digital experts, Guthman, for the best LED signage in the industry. Provide way-finding signs that not only guide and inform visitors in the right direction, but also enhance your building or space.

Guiding visitors in the right direction Making sure visitors feel confident navigating your space is a key part of making a great first impression. Sign letters (also known as architectural signs or way-finding signs) help you visually communicate how visitors should find their way in a particular environment, leaving nothing to chance.

The right solution for your unique location There are many factors that determine the right sign for your business. We specialize in determining the right type, size and location for your sign.

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Our team of experts is just a click away! Tell us more about your signage needs and how we can help.

Non Illuminated Changeable Letter Boards

The easiest way to send us an email. Your email will go directly to the correct person and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once we get the job approved, it takes a maximum of one to four weeks. Of course we understand that we are in New York City, so expect rush orders and if possible, a rush fee will be added.

The choice of material depends a lot. For interior signs we would recommend acrylic signage and for exterior we would say dimensional lettering. They are often the preferred option, although as we said it depends on the look you want to go for. If you need help choosing the right sign for your business, don’t hesitate and always feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the perfect sign to make your business shine.

Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters

Don’t worry! We are happy to help and we offer site surveys. One of our experienced staff will come to your site and take measurements.

Portfolio — Postema Sign & Graphics

Again, don’t worry. We got you. We have a lot of experience getting permits in New York City, and if you want us to, we’d be happy to help you with this as well.

We’d love to answer this question for you, but we can’t without more background information. There are many aspects that influence the cost of your sign, think about size, color, location, special needs, etc. Send us an email with as much information as possible and we’ll get back to you!

Sign Expo has done a number of installations for us with our biggest client and all parties are very pleased

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This team has always been able to help us achieve our projects. The

Ultra Board Aluminum 3/4

Installation was accurate and fast! We have used and intend to use them for two of our signs

Sign Expo recently did some vinyl decal work for my office. Not only were they great to work with

They respond very quickly, and all work is always done quickly and accurately. As a commercial

Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters

We love working with Zine Expo. They always pull in a pinch and they always make sure of it

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They get everything right and our clients are satisfied with the work. Michelle is great, so great

Our restaurants menu is vinyl and we have updated it a few times. We never had a problem, guys

Helpful when you need advice, but doing exactly what you ask. If you want to make signage,

We broke one of our storefront windows and had to replace our logo in March 2016.

Marquee Changeable Sign System

Really helpful- they had our last order from 4 years ago so they were done

The logo was delivered to us the same week we asked for a replacement. They were prompt and professional.

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Polycarbonate Changeable Sign Letters

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