Punch Out Letters For Bulletin Boards

Punch Out Letters For Bulletin Boards – These reusable Blue Harmony Circle Punch Out Letters make it easy to create classroom messages on bulletin boards, windows, chalkboards and hallways. Printed on durable coated paper, they are ideal for personalizing display projects.

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Punch Out Letters For Bulletin Boards

Punch Out Letters For Bulletin Boards

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Shop For Teacher Created Resources Fun Font Letters, Black Stitch At Michaels

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Choose the font you like. There are quite a few fonts that can be found online and are free to use for personal use. Here are some of my favorites:

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After choosing a font, install it on your computer. Then enter the text you need for the bulletin board. Depending on the heading size, you can play with the font size. I usually use a font size of 400 but it all depends on the space and size I need for the letters.

After your letters are printed, you will need to cut them out. I like to leave a small white border around the letters. I use a razor blade to cut out the inside of letters like a, e, b, o, etc.

Hebrew Punch Out Letters

This is optional, of course, but I like to color the letters because it makes them more durable and I like the way it looks. I use glue stick or rubber glue to stick the letters to colored paper or Astrobright paper.

Yes, there is laminate flooring. Yes, before cutting. Now I say it and I did it with a home laminator and a school laminator. Our school laminator is nothing special, and laminating film is very cheap. No, I haven’t had peeling, but I’ve heard of teachers who do, so if you’re not comfortable with laminating before cutting, swap steps 4 and 5. The laminator below is my absolute favorite laminator. This is a 12″ laminator and I LOVE IT! I can fit 12×18 thick paper in it as well as file folders! (affiliate link) Click here for the 12″ laminator I use!

It’s just a personal preference, but I cut each letter piece by piece. It’s easier for me to trim all the corners to create each letter correctly.

Punch Out Letters For Bulletin Boards

Once the sections are cut out, simply cut out each letter, leaving a small colored border. That’s all!

Tropical Back To School Bulletin Board

I hope you found this post helpful. If you’re looking for more information on decorating bulletin boards, THIS POST has some of my favorite ways to decorate. And THIS POST contains tips for creating eye-catching bulletin board displays.

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If you’d like to save this idea for future reference, feel free to use the image below to pin it to your Pinterest board, or click here to go directly to pinning.

Sign up below to join the 180,000+ teachers who receive our Sunday emails every week! These 5″ leaf design letters give message boards a nature-inspired look. Safari Friends decor collection or any cool theme related to animals, nature, nature and camping! The natural pattern of the leaves makes them ideal for use in classrooms or educational institutions using the Reggio Amelia approach. The set includes 106 paper letters in upper case. (about 5 inches high). The serene look of these ready-made letters makes them versatile for use on any bulletin board or display in a school, office, college dorm, nursing home, church, or day care center.

A-7, B-4, S-4, D-5, E-7, F-4, G-4, N-5, I-7, F-2, K-2, L-5, M- 3, N-5, O-6, P-4, Q-1, R-5, S-5, T-6, U-6, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-2

Watercolor Bulletin Board Letters

Design letters are ready to create personalized headers for bulletin boards, party signs, hallways, doors, classrooms, offices and more! Use at home for student school projects, graduation signs, birthday banners and other holiday signs.

These 6″ uppercase design letters with gold mylar ball give a modern look to bulletin boards. The festive look of these perforated letters is inspired by the popular gold mylar balloon decorations! The set includes 106 uppercase paper letters approximately 6 inches high. The fun, modern look of these ready-made letters makes them versatile for use on any bulletin board or…

These Classroom Cafe 4″ design letters give a modern look to bulletin boards. These handwritten style embossed letters have a white center and a thick black border, making them easy to see from a distance. Pack of 212, including uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation and numbers.The set also contains # and @ social media symbols….

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Punch Out Letters For Bulletin Boards

Create personalized titles with this stylish letter pack! Great for parties, hallways, doors, rooms, offices and more! There are 210 pieces in a pack, consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation marks and numbers. The pieces are 2–4 inches high. Click “enlarge image” to see all symbols

Eureka Star Wars Deco Letters

Create personalized headers using old school charm! Great for parties, hallways, doors, rooms, offices and more! Approx 2″ x 4″ 211 pcs.

These 6 inch Emoji smartphone cutouts are simple yet fun cutouts for a variety of uses! , sunglasses, heart, stupid face with tongue, ok sign).

These 6″ cutouts for student smartphones can be used in many ways! Colorful cutouts for smartphones, speech bubbles, and thought bubbles are great for message boards, student projects, class books, or classroom organization. Students can customize each phone cutout with things like: a small photo of an activity they did over the summer, their favorite part…

These 6″ Simply Emojis cutouts can be used in so many ways! Bright and happy emoji faces can be posted to showcase student work, add charm to a bulletin board, or tag student classrooms. Also great for personalizing folders and binders for a fun, well-organized class. Social media fans will love the Fun Emoji collection! Cute and…

Punch Out Letters

These 10″ Star design cutouts are a great combination of vibrant colors and bold patterns. Each large star has a brightly colored center (yellow, green, turquoise, orange, purple, or red) framed by a black and white dotted or striped border. The large size makes these stars fun to use in a large space such as a hallway, gym or…

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