Second Afterthought Letters Crossword

Second Afterthought Letters Crossword – A spider commonly seen near train tracks / SUN 5-29-22 / Subject of the seven-letter mnemonic PALE GAS / Slacks say it in slang / He plays Ferris Bueller’s economics teacher / Rivendell lives in The Lord of the Rings / Offroad Fury 2000s Video games / eponymous physicist Mach / Government aid to mom-and-pop shops / Ears in elevators / Brine’s cousin / Ancient Egyptian symbol of rebirth

Word of the Day: Jon M. CHU (99A: “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. ___) – Jonathan Murray Chu (born November 2, 1979) is an American film director, producer People and screenwriters. He is best known as the director of 2018’s “Crazy Rich Asians,” the first major Hollywood studio to feature a modern setting of Asian descent since The Joy Luck Club in 1993. His films often include musical elements, including dance films Step Up 2: The Streets (2008) and Step Up 3D (2010), musicals Jem and the Holograms (2015) and In the Heights (2021), and live The concert films Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011) and Justin Bieber’s Faith (2013). Zhu is an alumnus of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. (Wikipedia)

Second Afterthought Letters Crossword

Second Afterthought Letters Crossword

I wish I could say something nice about this puzzle, but I can’t lie…oh damn, wrong president…but seriously, I can’t lie – this is the moment I see it. It’s 100% about the black square. “Look at me!” Well, I look at you. anything else? Oh…arbitrary trivia, symmetrical placement? Great. [dutifully listlessly fills the grid].

Aph Accessible Crossword Puzzle App Review

Are the designs of STOVEPIPE HAT and BEARD and LINCOLN MEMORIAL cute? I guess. But this thing still has to be a crossword puzzle. It has to have crosswords…very verbose. something. Anything but random trivia. And, I mean, you don’t even get into the trivia. You put the chimney hat, the Lincoln Memorial and the mustache in the grid! ? But…they are already in the grid. We can see them. Such a weird waste of space. Such a strange redundancy. BEARD’s clue is…shrug. I don’t even know what to do. It needs some kind of context to be interesting. and why the theme thread keeps referring to Lincoln as “the subject of this puzzle”, which is clearly the memorial, not the man himself (as the thread on LINCOLN MEMORIAL makes clear, it’s the memorial’s birthday, not his birthday). The only really interesting aspect of this topic is the way memorial design is handled, the three “unchecked” Down answers (actually “checked” answers, but in fact they are spelled “PRESIDENT”). That’s literally the whole interest in solving this puzzle. The rest is just fill in the blanks.

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It’s odd to throw MASSEY there asymmetrically (33A: Raymond ___, nominated for Best Actor for portraying the subject of the puzzle (1940)). I can think of at least two other actors who portray Lincoln more figuratively, and their last names actually have the same number of letters (FONDA, LEWIS), so, you know, either choose the actor or not the actor thing, but as a kind of Throwing MASSEY in casually is weird as an afterthought. The thread about EGOTISM is so confusing because I just don’t know what it points to. who I am? “Is that you? Me? I wrote it in EGOTRIP and it looks great. Then the egoist (I wonder if “I” is the egoist myself). And finally the egoist. Tired. I just don’t Think “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” is… SCAT? A SCAT unit? It’s the name of a song. It’s not improvised or lyricized, it’s the rhythm of the song and An integral part of rhythm. Yes, “words” are meaningless, so I guess it has something in common with scatting, but oof, it’s a range. Also, still don’t understand how SCAT works here. I Just know it’s a verb. But clues aren’t verbs. If it was [sing “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah”], maybe SCAT might work. Here, clues and answers don’t feel right on multiple levels.

There are also some things that I personally find unpleasant. The absolutely normal crossword ATV has a clue from a 20+ year old PlayStation 2 game (I chose GTA, which is Grand Theft Auto). Nixon’s speechwriter, Ben Stein, once called Obama “the most racist president America has ever seen” (which wasn’t even in the top 10 stupidest that guy said). There is SBALOAN which is super boring and hard to parse. I don’t see where the fun is in this. A few years ago, just before Avengers: Endgame came out, I vowed to quit the whole boring MCU, but even if I watched it, I couldn’t tell you who directed it, like I couldn’t Tell you the same you’ve directed any of the roughly 643 MCU movies. Lose weight! I like that one (5D: barely wet?). And BOOMMIC (it’s hard, but worth it) (77A: expandable recording device). But aside from the gorgeous surface of the black square design, there really isn’t a lot here.

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I got a bunch of mail in response to Gene Weingarten’s letter to the editor last week (i.e. to me) about what restrictions should be in place, if any, for stuffing that might be objectionable or even completely objectionable (eg body parts, bodily functions, horrible people, horrible tragedies, racial slurs, etc.). Gene’s basic point is that anything you might find in the paper itself is a fair game of a crossword puzzle, and I often object to things/people I find objectionable as a form of caution. I… um, disagree. You can read the exchange here. The letters I get are thoughtful (and sometimes funny). Here are some highlights:

Yes, You Can Write More Than One Letter In A Square

Gary Greenberg agrees with Gene. He writes that while he understands and appreciates my criteria for judging what I like and what I don’t like…

…seem to be more personal and trivial, if they are rooted in any larger discourse, which is what he refers to: Victorianism. I don’t think you’re Victorian or serious, but of course I don’t know. What’s more, in a sense, caution stems from an instinctual disgust, which is how it’s read, and one wonders where that disgust stems from. It’s easy to see why the clitoris works and the phlegm doesn’t—one will bother you and the other won’t. So is your objection to mentioning the NRA or Elon Musk. It’s as if you’re afraid to confront people or ideas that disgust you and feel offended to see them while you’re solving the crossword puzzle. That’s fine in and of itself, free country, etc, but, I mean the question is serious, if you’re going to be a critic, shouldn’t you be more than just some random outburst? If so, then maybe you should figure out what role disgust plays in your aesthetic and why it’s a reliable criterion. Why did you give it free reign? Why should it be the north star of crossword reviews? Why should we take your disgust seriously?

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Pedar Benson Bate (Director of Operations, Trivia Alliance, NYC) makes an interesting look at this issue from the perspective of a trivia contest:

Second Afterthought Letters Crossword

The act of including (and choosing to exclude) certain topics from our trivia content is *always* an act of politics and can be interpreted or misinterpreted as an act of endorsement. (This reminds me of Martin Scorcese’s inexplicable decision to give the real Jordan Belfort a cameo in The Wolf of Wall Street and then say it wasn’t A nod to the objectionable behavior we just saw. The first three hours of the movie.) Living in this free city, we do try to make our problems as smooth as possible, but at the same time understand that there is no such thing as ” Objective” Trivia Night. We know that, even trying to remain objective, our politics will lean slightly to the left. Will you see the question about Kamara becoming the first black female vice president? Hell yes! …but don’t expect to see nasty questions about [edited ex-president], the NRA, or whatever. Whether we see ourselves as influencers or not, we at least always have to keep in mind what kind of energy we’re putting into the world, I think you’re right with [REDACTED EX-President] Musk or RNA is exactly what the world needs positive energy.

Making A Schrödinger Puzzle: Part 2

Some writers feel even more strongly than I do about keeping certain types of ugliness out of the puzzle. Connie Herstand wrote:

Yes, these are the realities of today’s world. Everything was there, and I was forced to admit it whether I wanted to or not. If I had the courage to say – “Come on, we can do better. Let’s clean things up

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