Motorcycle Tires With Raised White Letters

Motorcycle Tires With Raised White Letters – It is our pleasure to demonstrate our abilities to transform your car with a simple addition to your tires. The products in our glasses can be used on a variety of tires, ranging from RC car tires, motorcycle tires, exotic car tires, and even monster truck tires. Create your own tire letter, upload your tire design, or…

Custom tire letter kits and performance tire letters designed specifically by you and for you. There is no limit to the designs we can offer your vehicle through our Tire Decalbuilder. This is the link in vehicle customization. There are an endless amount of possibilities to the designs available for your tires. Custom Tire Lettering comes to enthusiasts in three formats:

Motorcycle Tires With Raised White Letters

Motorcycle Tires With Raised White Letters

1) Custom OEM Tires: The ultimate choice in vehicle accessories. Choose from our line of OEM tires, including Pirelli, Goodyear, Nitto, and more, choose your customization, and we’ll make it happen. Most brands are available. Don’t see the brand you want? Then call us or send us an email at [email protected]. Color matching is available, call for full details.

Custom Permanent Tire Letters

2) Short Term – Temporary Tire Decals: Ideal for quick and easy DIY application, with durability to withstand around 2000 miles of different driving conditions. The lettering solution for our temporary, heat-activated tire decals gives tires a true painted white lettering look, while giving you the flexibility to change your tire decal designs regularly. Our Decals are a unique blend of compounds that, when heat is applied, activates a special bond to your tire for a unique look.

3) Permanent Rubber Tire Lettering Kit: This DIY tire lettering kit provides a durable bond and a quality look that lasts the life of the tire, and is completely cleanable even after 40,000+ miles of hard driving. Each Permanent Raised Rubber Lettering Kit includes a custom tire sticker and instructions for application and removal.

Please check our Tire Lettering and Tire LetteringBlogpage for new applications and media. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

TIREGRAFIX specializes in free branding solutions for tire manufacturers. Our OEM designs are specifically intended to promote tire manufacturers on customer tires. Our designs work as an emblem for your OEM branded tires to showcase and identify yourself with the brand you are using. Our clients are strong advocates of representing the brands they use in an inconspicuous way; which not only offers free advertising for the tire manufacturer, but gives the world notice of their brand of choice. WE DO NOT ALLOW THESE BRANDS TO APPLY TO OTHER BRANDS’ TIRES. ANY CUSTOMER CAUGHT DOING IT WILL BE REPORTED TO THE APPROPRIATE TIRE MANUFACTURER FOR THE FAKE.

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PIRELLI PZERO Color Custom tires with Racing Stripes. We are proud to announce our offering of OEM P… A must-have tire kit! Same day shipping* on orders placed before 2PM CST. PATENTED INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVE INCLUDED WITH EVERY ORDER!

SKU: A Tire Needed Kit Category: Racing Letters Tag: Same day shipping on orders placed before 2PM CST.

Description * is not affiliated and not sponsored by any of the tire manufacturers and these are not brand specific. Our Racing Tire Lettering Kits can be ordered to spell out any message.

Motorcycle Tires With Raised White Letters

Say what you want written in our Deluxe Racing Font. These stick to any tire and are PERFECT for advertising that important message or WOWing your friends. Tire Stickers Toyo Tires Proxes Frost Edition

With sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 1″ for the Deluxe Racing Font, we offer the perfect way to add white lettering to the tires on everything you drive. These are great on low profile tires (that are no longer made with raised white letters from the factory), or whatever size tires you have. Send us a picture of your car and we can even send you a proof of how the letters will look on your journey.

We produce the custom tire letter kits you want based on the information you provide. Tell us the message you want to see and we will send the letters. If you want to display the name of the tire on your vehicle, but the black letters are not very bold then NO PROBLEM! The letters are 1/16″ thick and are not affected by the textures below.

Each kit contains the individual rubber letters needed to write your tire. Also included is the patented instant adhesive that bonds our letters to your tire. Each custom tire letter kit completes a single tire. Tred Wear offers a superior alternative to tire paint pens and tire markers. Unlike tire painting, our letter kits will generally last the life of your tire.

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Please click on the “How To” tab at the top of this web page to view our new installation video for answers on proper installation.

Raised White Tire Lettering

The Letter kits are made of real rubber and have a thick. The texture on the tire will not affect them, and they have that REAL raised white letter tire look!

Super Low Pro Racing Tire Lettering Kit 0.75″, Regular Racing Tire Lettering Kit 1″, Mega Font Racing Tire Lettering Kit 1.3″, Mega Font Racing Lettering Kit from 1.5″ Your tires tell you all kinds of things. Manufacturer, model, size, weight classification, maximum speed, production date, direction of travel, recommended pressure… Some words may even seem to say that it is time to replace. On a modern tire, all this will be modified in the tire itself, black on black, but tires have not always looked like this. Look at pictures of old-school bikes and you’ll see all-white tires in the early days, then the classic whites. As time passes, the white walls largely disappear, with some white lettered tires taking their place. Most modern rubber is totally black, but some of today’s customizers are putting contrasting lettering on the tires.

Why did classic tires disappear, and what is the deal with the resurgence in tire letters? Like most motorcycling, the answers are a combination of engineering, style and design.

Motorcycle Tires With Raised White Letters

The story begins with John Boyd Dunlop, an Irish inventor who promoted pneumatic tires to improve his son’s tricycle. Other attempts at pneumatic tires predate Dunlop’s work, but his invention is called “the first practical pneumatic tire” or “the first commercially viable tire,” according to Dunlop’s corporate website. That is to say he was the first to get somewhere with the idea. Good clearance, solid rubber tires.

White Letter Goodyear Eagle # 1 Nascar

The first pneumatic tires were all white as a result of mixing natural rubber with zinc oxide to increase grip. Carbon black was later added to the tread part for better durability, leaving the sides white. While it was difficult to keep clean, wide white walls were in fashion for a while. Later, tastes changed to prefer carbon black on the side walls, too. The white walls became thinner until they disappeared entirely. The white layer still existed under the thin black rubber coating, which could be scuffed away to reveal the bright sidewall underneath.

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Some manufacturers have taken advantage of the black-over-white construction to highlight their branding. By molding raised text on the sidewall of white rubber, coating with black, and then removing the layer that covers the letters, the tire raised-white-letter was created.

In the same way that white walls were a style, raised white letter tires had a following, too. Tire companies, eager to advertise to motorsports fans, made sure their branding was clearly visible on sponsored cars. Look at some photos of old NASCAR races and you see the tire brand everywhere. (The same is true today.) Street tires also have the look, and have become especially popular with muscle cars, trucks, and performance motorcycles. If you have a motorcycle from the 1970s or 1980s, it might have worn some soft white tires like the Dunlop Qualifiers, K81s, or maybe some Bridgestones. (If I had an old muscle bike or a rad cruiser, I would absolutely shoot for this look.)

Tires with white embossed lettering basically disappeared on motorcycles about the same time that tubeless radial tires took over on road bikes. By the mid-1990s, flashy letters beyond the world of racing had largely gone, with a few exceptions such as trucks and classic cars. Was this the end of the era? Tire Stickers

Not even close. The white walls are still around, and so are the white letter tires! If you follow the custom bike scene, you’ve seen a resurgence in the use of white letters (or other colors!) in all kinds of builds. Building a good custom motorcycle means paying attention to all the details, and most customs use tires to make a statement or provide visual interest. That’s exactly what Mat and Sylwester of Eastern Spirit Garage did with some of their builds.

Adding that extra touch gives a racy, antique look to their projects, which usually look to the past for inspiration.

Tom Moose of Moose Motodesign took the idea in another direction. Just like tire sponsors splashed their branding on the sidewalls of race tires, Moose put the shop name on two custom Yamaha XV920 tires using some massive letters. Rather than the subtle touch of white on the Eastern Spirit constructions, Moose’s use of tire text makes a punchy, modern statement.

Motorcycle Tires With Raised White Letters

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