Ship’s Pole 5 Letters

Ship’s Pole 5 Letters – The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1917 is considered the last major expedition of the heroic era of Antarctic exploration. The expedition, conceived by Sir Ernest Shackleton, was the first attempt to cross the Antarctic continent. After Roald Amunds’ Antarctic expedition in 1911, the crossing remained, in Shackleton’s words, “a major goal of Antarctic travel.”

Shackleton served in the Antarctic on Discovery Expeditions from 1901 to 1904 and led the Nimrod Expedition from 1907 to 1909. In this new vision, he proposed sailing to the Weddell Sea and landing a shore party near Vassell Bay in preparation for a transcontinental march through the South Pole to the Ross Sea. Meanwhile, a support group, the Ross Sea Party, will set up camp in McMurdo Sound and from there a series of supply depots across the Ross Ice Shelf to the foot of Beardmore Glacier. These warehouses are critical to the survival of the Transcontinental Party, as the group will not be able to supply enough supplies for the tire crossing. The expedition required two ships: the Durrance, led by Shackleton, for the Weddell Sea party, and the Aurora, led by Eyas Mackintosh, for the Ross Sea party.

Ship’s Pole 5 Letters

Ship's Pole 5 Letters

Before reaching Wasser Bay, the Durrance was trapped in the ice of the Weddell Sea and drifted northward through the Antarctic winter of 1915, trapped in the ice floes. Ultimately, the ship was crushed and sank, leaving all 28 crew members aground on the ice. As the ice continued to drift north, the group arrived on the desolate, uninhabited island of Elephantine in a lifeboat after several months in a makeshift camp. Shackleton and five others made the 800-mile (1,300-kilometer) boat ride from James Caird to South Georgia. From there, Shackleton was eventually able to rescue the mrs waiting on Elephant Island and bring them home without loss of life. In 2022, the well-preserved wreck of Durrance was found on the seafloor.

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On the other side of the continent, the Ross Sea Party accomplished its mission against all odds. Aurora was blown away from her mooring in a high wind and was unable to return, leaving the shore party stranded without proper supplies or equipment. Still, the warehouse was put in place, but three people died before the party’s final rescue.

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Although Ernest Shackleton’s achievements received public acclaim after the Nimrod expedition of 1907-1909, the explorer did not settle down, with British ski pioneer Sir Harry Britton In his words, he became “a bit of a floating gt”.

By 1912, his future Antarctic plans depended on the results of Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova expedition, which left Cardiff in July 1910, and the Norwegian expedition led by Roald Almonds team. On March 11, 1912, news of Almonds’ conquest of the South Pole reached Shackleton, who responded: “The discovery of the South Pole will not be the end of the Antarctic exploration.”

On December 11, 1911, a German expedition led by Wilhelm Filchner set sail from South Georgia with the intention of going deep into the Weddell Sea and establishing a base from which he would cross the continent to the Ross Sea.

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However, Shackleton took note of his report of a possible landing site at Vassell Bay around 78 degrees latitude and incorporated it into his plans for the expedition.

In February 1913, word reached London that Scott and his companions had been killed while returning from Antarctica. Against this murky backdrop, Shackleton began to prepare for his planned trip.

He sought financial and practical support from the likes of Trigoff Glen and former Prime Minister Lord Rosebery of the Scott expedition, but neither received any help. Gran recoiled, and Rothbury bluntly said, “I never cared about a penny from the Poles.”

Ship's Pole 5 Letters

However, Shackleton was supported by William Spears Bruce, leader of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition from 1902 to 1904, who had harbored plans to cross the South Pole since 1908, but abandoned the project due to lack of funding. Bruce generously allowed Shackleton to adopt his plan,

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Although Shackleton’s announcement of the final plan does little for Bruce. On December 29, 1913, after securing his first pledge of financial support – a £10,000 grant from the British government – Shackleton disclosed his claim in a letter to The Times. plan.

Shackleton dubbed his new expedition the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition because he felt “not only the people of these islands, but our relatives on all lands under the British flag would be willing to assist in the execution of the . . . exploration program.”

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To arouse the interest of the general public, he published detailed plans in early 1914. The expedition consisted of two parties and two ships. The Weddell Sea team will continue on Durance to the Vahsel Bay area, where 14m will land and six of them will form a transcontinental team under Shackleton. With 69 dogs, two snowmobiles and equipment, the group “embodies all that the experience of leaders and their expert advisors has to offer”,

The 1,800-mile (2,900 km) journey will take you to the Ross Sea. The remaining eight Shore Party members will do scientific work, with three going to Graham Field, three to Derby Field, and two staying at Base Camp.

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The Ross Sea Party will establish a base in McMurdo Sound, across the mainland. After landing, they will lay supply depots on the transcontinental team’s route to Beardmore Glacier, where they hope to meet the team and assist it home. They will also make geological and other observations.

Shackleton estimates he needs £50,000 (currently worth £5,105,000) to execute the simplest version of his plan.

His fundraising method was to solicit donations from wealthy supporters, a process he began in early 1913 with little success at first.

Ship's Pole 5 Letters

In December 1913, the British government offered him £10,000 on the condition that he could raise the same amount from private sources.

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The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) gave him £1,000, which he had no expectations for – and according to Huntford, Shackleton told them in a grand gesture that he only needed to take half of the money .

In February 1914, the New York Times reported that a secret donation of $50,000 (about £10,000) had been made to playwright J. M. Barrie, a close friend of Scott, who became Shackleton later in his career. competitor. Over time, the donation was finally secured in the first half of 1914. Birmingham Small Arms’ Dudley Doc donated £10,000 and wealthy tobacco heiress Janet Stancombe-Wells donated a “huge” sum (amount not disclosed),

In June, Scottish industrialist Sir James Key Caird donated £24,000 (currently worth £2,450,000). Shackleton told The Morning News, “This magnificent gift has freed me from all my anxiety”.

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A 300-ton barqutine called Polaris, which was built for Belgian explorer Adri de Gerlache for his expedition to Spitsberg. The plan failed and the ship became available.

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For another £3,200 (now £327,000) he bought Douglas Mawson’s expedition ship Aurora, which is based in Hobart, Tasmania. This will act as a ship for the Ross Sea Party.

How much money Shackleton raised to cover the total cost of the expedition (later estimated by the Daily Mail to be around £80,000)

Not sure because the size of the Stancomb-Wills donation is unknown. Money has always been an issue for Shackleton, the fact that he halved the funds allocated to the Ross Sea Party as an economic measure, according to the party’s commander, Aeas McIntosh. Mackintosh only discovered it when he arrived in Australia to take up his job.

Ship's Pole 5 Letters

McIntosh was forced to haggle and plead for money and supplies to make his expedition viable.

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However, Shackleton has realized the revenue potential of the expedition. He sold exclusive newspaper rights to the Daily Chronicle and founded the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Film Group to capitalize on film rights.

According to legd, Shackleton ran an ad in a London newspaper saying: “M wants an adventurous journey. Low wages, severe cold, long periods of total darkness. Safe return is questionable. Honor and recognition of success .” A search for the original ad proved unsuccessful, and the story is often dismissed as fabricated.

Shackleton received more than 5,000 applications for the expedition, including a letter from “three athletic girls” who suggested they would “just like to wear men’s clothes” if their women’s attire was out of style.

Ultimately, the crew of the two divisions of the expedition was cut to 28 each, including William Bakewell, who joined the ship at Booth Ellis. His friend Perce Blackborow sneaked away when his application was rejected;

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One temporary crew member was Sir Daniel Gooch, grandson of rowing railway pioneer Daniel Gooch, who helped Shackleton as a dog handler at Last Mum and signed up for a capable seaman’s salary.

As his second-in-command, Shackleton chose Frank Wilder, with whom he had been on the Discovery and Nimrod expeditions, and was one of the southernmost parties in 1909.

Wilder just returned from Oceania in Mawson

Ship's Pole 5 Letters

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