Sigma Psi Zeta Letters

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Sigma Psi Zeta was officially founded at the State University of New York at Albany on March 23, 1994.

Sigma Psi Zeta Letters

Sigma Psi Zeta Letters

Our founding mothers noticed that none of the existing Greek letter organizations already established on campus could provide the community they sought. No existing organization can nurture sisterhood beyond the college experience while focusing on the unique needs of an emerging multicultural population. Our founders set out to meet the needs of this demographic by creating a new sisterhood.

Why Sigma? — Sigma Psi Zeta

Sigma Psi Zeta has since grown to embody the beliefs of our Founding Mothers. We have become a group that celebrates our commonalities as well as our unique cultural backgrounds and individual experiences. The events we participate in increase our awareness of the multitude of cultures that have contributed to our history. Our philanthropic work increases our understanding of the timeless struggles women of color face everywhere. We continue to pursue an end to violence against women in all its forms, especially in communities of color.

Our founding mothers created an organization that embraces the power of multicultural women to thrive in a world of challenging opportunities. Since then, the sisterhood has grown exponentially, developing leaders who have pledged to continue to uphold the foundational principles of the fellowship.

Our vision is to provide an international organization that brings together strong and independent womxn to create a network of pioneers and innovators that will serve as a catalyst for change.

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Our mission is to serve as a community of leaders, providing opportunities for women to exercise and develop professional and interpersonal skills for national philanthropy and cultural awareness and education.

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Our goals are to: 1) end violence against womxn, specifically womxn; 2) educate and advocate for the many cultures and heritages represented by our membership; 3) develop leaders and provide tools for personal, academic and professional success; 4) Lead and serve for the benefit of the organization and the community. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. By clicking “Accept All” you consent to the use of ALL cookies. However, you can visit Cookie Settings to provide controlled consent. Cookie Settings Accept All:

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Sigma Psi Zeta Letters

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