Smu Words 5 Letters

Smu Words 5 Letters – SMU is a diverse learning environment shaped by the convergence of ideas and cultures. How will your unique experiences or expertise improve the university and how will you benefit this community? (250 word limit)

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Smu Words 5 Letters

Smu Words 5 Letters

SMU attracts students for a variety of reasons. Briefly describe why you are interested in attending SMU and what specific factors led you to apply. (250 word limit)

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The essay demonstrates your ability to write clearly and concisely on a chosen topic and helps you recognize yourself in your own voice. What do you want readers of your application to know about you beyond courses, grades, and test scores? Choose the option that best helps you answer this question and write an essay of no more than 650 words, using the prompt to inspire and structure your answer. Remember: 650 words is your limit, not your goal. Use the full range if you need it, but don’t feel obligated to.

Some students have experiences, identities, interests or talents that are so significant that they feel their application would be incomplete without them. If this sounds like you, please share your story.

The lessons we learn from the obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Tell yourself about a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you and what did you learn from the experience?

Think of a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What made you think? What was the result?

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Think of something someone did for you that made you happy or grateful in a surprising way. How has this gratitude influenced or motivated you?

Discuss an achievement, event, or realization that prompted a period of personal growth and new understanding of yourself or others.

Describe a topic, idea, or concept that you find so engaging that you lose track of time. Why does it captivate you? What or who do you turn to when you want to learn more?

Smu Words 5 Letters

Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It could be one you’ve already written, one that answers a different prompt, or one of your own design.

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What will first-time readers think of your college essay? Join thousands of students getting and giving peer feedback on college essays – all for free! Bethany Bass drives a battered 2008 Kia Sorento. She likes to listen to rap music, and as a student at Southern Methodist University, she often rolls her Sorento through the tree-lined neighborhoods in and around University Park. When she began her studies at SMU, she says she was often followed by the university’s police department. Cops have never stopped her, she explains, but they have become an almost constant part of her trips to, from and around campus.

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“It was a reinforcement that I wasn’t allowed on campus,” she says. “Because I’m black and drive a broken-down car, I shouldn’t be here.”

Bass has an idea. By putting first an SMU sticker and then her Greek letters on her car, she decided she could signal to the cops that she really belonged here. It worked. The queue stopped; microaggressions did not. Like many other black SMU students or former students interviewed for this story, Bass recently took to Twitter to share what it’s like to be black at arguably Dallas’ most posh university. The students’ stories ranged from ostracism to casual racial slurs to outright hatred, including one instance where an anonymous member of the female community used the platform to explain why they didn’t like having black women in their group.

For the second time in five years, #BlackatSMU calls denounce a culture of racism and demand changes on campus. Some students are hoping change will finally happen at SMU and the Black Student Association is meeting with the university’s president, but some students aren’t holding their breath.

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“SMU was founded to appease white feelings in and around Dallas,” says Mariah White, a former SMU student. “Just look at the campus. The whole thing is literally so white and bright.

It started with a party. In late 2015, two fraternities advertised an event that called on students to: “Bring out your glitter, T-shirts and your inner thug.” The invitation to the party featured a photo of rapper Coley, a black man biting a chain. His sunglasses reflected a woman flashing wads of money. The fraternities hosting this party were, like SMU, overwhelmingly white.

That same semester, the app Yik Yak (think Twitter, but anonymous) was ablaze with vile messages about black students, including one that read, “You don’t fight, you just whine and complain to get more free crap from everyone stuck like every other black welfare queen” and another that read “Maybe black people should stop doing things to get killed by law enforcement.”

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Smu Words 5 Letters

It was Mariah White’s first semester at SMU. She chose the university because that’s where her mother got her MBA. Plus it was close and they have an environmental science program. She quickly discovered that it was not the best place for a student of color.

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“If I had been even remotely aware of how this part of Dallas felt about black people, I never would have gone to SMU,” she says. “It’s a terrible place to connect with your blackness.”

After the “thug” party and the firestorm of Yik Yak hate, students began sharing their #BlackatSMU experiences on Twitter. Some of the stories were overtly racist, like the aforementioned Greek group describing why they don’t like black women. Many of the other tweets focused on microaggressions that demonstrated what the students saw as a culture of racism. It wasn’t just SMU either. That fall, black students called for change everywhere from Stanford to the University of Missouri. While the #BlackatSMU movement began on Twitter, it soon escalated to campus rallies and a list of demands to SMU President R. Gerald Turner.

The demands include mandatory sensitivity training for all students, faculty and staff on campus, hiring a chief diversity and inclusion officer and increasing black student enrollment to 10 percent of the student population. An SMU representative said the university responded to the requests by partially implementing a diversity training program called cultural intelligence, or “[email protected]”

“[email protected] provides resources, skills and knowledge to help the campus community communicate more effectively and authentically and collaborate across cultural backgrounds,” the representative shared via email. “SMU was founded to appease white feelings in and around Dallas… Just look at the campus. The whole thing is literally so white and bright. – Mariah White, former SMU student. tweet this

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Huge portions of the SMU population are required to go through this diversity training, including all first-year students and all incoming courses and adjunct faculty. In addition, voluntary implicit bias training is offered monthly to everyone on campus, and SMU police officers receive regular training in areas such as cultural diversity, bias, de-escalation and ethics.

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A better response, says White, would be to engage in anti-racism, the active process of identifying and destroying racist practices and structures throughout our society.

In the past, SMU has received millions of dollars in donations from the Koch brothers, the same duo who paid untold sums of cash to thwart progress on climate change and help elect a racist, sexist rapist to the presidency of the United States.

Smu Words 5 Letters

And there remains the issue of representation on campus. Recent figures show the percentage of ethnic minority students rose from 26 per cent in 2015 to 29 per cent in 2019. A university spokesperson said enrollment of students who identify with “two or more races” has increased from 41 in 2010 to 270 in 2020 , but SMU remains far from meeting the 10 percent demand outlined by #BlackatSMU activists in 2015. In fact, the percentage of black students has dropped from 4.6 percent in 2015 .to 4.4 percent in 2019. But it’s not just college students. Bass believes the university should hire more black professors and black admissions counselors.

Savf Council Of Federated Organizations (cofo) Papers (social Action Vertical File, Circa 1930 2002; Archives Main Stacks, Mss 577, Box 16, Folder 5)

“If SMU wants to reflect the diversity of Dallas, they need to reflect that diversity in every part of campus,” she says.

Bass says she shared her story of police harassment when she saw other black students sharing their ordeals on Twitter. In an interview, she recounted how she often felt out of place on campus.

“Microaggressions are part of everyday life,” she says. “We were reading Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye in one of my classes and no one wanted to talk about the portrayal of racism in it. The professor didn’t even address him. There’s a culture on campus where the white narrative is the right narrative.”

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, junior Abena Marfo, president of the African Student Association, shared a similar experience.

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“We still feel uncomfortable in almost every single class and like outsiders in ours

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