Swan Lake Piano Notes Letters

Swan Lake Piano Notes Letters – If you are looking for a way to learn to play the piano that will allow you to get quick results, I am happy to offer you this new but proven method.

The advantage of this method is its simplicity. Thanks to that, it will come in handy regardless of your current skills, abilities or age.

Swan Lake Piano Notes Letters

Swan Lake Piano Notes Letters

This method is playing with our improved letter notes. Thanks to that you will start playing songs very quickly and easily. Even in one day!

Sakura Sakura’ (cherry Blossoms) Sheet Music For Piano (solo)

Now is your chance to take advantage of the special offer. It is a set in which you will find everything you need to learn how to play effectively. Thanks to it you can start playing the keyboard in just one day.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this special offer. I wish you success in learning to play the piano!

You can start playing with just your right hand and then join in with the individual sounds using your left hand. When you get good at it, you’ll start playing chords with your left hand.

If you want to learn how to play like the examples above, keep reading!

Easy Piano Songs You Should Learn First

It is a perfect solution for beginners. It allows you to start playing your favorite songs almost immediately and enjoy playing the piano.

Our specially prepared notes allow you to gradually improve technique and enter ever higher levels of keyboard playing.

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Lyrics notes for 91 songs in 6 different categories (For Different Occasions, International, Classical Music, Christmas Songs, Folk & Classical, Children’s Songs).

Swan Lake Piano Notes Letters

You’ll also receive recordings of these 91 songs, a chord chart, and a guide to learning how to play the piano using Letter Notes in just one day. You will receive all materials immediately after placing the order, to the email address provided

Free Sheet Music


You will receive recordings of up to 91 songs. Recorded songs are based on the exact same lyric notes that you will receive. You can listen to the sample recordings above in the “What does it look like in practice?”

Song recordings are divided into 6 different thematic categories, the same as Lyric Notes. Preparing such a large number of recordings was very laborious, but listening to the song before learning it will make it easier for you to play it correctly.

Contains major and minor chords. Those are all the chords you’ll need to play with our sheet music. Thanks to it, you will start playing with both hands without any difficulty. How to play with both hands? You will learn that from our guide which can also be found in the set.

Sheet Music Cover Letter Essay Writing, Mountain Pepper, Angle, Text, Essay Png

The guide is divided into two parts. One of them is “The Basics of Learning to Play the Keyboard”

From which you’ll learn things like the names of the sounds and their placement on the keyboard, and you’ll also learn to read our letter notes for both hands.

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The second part is “Learn to play in 3 steps” from which you will easily learn what is the 3 steps or tilt to play the keyboard. The guide will take you from a complete beginner to a beautiful, correct two-handed piano player.

Swan Lake Piano Notes Letters

It contains only the essential and important information. Everything you need to know is described simply and concisely on 2 A4 pages. So that your focus is only on the game, not on the theory.

Amazon.com: Baston Piano Keyboard Stickers For Beginners 61/54/49/37 Keys

If there’s anything in our set you don’t like, you’ll get a 100% refund of the money you paid.

You don’t need to give any reason. An email with information about the willingness to return to my email address: [email protected] within 90 days of receipt.

We know the quality, usability of the product and customer reviews, which is why we can afford such a high satisfaction guarantee.

Chart notes are intended primarily for beginners. You don’t need any basic knowledge to start playing the keyboard from our Notes.

Sheet Music Violin Moon River Song, A Breakfast Medley, Angle, White, Text Png

Everything you need to know to start playing the keyboard can be found in our guide, which is attached to the set

They will also be useful if you already know the basics of playing the keyboard and want to improve your skills. Our Letter Notes allow you to quickly learn how to play many new songs, if, for example, you’ve only played by ear or one-handed.

Thanks to the 3 Letter Notes difficulty levels, you can gradually improve the quality and technique of your game by adding new elements.

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Swan Lake Piano Notes Letters

There is often a pattern in songs: verse + chorus, and almost always in our Notes you can find both a verse and a chorus.

Reading Piano Notes, Timing And Dynamics

Sometimes, especially with classical pieces, the whole piece is very long, or sometimes very difficult; then we choose the longest possible fragment of the piece that is most suitable for beginners.

Are these letter notes also suitable for a piano? Are they suitable for other instruments, such as the flute?

They are also suitable for other instruments, which use the most popular sound names: C, D, E, F, G, A, H. Therefore, they are suitable for instruments such as flute or cymbals.

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