Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor – (137) Wei, J.; Liu, M.; You, X.; Zhang, S.; Sun, E.; Shan, C; Wojtas, L.; Shi, X.* “Facile synthesis of various hetero polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) via the styryl Diels-Alder reaction of conjugated diynes” Org. Chem. Forward.

(136) Tang, Q.; Li, S.; You, X.; Teng, Y.; Zhao, K.; He, Y.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Richardson, D., Lan, Y.*; Shi, X.*”Design and Synthesis of Stable Four-Coordinated Benzotriazole-Borane with Tunable Fluorescence Emission” Chem. Sci.

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

(135) You, X.; Wang, C.; Zhang, S.; Tang, Q.; Wojtas, L.; Li, M.*; Shi, X.* “Chiral Hemilabile P,N-Ligands Assisted Gold Redox Catalysis of Enantioselective Alkene Aminoarylation”Chem. Eur. J.

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(134) Wang, Z.; You, X.; Jin, M.; Tang, Q.; Fan, S.; Song, Z.*; Shi, X.*”4-Aminobenzotriazole (ABTA) as a Removable Directing Group for Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative C–H Olefination” Org. Lett. 2022, 24, 3107. (PDF)

(133) He, Y.; Liu, M.; Teng, S.; Wojtas, L.; Gu, G.; Shi, X.*”Synthesis and characterization of fluorescence active G4-quartet and direct analysis of self-association defects in emission” Chin. Chem. Lett. 2022, 03, 007. (PDF)

(132) Dong, G.; You, X.; Wang, S.; Li, W.; Cai, R.; Du, L.; Shi, X*.; Li, M*.”Au-24 as a potential thioredoxin reductase inhibitor in hepatocellular carcinoma cells” Pharmacol. Res. 2022, 106113. (PDF)

(131) Li, J.; He, Y.; Zou, Y.; Yan Y.; Song, Z.; Shi, X*. “Achieving a stable COF with a combination of flat and twisted large complex filters for selective gas adsorption and separation” Chin.

Examining Gender Imbalance In Chemistry Authorship

(130) He, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, M.; Zhao, K.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Guo, H.; Ding, A.; Shi, X.* “Synthesis of microporous hydrogen-bonded supramolecular organic frameworks through guanosine self-assembly”

(129) Jia, T.; Fan, S.; Li, F.; You, X.; Zhang, W.; Song, Z.*; Shi, X.* “Achieving Aliphatic Amine Addition to Arylalkynes via a Lewis Acid Assisted Triazole-Gold (TA-Au) Catalyst System”

(128) Zhao, K.; He, Y.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Ren, J.; Yan, Y.; Shi, H.; Wang, H.; Song, Z.*; Shi, X.* “Construction of Stable Helical Metal-Organic Frameworks with a Conformationally Rigid “Concave Ligand”

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

(127) Liu, M.; He, Y.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Ghiviriga, I.; Fathalla, O.; Yan, Y.; Li, X.; Shi, X.* “Anion Mediated, Tunable Isoguanosine Self-Assemblies: Decoding the Conformation Influence and Solvent Effect”

Wanbin’s Lab Publication

(126) Yuan, T.; Tang, Q.; Shan, C.; You, X.; Wang, J.; Zhao, P.; Wojtas, L.; Hadler, N.; Chen, H.; Shi, X.* “Alkyne Trifunctionalization via Divergent Gold Catalysis: Integrating pi-Acid Activation, Vinyl-Gold Addition, and Redox Catalysis”

(125) Zhang, S.; You, X.; Wojtas, L.; Hao, W.; Shi, X.* “Electrochemical gold redox catalysis for selective oxidative arylation”

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(124) Wang, Y.; Zheng, L.; Shi, X.* and Chen, Y. “1, 3-Difunctionalization of B-Alkyl Nitroalkenes via Combination of Lewis Base Catalysis and Radical Oxidation”

(123) Li, J.; He, Y.; Wang, L.; Li, G.; Zou, Y.; Yan, Y.; Li, D.; Shi, X.; Song, Z.; Shi, X. “Construction of fluorescence active MOFs with symmetrical and conformationally rigid N-2-aryl-triazole ligands” RSC Adv. 2020,

Kinetic Characterization And Phosphoregulation Of The Francisella Tularensis 1 Deoxy D Xylulose 5 Phosphate Reductoisomerase (mep Synthase)

(122) Zhang, Y.; He, Y.; Wojtas, L.; Shi, X.*; Guo, H.* “Construction of Supramolecular Organogel with Circularly Polarized Luminescence by Self-Assembled Guanosine Octamer”

(121) Li, Z.; Lin, Y.; Song, H.; Qin, X.; Yu, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Dong, G.; Li, X.; Shi, X.; Du, L.; Zhao, W.; Li, M. “The first small-molecule PROTACs for G protein-coupled receptors: inducing a1A-adrenergic receptor degradation”

(120) Zhao, K.; He, Y.; Shan, C.; Ren, J.; Wojtas, L.; Wang, L.; Li, G.; Song, Z.*; Shi, X.* “”Orthogonal-Twisted-Arm” Ligands for the Construction of Metal-Organic Frameworks: New Topology and Catalytic Reactivity”

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

(119) Zhang, X.; Ren, G.*; He, Z.; Yang, W.; Li, H.; Wang, Y.; Pan, Q.*; Shi, X.* “Luminescent detection of Cr(VI) and Mn(VII) based on a stable supramolecular organic framework”

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(118) You, X.; Wang, C.; Zhang, S.; Wei, J.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Xie, Y.; Shi, X.* “Promoting Ir-Catalyzed C-H Alkynylation by Electrochemistry: Anodic Oxidation Induced Reductive Elimination” ACS Catal.

(116) Wei, C.; He, Y.; Wang, J.; You, X.; Wojtas, L.; Shi, X.* “Hexafluoroisopropanol-Promoted Disulfidation and Diselenation of Alkyne, Alkene, and Allene.”

(115) Li, X.; You, X.; Wei, C.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Wang, Q.*; Shi, X.* “Diazo Activation with Diazonium Salts: Synthesis of Indazole and 1, 2, 4-Triazole.”

(114) Yuan, T.; You, X.; Zhao, P.; Teng, S.; Yi, Y.; Wang, J.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Jean, J.; Chen, H.; Shi, X.* “Regioselective Crossed Aldol Reactions under Mild Conditions via Synergistic Gold-Iron Catalysis.”

New One Pot Methods For Preparation Of Cyclohexanecarbonitrile—green Chemistry Metrics Evaluation For One Pot And Similar Multi Step Syntheses

(113) Li, J.; He, Y.; Wang, L.; Pan, Q. H.; Song, Z.; Shi, X.* “Design and Synthesis of Photoluminescent Active Interpenetrating Metal-Organic Frameworks Using N-2-Aryl-1, 2, 3-Triazole Ligands.”

(112) Wang, J.; Wei, C.; Li, X.; Zhao, P.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Chen, H.; Shi, X.* “Gold Redox Catalysis with Selenium cation as a Mild Oxidant.”

(111) He, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wojtas, L.; Akhmedov, N.; Pan, Q.; Guo, H.; Shi, X.* “Reversed Cation Selectivity of G8-Octamer and G16-Hexadecamer towards Monovalent and Divalent Cations”

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Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

(110) Qin, X.; Ma, Z.; Yang, X.; Hu, S.; Chen, X.; Liang, D.; Lin, X.; Shi, X.; Du, L.; Li, M.* “Discovery of Environmentally-Sensitive Fluorescent Agonists for a1-Adrenergic Receptors”

Plagiarism And Data Falsification In The Literature

(109) Peng, X.; Hu, Z.; Zhang, J.; Ning, W.; Zhang, S.; Acting, C.; Shi, X.*; Zhou, H.* “Construction of a benzofuranone library via metal-free, one-pot intermolecular condensation, and its use as effective estrogen receptor β modulators”

(108) You, X.; Zhao, P.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Q.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, X.; Guo, H.*; Chen, H.*; Shi, X.* “Promoting Gold Redox Catalysis by Electrochemistry: An Efficient Chemical-Oxidant-Free Approach”

(107) Jimmy, A.; Hosseini, S.; You, X.; Wojtas, L.; Hu, Y.*; Shi, X.* “Gold redox catalysis for cyclization/arylation of allylic oximes: synthesis of isoxazoline derivatives”

(106) Wei, C.; You, X.; Xing, Q.; Hu, Y.;* Xie, Y.;* Shi, X.* “Synergistic palladium/enamine catalysis for asymmetric hydrocarbon functionalization of unsaturated alkenes with ketones”

Elsevier Bv Bibliometric Report

(105) He, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wojtas, L.; Akhmedov, N. G.; Thai, D.; Wang, H.; Li, X.; Guo, H.*; Shi, X.* “Construction of cross-linked G-octamer through conformational control: stable G-quadruplex in H-bond competing solvents”

(104) Lai, Q.; Liu, Q.; Zhao, K.; Shan, C.; Wojtas, L.; Zheng, Q.; Shi, X.;* Song, Z.* “Rational design and synthesis of yellow-light emitting triazole fluorophores with AIE and mechanochromic properties”

(102) Lai, Q.; Liu, Q.; He, Y.; Zhao, K.; Wei, C.; Wojtas, L.; Shi, X.;* Song, Z.* “Triazole-imidazole (TA-IM) emerges as an efficient fluorescent probe for selective Ag+ detection”

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

(101) Li, P.; Zhao, J.; Shi, L.; Wang, J.; Shi, X.;* Li, F.* “Iodine Catalyzed Diazo Activation to Access Radical Reactivity”

Application Of Ring Closing Metathesis To The Formal Total Synthesis Of (+)−fr900482

(100) You, X.; Peng, H.; Wei, C.; Teng, Y.; Wojtas, L.; Shi, X.;* “Gold-Catalyzed Oxidative Coupling of Alkynes towards the Synthesis of Cyclic Conjugated Diynes”

(99) Zhang, F.; Lai, Q.; Shi, X.;* Song, Z.* “Triazole-Gold (TA-Au) Catalyzed Three-Component Coupling (A3 reaction) towards Synthesis of 2, 4-Disubstituted Quinoline Derivatives”

(98) Wang, J.; Zhang, S.; Xu, C.; Wojtas, L, ; Akhmedov, N. G.; Chen, H.;* Shi, X.* “Highly Efficient and Stereoselective Thioallylation of Alkynes: A Potential Gold Redox Catalysis Without the Need for a Strong Oxidant”

(97) Motika, S. E.; Shi, X.* “Synthesis and Application of a Novel Bis-1, 2, 3-Triazole Ligand Containing a 2, 2′-Bipyrrolidine Core”

The Vannieuwenhze Group: Indiana University Bloomington

(96) Lei, X.; Zheng, L.; Zhang, C.; Shi, X.;* Chen, Y.* “Allylic C-S Bond Construction via Metal-Free Direct Nitroalkene Sulfonation”

(95) Lu, M.; Su, Y.; Zhao, P.; You, X.; Cai, Y.; Shi, X.;* Masson, E.;* Li, F.; Campbell, J.L.; Chen, H.* “Direct Evidence for the Origin of Bis-Gold Intermediates: Investigating Gold Catalysis by Mass Spectrometry”

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(94) You, X.; Wang, J.; Ding S.; Hosseini, S.; Wojtas, L.; Akhmedov, N. G.; Shi, X.* “Research on Gold-Catalyzed Thioalkyne Activation Toward Facile Synthesis of Ketene Dithioacetals”

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

(93) Dong, B.; Peng, H.; Motika, S.; Shi, X.* “Gold Redox Catalysis through Base Initiated DiazoniumDecomposition towards Alkene, Alkyne and Allene Activation”

What Deep Log Analysis Tells Us About The Impact Of Big Deals: Case Study Ohiolink

(92) Smith, C. A.; Motika, S. E.; Wojtas, L.; Shi, X.* “Finding Alternative Reaction Pathways of the Intermolecular Condensation between Homo-Propargyl Alcohols and Terminal Alkynes through Divergent Gold Catalysis”

(91) Basanta-Sanchez, M.; Wang, R.; Liu, Z.; You, X.; Li, M.; Shi, X.; Agris, P. F.; Zhou, Y.; Huang, Y.*; Sheng, J.* “TET1-Mediated Oxidation of 5-Formylcytosine (5fC) to 5-Carboxycytosine (5caC) in RNA”

(90) Cai, R.; You, X.; Day, Q.; He, Q.; He, Y.; Ma, S.*; Shi, X.* “Anchoring Triazole-Gold(I) Complex into Porous Organic Polymer to Increase Stability and Reactivity of Gold(I) Catalyst”

(89) Hosseini, S.; Smith, C. A.; Shi, X.* “Gold-Catalyzed Vinyl Ether Hydroalkynylation: An Alternative Method for the Gold-Catalyzed Intermolecular Reaction of Alkenes and Alkynes”

Morphoanatomical And Biochemical Factors Associated With Rice Resistance To The South American Rice Water Weevil, Oryzophagus Oryzae (coleoptera: Curculionidae)

(88) Motika, S. E.; Wang, Q.; Akmendov, N. G.; Wojtas, L.; Shi, X.* “Regioselective Amine-Borane Cyclization: Towards the Synthesis of 1, 2-BN-3-cyclohexene via Copper Assisted Triazole Gold Catalysis”

(87) Yang, Y.; Hu, W.; You, X.; Wang, D.*; Shi, X.* “Preparation of Triazole Gold(III) Complex as an Effective Tool for the Synthesis of E-alfa-Haloenones”

(86) Peng, H.; Cai, R.; Chang, X.;Chen, H.*; Shi, X.* “Nucleophile Promoted Gold Redox Catalysis with diazonium: C-Br, C-S and C-P Bond Formation via Catalytic Sandmeyer Coupling”

Tetrahedron Letters Impact Factor

(85) You, X.; Xu, C.; Wojtas, L.; Akhmedov, N.;Chen, H.*; Shi, X.* “Silver-Free Palladium-Catalyzed sp3 and sp2 C-H Alkynylation Promoted by 1, 2, 3-Triazole Amine Directing Group”

S2.0 S0040403913016924 Main

(84) Thummanapelli, S.; Hosseini, S.; Su, Y.; Akhmedov, N.; Shi, X.* “Ligand-Controlled Goldl-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization of 1, n-Enyne Esters towards Synthesis of Dihydronaphthalene”

(83) Hosseini, S.; Wojtas, L.; Li, M.; Shi, X.* “Intermolecular Homopropargyl Alcohol Addition to Alkyne and a Sequential 1, 6-Enyne Cycloisomerization with Triazole-Gold Catalyst”

(82) Yang, Y.; Qin, A.; Zhao, K.; Wang, D.*; Shi, X.* “Design and Synthesis of Alanine Triazole Ligands and Use in Promotion of Hydration, Allene Synthesis and

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