Twenty One Pilots Clancy Letters

Twenty One Pilots Clancy Letters – During the hiatus between Blurryface and Trench, a website with a website and concept story for Trench was posted.

On April 21, 2018, Reddit user jakedello, found a URL hidden in a GIF on the Vessel page in the Twenty One Pilots store. The URL, led to a page that read:

Twenty One Pilots Clancy Letters

Twenty One Pilots Clancy Letters

404 ER_ROR violated the rule. They don’t have to know you’re here. No one should find out about this. you will never tell anyone about this — For the sake of others’ survival, you must keep this quiet. We MUST be silent. no one can. no one can. no o ne cn ow_ (Violation Code. 15398642_14)

The Funniest Tweets About The Twenty One Pilots ‘clancy’ Theory

A static frame from the GIF on the web store also revealed a lot of URLs. /found was found after, and /clancy.html was found by combining multiple frames. Between /found and /specified was a block of 9 dots, the lower right dot separated from the others by an underscore. These dots relate to Blurryface cover songs, and their track numbers, 1, 5, 3, 9, 8, 6, 4, 2, and 14. These numbers are the same as the violation code found on Entering this code into the URL generated

At this URL, many images were found, as well as text that revealed details about a character named Clancy, and his struggle with Dema.

On June 30, 2018, a few more photos were added, along with an audio clip, which when played back revealed Tyler Joseph saying “We’re Banditos”. Additionally, the file name of this audio clip was 2018_514_3_8.m4a. If these numbers are given letters, they spell TR_EN_C_H, the name of the album.

On July 5 and July 6, 2018, additional images, characters and GIFs were added, this time highlighting the color yellow as important to the season.

Dear Follow Gym Goer, I Am Writing This Letter To You To

On July 8, 2018 photo and book were added. This was the last update before “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners” were released.

On January 22, 2019, the day Chlorine’s music video was released, a book was added. Clancy explained and returned to Dema and was confused as to where he was from.

Friday, April 2, 2021 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time, the website changed again. At the top, a line of text appeared that read “//Cutting Files…”, followed by an ever-changing file name. The entire site is defaced using a line of code, turning the page black and turning all images black. A progress bar also appeared.

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Twenty One Pilots Clancy Letters

The first post on the website was a photo of a typewritten journal from someone named Clancy. On the side of this page were the words written in pen that said, WESTERN LOVE IS BLOCKED UP EAST. Posted under 988 06MOON 18, which is Josh Dun’s birthday (June 18, 1988)

What Does

CLANCY_S JOURNAL The mysteries of the Dema horizon did not dawn on me until my ninth year. That’s when I started thinking about things, and decided what kind of vision I wanted my life to have. Naturally, to strengthen my hope, I looked away from the world that had cultivated me, this time with a new awareness of the obstacle that my youthful ignorance had allowed me to ignore. Was it there all along? How could I not see something so obvious? I am reminded of the time every day, as the vision directly collides with the unique hope of my future. As a child, I looked at Dema in wonder, today, I suffer from frustration, as I spend every day squinting my eyes to see the top of the wall that has put us here. It was my ninth year when I found out that Dema was not my home. This city, after all this time, was my trap. Before I knew it, I was deeply in love with Dema. There was a beautiful building in the city that put my worries to rest. Roads and terrain were reliable, and the day’s responsibilities seemed accomplished with little effort. Once the work was taught and understood, we enjoyed our ability to complete our responsibilities on time, and felt secure in the knowledge that tomorrow’s tasks would be accomplished in the same manner. We all worked to represent our bishop with respect, and we knew that every citizen in our district shared the same commitment to consistency. Keons demonstrated the spirit of this devotion. Of the nine bishops of Dema, Keons was respected as steadfast and forthright, with the ability to achieve a focus that was rare for many in our region. We all loved him, and felt honored to be citizens of his county. While we heard the brutal military force of other bishops, Keons had as good a character as anyone I have ever met, and we were all proud to serve. – Clancy

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The book says, “the mysteries of the Dema horizon did not come to me until my ninth year.” The band was founded in 2009, so their ninth year is 2018.

This month marks Tyler’s birthday (December 1, 1988). This post was an image titled ba_dge.jpg and appears to have the FPE logo at the bottom, and the following text.

This month marks the release of the album titled, Twenty One Pilots. This photo is of some of the vultures in the Tower of Silence with the caption d_e_ath__eat_E_rz.

Why Not Dream Big?

This month marks the release of Regional at Best. This image is from a cropped image of the mathematician Andre Weil, as part of a group of mathematicians called the Bourbaki group, introduced the mathematical symbol “∅” which was widely used by the Twenty One Pilots instead of the letter “O”. The first photo of Andre Weil shows him standing next to a child. The child, whose identity is unknown, is the one shown in the cut version on Dmaorg. This file was called se__elf.jpg

This month means the release of the ship. This entry is for a large map of what is thought to be Dema. The first version of the file stored on the website also had a hidden compass. This corner also featured the logo of Dema and “Holy Municipality of Dema – United Vialists”. This has since been changed to leave the torn top left corner, with no hidden compass. In the center of the map, which is believed to be based on the tower of peace, are 9 circles, each with a name. These are (left to right, row by row) ANDRE, LISBEN, KEONS, NICO, REISDRO, SACARVER, NILLS, VETOMO, LISTO. These nine represent bishops, Clancy referring several times in his writing to a bishop named Keons. The lyrics appear to be derived from Blurryface’s lyrics; e.g. AND repeat yesterday’s dance, LIVE TOMORROW without NICO and LISBEN, with the lyrics “Stressed Out” and “Polarize” respectively changed by one letter; i.e. “When I’m Old…” “THE FEEL IS DENYING…” The new version of the map posted after the change (with the torn corner) corrects LISBEN’s name to read LISDEN.

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Sev_ering__tiez get out. comAs is false. they don’t control you. Get out. the compass is false. They don’t control you. Get out. campus lIS. The U.S. authorities get out. comPass is fake. they don’t control you.

Twenty One Pilots Clancy Letters

This month marks the day of the Grammy Awards ceremony where Twenty One Pilots were the winners. This image shows the yellow lines and symbols corresponding to 018 07MOON 01.

From Capetown To Ladysmith [microform]

This month refers to the day the Hiatus began. This photo was another letter from Clancy with the following text. A few letters were missing and are in brackets. These missing letters mean “you’re still asleep”

Calling Dema my home has never felt more accurate. Dema, for me, was simply a place I had been, or, a ‘place’ they put me. I have heard stories about the idea[a] of “home. , ” and its portrayal has always been warm[r]ed by [e]story writers. [T]here was love[i]c ownership of the p[l]ace they lived in that I loved, but could never relate to. This place, my p[l]ace, however, lacks the love and wonder that old stories tell. But somewhere between the arrangement of the instrument and the [p]ne-recis[i]on of Dema, there is a hum of wonder. It is this quiet wonder where my mind tends to get lost. This hope of discovery alone gave birth to a new version of me; A better version, hopefully, will find a way to hear beyond these great walls. – Clancy 017 07MOON 16

This entry is a GIF of a cheetah with the filename 3lurr.gif. The following characters appear in successive frames:

Typing out the letters “NICO NICO” reveals “YOU STILL KNOW HIS REAL NAME DO U?”, while revealing the name Nico, who is thought to be Blurryface.

Twenty One Pilots — Say Hi To The World’s Biggest Small Band

This entry is a small toned image of people looking over a cliff. These are later revealed to be the Banditos from the “Jumpsuit” music video. The photo had the following caption.

The day (July 17, 2017) was the day of the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards. In the show,

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