The Screwtape Letters Study Guide Pdf

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The Screwtape Letters Study Guide Pdf

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide Pdf

CS Lewis’ satirical masterpiece on the modern temptations of Hell and technology and Heaven’s response. “CS Lewis is the ideal persuader for the half-convinced, the good man who wants to be a Christian but his intellect is getting in the way.” – The New York Times Book Review

Theatre For The Soul

What if Hell was organized as a demonic bureaucracy with administrators and field agents? Meet Screwtape, upper management and Uncle Wormwood, a field agent tempter assigned to save a human patient forever. There’s no love in hell, but Screwtape manages to guide and take care of his nephew.

In a series of letters, Screwtape offers young Satan advice and action on the finer points of temptation, human weaknesses and failures, and the disaster of his patient becoming a Christian. Although this certainly complicates things, two unusual creatures won’t let that stop them.

From this very bleak perspective, CS Lewis digs into human nature, revealing some interesting, and sometimes embarrassing, trends. Touching on everything from vanity to the “foolishness” of God’s love for humanity, Screwtape imparts his evil wisdom to Wormwood. Although his mirror is to humanity, warped and torn, it still reflects painfully. Wit and parody mask a more serious analysis of what ticks the man off. And the reader needs to think, it will teach each of us how to resist the temptation and encouragement of the enemy!

Your Pre-Reading Activities: Learn about Satan in scripture, art, literature, and music. Satan’s artistic self-concept. Bible study on the temptation of Jesus. Watch interviews of veterans from the Battle of WWII, Britain.

The Screwtape Letters

Literary techniques include: epistolary novel, epigraphs, parody, extended metaphor, allusion, death, suffering, anxiety, fear and anxiety, antonyms, synonyms, aphorism, dramatic irony, understanding, descriptive language.

Moral Lessons and Character Values: Modern Philosophy, Materialism, Forgiveness, Church, Hopes and Disappointments, Sin, Hard Needs, Trials, Growth, Friendship, Sin, Human Laughter and Humor, Humility, Anger, Simple Joys and Gratitude, Foot Pressure. Marriage and love, pride, danger.

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Activities and Writing Assignments: Research Biography, Prayer Writing, Position Paper on Christianity, Christ Image Collage, Poem Writing, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poem Analysis, Nursing Home Field Trip, Group Discussion on Pacifism, Prayer and Study Partners , thanksgiving service , compare damaged and intentional, memory verses project, critical report on criticism, interview, presentation on culture, biblical marriage, sacred music, Quakers, social issues, fate and destiny review, poems about death or Songs, complete articles such as Patient Analysis, Faith, Timeline, Humanity, Historical Connections to Scripture, Twisted Reality, Physical vs. Spiritual, Compare and Contrast, Women vs. Men, Maps in Screwtape Letters, Church, Forgiveness, CS Lewis’s Other Research papers at work, literary symbolism, activities such as acting, writing and performing a play, writing a letter of your own, self-analysis.

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide Pdf

We include a comprehensive reading list of more books by the same author(s) and other books related to, or similar to, The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. Introduction Originally published in The Guardian from 2 May to 28 November 1941, Lewis conceived the Screwtape letters on the evening of 20 July 1941. He heard a broadcast speech by Hitler and later wrote to his brother Warren: I am Dan. . I don’t know if I’m weaker than other people, but it’s a positive revelation for me that when the speech continues, it’s impossible not to just faint a little. Lewis went on to explain that he had an idea for a book that he thought would be useful and entertaining. It will be called As One Satan Two and will contain letters from an elderly retired Satan to a young Satan who has just started work on his 1st.

Pdf) Introduction: The Life Of C. S. Lewis

2 The first patient. This idea also gives all the psychology of the test from another perspective. This reversal, whereby God becomes the enemy and our Father’s house is not heaven but hell, is crucial to understanding the Screwtape letters and is also part of much of its power. All questions of the Christian faith are accepted from the perspective of a devil who wants to undermine this faith and capture the soul of the patient. This fundamental shift allows Lewis to reveal, as the patient goes through one ordeal after another, both the need to maintain a virtue and the true nature of the forces of darkness to destroy it. for the. Screwtape Letters was greeted with great critical and popular enthusiasm when it first appeared. This book was reprinted eight times in 1942. Contemporary commentators have written that Lewis is obsessed with his belief in demons, and anxious to expose his tactics against spirits as our intelligence department seeks to discover Hitler’s designs (The Guardian, 13 March 1942). And Mr. Lewis has a rare gift. Making Truth Readable (New Statesman and Nation, May 16, 1942). The Saturday Review (17 April 1943) called it an admirable, transformative, and remarkably original work, a brilliant and satisfying novel in the dark sky of satire. The Screwtape Letter is hailed as both a masterpiece of literature and a powerful exploration of the Christian faith. Discussion Questions 1. Much of the appeal of The Screwtape Letters derives from Lewis’s initial reversal of the original: to tell a story about the Christian faith not from a Christian perspective but from the perspective of a demon trying to save Dam. Doing- 2.

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3 nations of a human soul. Why is this strategy so effective? Does this allow Lewis to accomplish what would have been impossible with a more direct approach? 2. In the first of Screwtape’s letters, he instructs Wormwood not to try to win the patient’s soul through reason, but rather by focusing on the flow of immediate sense experiences (p. 2). Why is immersion in real-life details fertile ground for temptation? Why is reasoning a dangerous strategy for employing demons? Where else do you see this opposition between the particular and the universal between materialism and spiritual belief? 3. While Screwtape allows that war is entertaining and provides a legitimate and pleasant refreshment for countless of our toiling workers, (p. 18) he fears that if we are not careful, we will put thousands of people in this misery. We will see turning towards the enemy. Among the thousands who do not go that far, their attention is diverted from themselves to causes they consider superior to themselves (p. 19). Why will the effect of war? How does war change human consciousness in a way unfit for trial? How would you relate Lewis’ own experience in WWI, which apparently confirmed his youthful atheism, to his position on the Screwtape letter? 4. Explaining the difference between how God and Satan view humans, Screwtape says: We want cattle that can eventually become food. He wants recruits who can eventually do 3

They had 4 sons (p. 30). What is it about God’s relationship with man that makes screw tape so imperceptible? 5. Why is Screwtape so happy when the patient befriends a group of people who are rich, smart, superficially wise, and enlightened about everything in the world? (p. 37). What effect do screw tapes hope to have on them? Why did they fight against God? In what ways does Lewis combine ideological and social satire in this and other passages of The Screwtape Letters? 6. The screw tape convinces Wormwood that although some ancient writers, such as Boethius, may reveal powerful secrets to mankind, they are rendered powerless from a historical perspective, which makes such writers not sources of truth. But it is only considered as a product of academic speculation. . To treat an ancient author as a possible source of knowledge and to assume that what he said could possibly change your thoughts or your behavior would be considered inexplicably simplistic (p. 108). Why would screw tape be happy in this situation? How will he turn it to his advantage? How does this theory of reading parallel postmodern approaches to literature? Where else does Screwtape encourage Wormwood to convince humans that truth is irrelevant? 7. Lewis conveys an extraordinary sense of human nature and a wonderful style throughout his writings: People are not angered by misfortune alone, but by the perception of injury by misfortune (p. 81); Gratitude looks to the past and love to the present; Fear, greed, greed, 4

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5 and ambition see further (p. 58) to cite just two examples. Somewhere in the Screwtape Letters you find universal statements

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide By Alan Vermilye

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