Words With Letters A L L U D E

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79 Same beginning, same end Props: Paper; pens or pencils How to play: We look for as many words as possible that start and end with the same letter. The leader calls out a letter and all the children start writing. After two minutes, the responses are read aloud. Whoever mentions the most words is the winner and may choose the next letter. Examples • d: deed, dead, dad, misfire • t: trot, treat, tart, tent • r: back, reader, roar, guard • c: mysterious, clerical, cosmic, comic 101 Fast thinking games + puzzles for kids 87

Words With Letters A L L U D E

Words With Letters A L L U D E

80 Word Race Props: Paper; pens or pencils How to play: Children sit with paper and pencils ready. The leader announces two lists; for example “u-l” (o-n, i-n, i-l etc.). The goal is to list as many four-letter words as possible that contain the two letters in the middle. For “u-l”: bull, mule, sip, full, pulp, tuber, rule, etc. The winner is whoever comes up with the most words within three minutes. 88 101 Fast thinking games + puzzles for kids

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81 Give the props for the story: Objects like nuts, coins, etc. How to play: All the children sit in a circle on the floor. There are nuts (or coins, oranges, etc.) in the center of the circle – one less than the number of children playing. One child starts reading a fairy tale. At one point, he unexpectedly stops and grabs one of the nuts. All listeners are also trying to get one for themselves. One listener will go empty-handed, which means she should pick up the book and continue reading. The audience puts the nuts back in the middle and the game starts all over again. 101 games of quick thinking + puzzles for kids 89

82 What’s Next? How to play: Who can guess what number will be next in each series? • 50, 45, 40, 35 …? • 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 …? • 11, 22, 33, 44 …? • 10, 19, 37, 73, 145 …? The child who first guesses correctly receives a small gift or reward. Solution: 30 (–5); 32 (× 2); 55 (+11); 289 (× 2–1) Variation: Children have one minute to go through the four series and write down their assumptions. When the time runs out, the leader checks everyone’s guesses and awards a prize to the child or children who got the most correct answers. 90 101 Fast thinking games + Kids puzzles

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83 Estimating Props: Paper; pens or pencils How to play: To distract or keep a group occupied for a few minutes, try the following question: “How long do you think it would take to count from one to a billion, assuming you said one number every second? (Hint: the answer we are looking for is not “billion seconds”). After a few minutes of calculating, each person writes their answer on a piece of paper and trades with a neighbor. The leader then gives them the answer. Whoever was closest is the winner! Solution: If you weren’t sleeping or taking breaks, it would take about thirty-two years to count. 101 games of quick thinking + puzzles for kids 91

84 Thingy Props: Little pieces of paper prepared in advance as described below; a small basket to put them in. Preparation: On small pieces of paper, write the names of things like “snowman”, “cough syrup” and “rubber duck”. How to play: Divide the class into small groups. Fold the sheets of paper and put them in a small basket. One child in each group draws a piece of paper, unfolds it, reads it silently, and then tries to describe the item to other players on his team without saying its name. For example, on the word “snowman” a child might say, “There is snow outside. All the kids run outside to build a big figure in the snow. Whoever finds the solution first has to draw a second sheet of paper and describe the next word. If a player accidentally says this word while trying to describe it, he is dropped out and instructs another player to continue. 92 101 Fast thinking games + Kids puzzles

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85 Riddles How to play: Ask the children to answer the following riddles: What has the bridge, but you can’t cross it? (It also runs, but you cannot catch it.) Answer: Nose What do you call a fly without wings? Answer: Walk. What has six legs and two heads? Answer: Horse and rider. What is so fragile that you can break it by saying its name? Answer: Silence. Why do black sheep eat less grass than white sheep? Answer: Because there are not so many black sheep. You can take a regular break for puzzles or a time of the week and ask the children to form teams that test or compete against each other. 101 games of quick thinking + 93 puzzles for kids

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86 Time guesses Props: Paper; pens or pencils; stopwatch How to play: This game helps kids to estimate short periods of time. Ask them a question like “How long will it take us to sing” Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star “?” Children write down their guesses. Then they perform an action in the group, in this case they sing a song, and one child measures it with a stopwatch. Whoever had the best guess gets a point. Jump to other questions: • How long will it take us to sing “Happy Birthday”? • … to have Frank find a page about worms in the animal dictionary? • … for Tina to go outside and pick up three blades of grass as quickly as possible? •. . . to do three math problems? • … so that anyone can draw a donkey? • … for the leader to distribute cards to all group members? 94 101 Fast thinking games + puzzles for kids

87 Crossword Props: Stories or articles for each child; table; chalk How to play: All children have a copy of a story or a short article in front of them. One child selects a long word from the text and writes it vertically on the blackboard in capital letters, top to bottom. Based on the sequence determined by the allocation or prompted by the leader, the other children come one after the other and add other words from the text, like a crossword puzzle: across or down. They must use at least one letter that is already on the board. You can also play it without opening text. The game ends when a certain time elapses or when the leader decides that players are running out of space on the board. Example: H A GRAIN V WHEAT S T 101 Fast thinking games + Puzzles for children 95

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Words With Letters A L L U D E

88 Props for workwear: Paper; pens or pencils How to play: Divide the class into small groups. Players try to come up with jobs that require a uniform or specific clothing. Whoever writes the most job offers within two minutes is the winner in his group. Examples • judge • lawyer • policeman • cook • fireman • nurse • postman • doctor • soldier • forester • pilot • waiter / waitress 96 101 Fast thinking games + puzzles for children

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89 Clock Face Puzzle Props: Blackboard; chalk How to play: Draw a clock face on the blackboard and mark the numbers 1 to 12. Working individually, children need to figure out where to draw a straight line to divide the clock in half so that the numbers on each half add up to 39. Answer: The line starts between 9 and 10 and finishes between 3 and 4. 101 Thinking games + Puzzles for kids 97

90 Endless Jokes How to Play: One child tells his favorite joke, but skips the punch line. The quick thinker who comes up with the correct punch line, or at least a good one, can then tell his joke. 98 101 Fast thinking games + puzzles for kids

91 Number of Wonder Props: Blackboard; chalk How to play: On the blackboard, a three by three grid is filled with any nine consecutive numbers. The simplest version is as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The player chooses any three numbers from the board, one at a time, but cannot be in the same row or column as the others. The leader claims to know in advance what the sum of the three numbers will be; it will always be the sum of the three diagonals. In this case: 1 + 5 + 9 = 15. The second diagonal, 3 + 5 + 7, also equals 15. For example, suppose the player chooses 2 as the first number. Game

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