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Tiktok Cut Out Letters

Tiktok Cut Out Letters

Teens are using TikTok as a new way to come out to friends and family and show how vital the app is becoming to the Gen Z LGBTQ community

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When Jenn Harding first realized she was having more than platonic feelings for a girl, it had been years since she had been instilled into her – for the first of many times in her small Michigan hometown – that homosexuality it’s a shame.

But Harding, 20, later discovered a community beyond his “super conservative Catholic family” on the TikTok video sharing app. Harding told Business Insider that not only were teenagers like her out and proud on the platform, but they were fiercely supporting each other in a way she had never seen before.

Suddenly, coming out didn’t seem so scary and Harding decided to start the process with one of her closest friends. In a video later posted on TikTok, Harding and her friend are posing in front of the phone’s camera while some notes from Lizzo’s comedy “Boys”. But instead of Lizzo singing that she likes “big boys and little kids”, the song perfectly jumps to the opening lines of Beastie Boys’ “Girls”.

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While her friend was flabbergasted why she isn’t singing Lizzo’s song as she expected, Harding knew the remix would come from the start, allowing her to simply deliver her message: “I like them. the girls”.

Harding isn’t the only one who has used this native TikTok music remix to hang out in real life to friends and family and share reaction tapes on TikTok. The LGBTQ community has latched onto this Lizzo-Beastie Boys supercut, as well as songs like “Boys & Girls” from will.i.am and edited versions of “Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now” from the musical “Hairspray. “

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The audio tracks behind TikTok clips are sometimes as important as the videos themselves, and the ability of other TikTok users to replay them has led to soundtracks launching internet memes and viral trends. The most popular example is the case of “Old Town Road,” whose rise to number 1 on the music charts has been aided by the millions who have used the song for cowboy-related challenges on TikTok.

Tiktok Cut Out Letters

This remix of Lizzo-Beastie Boys on TikTok can be traced back to Lanie Calcara, an 18-year-old TikTok user who mixed the two songs on a whim to reflect her queer identity. She was happy to later discover that her track of her, “something as simple as lip sync audio”, was being used to facilitate conversations for people coming out.

Tiktok Isn’t Silly. It’s Serious

In these videos coming out on TikTok, gay teens are using the app to build situations that make an often difficult and unnerving experience a little easier, LGBTQ users told Business Insider. Instead of a serious table conversation, the LGBTQ teens said that going out on a TikTok video made it less formal and eased some of the crippling pressure and fear.

“My friend is very Christian and I didn’t know how to tell her [I was LGBTQ],” a 17-year-old from Texas, who asked for her anonymity because she’s not out with her family, told Business Insider. “I thought when I made the video, if she didn’t accept it, I could tell her it was a joke and she could ignore it.”

Others claimed that putting the video on TikTok meant that the loved one’s reaction would be recorded for posterity, because the internet is forever. An 18-year-old from South Carolina, who has also chosen to remain anonymous, said she hopes to one day “think back and laugh at how nervous she was.”

TikTok has catapulted itself into the US teen mainstream in just 15 months since it first became available here in August 2018. Its roots lie in Musical.ly, a video sharing platform where content was simpler. : users have created a maximum lip of 15 seconds -synchronization of videos with preset audio tracks. Considering that one of Musical.ly’s founders, Alex Zhu, is now the head of TikTok, the correlation between the two apps is evident, as is TikTok’s continued emphasis on audio and sound.

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TikTok hasn’t necessarily brought anything particularly new to social media, but it sets itself apart by integrating many of social media’s most compelling and adored features into one app: Vine video snippets for copious amounts of content consumption; Instagram user feed to easily follow influencers; Twitter trending hashtags to keep up with what’s going viral; and video game-inspired techniques to encourage in-app spending.

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But the video coming out online is not something that was invented on TikTok. There were around 36,000 “coming out” videos on YouTube in 2015, ranging from relatively unknown teens whose uploads went viral, to celebrities and influencers like Ingrid Nielsen, Troye Sivan and swimmer Tom Daley.

But while YouTube and TikTok are both public platforms, TikTok is newer and still somewhat unknown to boomers or less accepting people outside of Gen Z. In some ways, TikTok is similar to the first version of YouTube, where the videos were largely confessional-style and often delightfully silly.

Tiktok Cut Out Letters

All 10 LGBTQ teens who spoke to Business Insider said that TikTok has become a place to find support and acceptance, when it may not be possible to find out in their real life hundreds of miles away from each other in several high schools in Ohio, Texas, South Carolina and Michigan. This feeling of community, despite its virtual presence, is why writer Rachel Charlene Lewis recently dubbed TikTok the “Gay Tumblr for Generation Z” in Vice.

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“If some people’s parents don’t support them, there are millions upon millions of people on TikTok who will be there,” Mia Espinales, 17, a Florida resident, told Business Insider. “If it wasn’t for TikTok, I’d probably still be in the closet right now.”

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It is fair to say that TikTok managed to make some major headlines this year, such as whether or not it would be banned from the country. But now that the pint-sized video app is here to stay, the super trendy platform for everything related to dance, e-boys and makeup continues to reign supreme, especially when it comes to influencers and their advice on products.

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More than just clips to share, the app has become a go-to for viral cooking trends (whipped coffee, anyone?), Skincare products, and lifestyle practical ones. If you’ve tuned in to the platform, you may have seen some of these items scroll by, and if not, let us introduce you to some of your new favorite things. Keep scrolling to discover 21 of the most popular TikTok products of 2020 and where you can find them.

Previously reviewed by YouTube beauty gurus and famous by TikTok, the e.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer originally gained popularity due to its low price and resemblance to Tatcha’s expensive Silk Canvas Primer, which retails for $ 52. When applied after skincare and before makeup, this $ 50 primer. 8 dulls the pores and gives a silky shine. It results in some stamina and keeps makeup on all day without any greasy feeling. Beauty fanatics posted videos of themselves using this product for the first time and were immediately amazed by its smooth formula and how easily it filled pores.

LED light strips have gained popularity on TikTok because & mldr; well, they’re fun. Most tweens post videos with lights attached along the edge of the ceiling, which provides brilliant color for selfie sessions, amateur photo shoots, or music jam-outs. There are also tutorials circulating on the app on how to create cute shades like lilac or light blue, all depending on your mood. You can grab this set from Amazon, which contains 32.8 feet of lights with adhesive strips, plus a remote control for easy color change.

Tiktok Cut Out Letters

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