Toyota 4runner Trd Pro Grill Letters

Toyota 4runner Trd Pro Grill Letters – Probably the cheapest TRD Pro Grille for the 5th Gen 4Runner you’ll find – from Car Trim Home

You have many options when it comes to the TRD Pro grille for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

Toyota 4runner Trd Pro Grill Letters

Toyota 4runner Trd Pro Grill Letters

If you want an OE Toyota TRD Pro grille straight from the factory, you’re looking at around $600.

Toyota 4runner Trd Pro

Another notable option is the TSO (Trail standard Off-Road) grille made right here in Roseville, CA. The TSO grille is an OE quality lower grille that is manufactured at the Toyota factory. For a complete TSO grill, you’re looking at under $400.

And while we all like to buy American when we can, sometimes we can’t justify the cost of quality.

Introducing the Car Trim Home TRD Pro TOYOTA grille. Sitting at $125 shipped from China, it might be the cheapest option outside of the Pro grille.

Cheap doesn’t mean a complete lack of quality though. These TRD Pro grills from China are great value for the dollar used.

Trd Pro Grill Lettering Replacement

The result is really neat but there are a few flaws in the overall packaging, presentation, and quality of the product that you should be aware of. The letters, for example, have double-sided backing tape and a few of those letters still have the used (inside) tape cover, which should have been removed. Also, there are no instructions.

The original quality of the letters, the upper grille and the grille cover are in line with what you can get directly from Toyota.

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Installation is incredibly easy. Installation can be done in under an hour with basic shop tools.

Toyota 4runner Trd Pro Grill Letters

Remove all clips from the plastic cover. Just press down on the pressure clips a little and lift and close.

Anyone Color Matched The Letters In Their Trd Pro Grill??

Using one trimming tool, press firmly on the tabs that lock the upper grille in place. By pressing firmly on the tabs, the upper grille will pop right out. Continue cleaning the grille by preparing the 3m sided tape.

Remove the upper body piece of your factory grille and attach it to the new TRD Pro top grille.

For a video and detailed view of the grille alignment in this center section, see the TSO grille installation.

After a few comments were posted, I decided to upload this one. Here’s a closer look at the indents on the grille.

Runner Trd Pro 20 22 Black Front Bumper Grille Black Grill Generic

To insert and align the letters on the grille, you match the notches on the grille with the two tabs on the letters.

The Car Trim Home Grille has pre-drilled notches for the words to go into (see the indents on the grille in step 6). Then there are two tabs behind the letter that correspond to the notches (see step 8).

But, with one wrong move, you can attach the whole letter to the grill and if it doesn’t line up correctly, it will cause you to re-apply a new double-sided 3m letter.

Toyota 4runner Trd Pro Grill Letters

I aligned the punch letters, without peeling off the 3m and put masking tape on the two sides of the letters for a good fit. That seemed to work very well. It would be nice if the kit was shipped with a template though.

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Runner Trd Pro Grille Fit For Toyota 4runner 2014 2019

Above you can see two tabs above and below the “Y”. These are the tabs that match the notches on the grille. Once you have mapped your placement and sealed your lines, you can remove the 3m side taps and secure them in place.

The end product is really good for the money you pay. You don’t get fancy packaging or presentation but if it’s in your 4Runner does it matter?

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