Trident Shaped Letters Crossword

Trident Shaped Letters Crossword – Happy Halloween! Today’s riddle was… well, it was a little scary, however all the theme clues included things that would repel Dracula, so the riddle was trying to reduce the fear (factor) rather than increase it. Still, there were some scary words. EVIL-EYED (34D) is pretty scary, and both SLITS (49D) and EXCISE (10D) can be terrifying in the proper context. A SATYR (46A) isn’t too scary… unless he’s excited, and is looking at you. An octopus will scare you if it is huge and is attacking your submarine. I can’t remember that Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room (47D) was so scary. The word SCAR is so scary (actually a letter away) but it’s embedded in there so scary ESCARGOT (39D). And then there’s always ASPS (56D), but, alas, not On a Plane. ASPS are such frequent hunters of the crossword grid that they are as fearful as non-black cats. He must take some time to plan his Next Big Thing, as his ability to scare (or even interest) Cleopatra died with him. For God’s sake give me VIPERS, COBRAS, SEPENTS, even BOAS. ASP has a ton of viable anagrams, so I challenge it to use those constructors, and let ASPs do the rest. Then bring them back for Halloween 2026 and/or the apocalypse, when we’ll be really happy/terrified to see them. In defense of the ASPS, though, this painting is hot:

In honor of Halloween (my favorite time of year, if not necessarily my favorite day — trick-or-treaters get rude every year!), I’ll make all of today’s photos pretty spooky.

Trident Shaped Letters Crossword

Trident Shaped Letters Crossword

I would have liked AIR OUT better here. Don’t you aerate crops or fields or something? Yes, you aerate the lawn, tie up, and possibly “clean” them not to “smell” the musty (from the body you buried there). Want to aerate your lawn? find out how.

Crossed Word Stock Illustrations

I had HEINOUS here, came on the back north (was -NOUS before), which ended, yes, RUINOUS for me, time-wise (note the seven squares I cast to hell in NW). This answer was just below AERATE and above 16A (theme): Least favorite quote from Dracula? (cross reference), and I initially had wrong answers for all three (with 16A I had the same solving previous problem, so with -FERENCES, I prefixed DIF-). It was all based solely on the “H” by CHILLY’s ridiculous entry for 1D: Frigid (Arctic), which I had from (mis)HEINOUS. So the puzzle was a little scary.

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Knowing nothing about cars, I had a Model T here. So, for my edification, and possibly for you, here are (scary!) pictures of an earlier Model T (circa 1919):

They are scary because they are from the past. Ghost Cars! (Okay, not as scary as The Ghost Whisperer or Ghost Dad, but I have to work with what’s in front of me)

This little flick is showing up more often than it should have. Twice in the last week. I’m sure the B-and-B has been the site of more than a few horror movies, but I can’t think of any that can take or hold pictures by hand. Imagine your own script.

Space Observer Feb. 13, 2020 By 6035 Media

I was thrown in here by a slightly misleading “historian”. I’m picturing something partly of a modern professor, wearing glasses, possibly combed-over, short-sleeve-button-down-wearing dorks, or one of the more tweed and pipe-smoking early 20th century was. Thomas Carlyle was a Scottish essayist, satirist and (yes) historian of the Victorian period. Contrary to many things about this enigma, Carlyle’s writing was terrifying, as his firm belief in heroic leadership gave the later fascist movements the philosophical underpinnings. He was once a friend of liberals such as John Stuart Mill, but towards the end of his life he was suggesting that slavery should never have been abolished. Nice (and scary). The best, best, coolest facts about the French Revolution, if Wikipedia can be said to include facts, is this:

After the entire manuscript of the book was accidentally burned by the maid of the philosopher John Stuart Mill, Carlyle had to start from scratch again. what rubbish? Did he use it to burn? “Blimmy, this neat pile of paper with streaks of ink all around would make a lovely fire. I could use a teapot right now, I could…. gov’nuh. ” I just want to know what happened soon after Carlyle found out. I bet it was scary. for the maid. Here’s a creepy portrait of Carlyle by Whistler:

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I wish I knew Alan Alda grew up in a stage-acting family, but lately I don’t pay attention to Alan Alda talk until I’m watching a 1990s Woody Allen movie Or I happen to be in one of those PBS specials on how the brain works, which Alda hosts. very quiet. Anyway, Robert is Allen’s father. He has a very, very, very long list of film and TV credits, to say nothing of the stage. However, for today, I choose to remember him as follows:

Trident Shaped Letters Crossword

Look, if the Mets were at least in the World Series this year, it would have all been so much better, time-wise. But instead, we get cardinals. And thus Fox gets an early Halloween scare when it lowers its TV ratings:

Fun & Games

Fox said Sunday that the Cardinals’ five-game win over the Detroit Tigers averaged a record 10.1 television ratings and 17 shares. This year’s rating fell nine percent from the previous bottom, 11.1 for a four-game sweep by the Chicago White Sox over the Houston Astros last year. (Thanks to Andrew for imposing that quote on me, though I’m not sure its source)

This prolific director’s career spans several decades (six of them, in fact) and includes an astonishing variety of films, from Shakespeare’s adaptation of Ran and Throne of Blood to the hugely influential samurai films Seven Samurai and Yojimbo, which made its debut. Provided an imaginative spark for Several American Westerns of the 1960s (and thus the early career of Clint Eastwood). One of Kurosawa’s Greatest Films, Let’s Say, Ten Favorite Movies of All Time, is a short noir crime drama made just after the end of World War II during the American occupation. It’s called Stray Dog and it’s a surprisingly gripping story, as well as a nostalgic assessment of all that Japan had culturally lost in the grip of Americanization and will continue to lose. It also features a very young and very sexy Toshiro Mifune, the legendary Japanese actor before anyone knew who he was. Please watch this movie.

[Late addendum: Reader “Andrew”‘s claim that Daylight Savings (plural) time is technically incorrect. However, it is in common parlance, and puzzles use colloquial language all the time. It also seems that “Daylight Savings” – as an abbreviated way of saying “Daylight Saving Time” – is not uncommon. See this Fox News “article” (the first and last time you’ll hear me say this), which has “Daylight Savings” in the title, but “Daylight Savings [hyphen!] Time” in the body of the article. NPR flips and uses both an “S” and a non- “S” version in its discussion of Daylight Savings Time. curious.]

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Now this is Lott’s best topic answer, because since Daylight Saving Time ended this past weekend, the clue suggests we now have reason to fear Dracula’s resurrection to power. While there have been many powerful Draculas over the years, my B-movie predicament prevents me from honoring any other than camp-tacularer Christopher Lee.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

With that beautiful extra hour in my pocket only to find myself taunted by ESPN’s “Ultimate Highlight”—not just a highlight, but the kind of sports music video that has so much testosterone you know it’s probably gay. Couldn’t be, Man, No Way—which includes not only “highlights” from the Cardinals’ World Series win over the Tigers, but with music by a band from my little alma mater (called We Are Scientists) – Definitely the first band to get the first band out of college. “Final highlight,” uh, respect, I guess). So there I am, compelled to watch and listen, while my fellow alum is made a participant in this derision of the World Series celebration, with nothing on the couch to console me other than my morning cereal and my faithful dog. The band is cute, by the way – if the Beastie Boys played pop-punk and had a very telegenic front man, they’d look like this.

Rex – finished today’s riddle in record time, which makes me wonder how those of you at HALF do it at the time. I don’t think I can write that fast. I like today’s topic, perhaps because Ms. Salomon has created something beautiful out of very simple and clichéd statements. The best thing I can easily imagine someone saying is all topic answers, one on top of the other, in order: “Hello Stranger… [turning to family members] … look who’s here Is …

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