Up And About Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Up And About Crossword Clue 5 Letters – The digital New York Times Crossword puzzle often has clever twists that go beyond the basic word game. It’s not uncommon for crossword solvers to be asked to enter more than one letter in a square or to play games with spaces. A puzzle we publish even has a third list of clues that provide an extra challenge.

As long as Will Shortz has been editor (he began editing Crossword in November 1993), Crossword subscribers have had access to over 25 years’ worth of daily puzzles. Our iOS and Android apps put all of this puzzle in your hands, so you’re on the couch, You can pass the time on the subway or wherever you choose. Unlike solving on paper, digital quizzes allow you to check your work. Our application also connects you to the daily Wordplay column where you can get hints and learn more about the puzzle creator — they’re called builders.

Up And About Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Up And About Crossword Clue 5 Letters

With such a deep record, Crossword devotees often visit puzzles months or years after they are published. That’s a challenge for the developers at The Times’s Games Team. While the quiz app itself continues to improve, we need to make sure that the digital versions of the quizzes work well.

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We could play a bunch of puzzles ourselves from the past 25 years, but that would be too time-consuming and distract us from creating new services. In our Android app, We run a suite of automated tests that allow us to verify that the app still works as specified even after changes have been made.

Whenever we change the code; Our test suite robotically plays through more intelligent puzzles in our history; We include our log to verify that any code changes do not affect the app’s ability to view and resolve.

When implementing a new gameplay feature or working through a bug, a test case will be created to cover the issue. For a defect, We will write a test following the steps to reproduce the problem. Then, once the problem is resolved, it will confirm that the problem no longer exists. For a new service, We’ll build a test around the feature to make sure it works as our product designer intended. These tests help us in two ways: they confirm that later changes break functionality, and they remain code-level documentation for future developers working on the app. It’s also great fun to watch Crossword “play” while doing the tests.

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Until recently, The Android Crossword app only provided “across” and “under” clue lists, which was a problem if the builder had clues that didn’t match those two categories. Added support for lists that go beyond traditional clues, and built an infrastructure that makes it easy to test whether users can navigate through every clue list and type in answers.

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Here, Here we see an example of our tester playing through a mini puzzle by navigating the clue lists and typing in the answers:

Automated gameplay tests are built on Espresso, a user interface testing tool that is included as part of the Android SDK. Espresso lets you write code that guides the app and see how the user interface appears. Press the Espresso buttons; You can enter text views or even navigate complex views like a crossword game. To verify that an element on the screen looks the way you expect; Espresso can be “assertive” about the element.

For example, Consider the following simple Espresso test for the game screen: We want to build a simple test where we want to “click” letters on the keyboard and solve a puzzle (the answer to this clue is James BOND).

Up And About Crossword Clue 5 Letters

I want to tell Espresso to look at the keyboard and see a scene on the screen that matches two qualifiers: the letter B for BOND (first qualifier) ​​and a keyboard key (first qualifier). Once you find that, you want to press Espresso.

Flatten Crossword Clue

Make it clear to a future developer reading the test. To make it easier, We implemented a test bot model to exploit some of the language features in Kotlin that allow us to write expressive gameplay tests. The robot eliminates the Espresso heavy lifting and provides a way to make the test look more like plain English.

To illustrate how it works; Here we have a puzzle with diagonal clues. Let’s walk through how we implement a test to verify that the solver can navigate diagonal traces as expected.

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The number of cells in the entire puzzle. When you want the robot to click on a cell. We pass it the cell number.

The robot component is designed to be highly reusable, so it reduces a lot of effort involved in writing additional tests for the same screen or user interface flow. The declarative nature of the test is also helpful when coming back to the code later. Making mistakes and failing a test is no fun when you don’t know (or can’t remember) what the test is intended to test.

Crossword Puzzle Answers: September 29 October 5, 2022

The purpose of these tests is to simulate real user interactions as closely as possible. This includes the code that communicates with our backend to retrieve the puzzles, as well as the code that parses the puzzles and presents them to the game board. This is because a change to the analysis code can affect how the app renders a “unique” puzzle like the diagonal puzzle above. We set up local events that mirror the same server interactions that occur in a production app.

Our test framework uses a virtual web server provided by Wiremock that responds to the app’s network requests for puzzle data. We use Dagger throughout the app for configuration and dependency management, but it’s also useful for switching to a live production backend web server while running our tests.

We set up the Dagger app to communicate with the Wiremock server when the app runs a test.

Up And About Crossword Clue 5 Letters

We configure how network interactions happen by specifying matchers for various URLs. for example, Here is the URL for quiz 1,001 which returns the quiz in JSON format:

How To Make A Crossword Puzzle

We want to tell Wiremock that when it receives a request for a given quiz URL, it should return a static JSON file for that quiz for our tests. To do this we will build a matcher that looks like this.

We’re telling Wiremock when it sees a GET request for that URL. We get an HTTP status code of 200 (meaning everything is working), along with the contents of the JSON file on disk. .

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We will then call this code from our tests; So that when the game asks for a URL for a puzzle, It will receive the hashed JSON data from our test case. In this way, The app’s network and analytics muscles flex the gameplay logic.

The mocking layer also comes in handy in other parts of the development workflow, including the test-driven development process. Recently, Leaderboards have been released allowing solvers to share their Mini puzzle times with their friends. We wrote tests while building Leaderboards screens; So that we work and know that we meet the requirements.

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By using artificial data; Experiments also save time in testing different scenarios. for example, You cannot add yourself as a friend; You can have a maximum of 25 friends. By providing mock server responses for each of these scenarios; The app can ensure the correct error message in every situation without having to set up multiple test users on the live server.

Because it is easy to simulate UI and end-to-end network function and script interactions; We were able to increase our UI test coverage by adding new features. A reusable test robot model reduces the effort involved, allowing new tests to be easily added to existing features.

Our automated tests have recently been proven in a large and complex app-wide refactor. An eager find and replace inadvertently affected some UI resources on the gameplay screen. But our test suite catches the problem and makes it easy to identify the source. If we don’t have our tests backed up. We may not catch it later (or not at all); It will be more difficult to trace back to the root cause.

Up And About Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Ben Oberkfell is a senior Android engineer on the Games Team at the New York Times. He lives in St. Louis and loves coffee in all its forms. Crossword puzzles have been published in newspapers and other publications since 1873. They contain squares where the player is meant to write words horizontally and vertically.

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Next to the crossword will be questions or clues related to various classes.

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