Words Starting With Peo 5 Letters

Words Starting With Peo 5 Letters – Are the green and yellow Wordle boxes driving you crazy? This is how you can solve the puzzle every day without breaking a sweat using some simple tips and tricks.

Wordle has taken over Twitter and green and yellow boxes are flooding the timeline of most users. This vocabulary-testing game is relatively simple, challenging, and also competitive thanks to its social nature.

Words Starting With Peo 5 Letters

Words Starting With Peo 5 Letters

We’ve already covered what Wordle is all about, how to play it, and some other basics that you can check out here. But even with these instructions at hand, you might still have a hard time guessing the correct five-letter word from the given possibilities, of which you have six in total.

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Today, we’re going to look at some tips and tricks to help you better plan your efforts and get to the right word in the fewest number of opportunities.

Most people will throw up a random word on the first guess, and take the next combination of green, yellow, and gray to guess the number two, and so on. However, this means that you will waste one of the six opportunities you have, and the one that in my opinion is the most important.

For the first guess, try to pick a word that has a lot of vowels, or maybe a couple of common vowels along with some frequently used consonants. Avoid words that involve letters like ‘X’, ‘Q’ and ‘Z’ on your first guess. These could be green letters for the word of the day, but remember that the point of your first opportunity is to narrow down your search. For that same reason, also avoid words with repeated letters for your first guess.

Today, I went ahead with ‘TABLE’ for my first guess. This is a great word as it has both ‘A’ and ‘E’ vowels in very common use. As you can see below, I immediately get one green and two yellow squares.

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This is where your contextual strategy game comes into play. Use the color codes from your first guess to figure out what the word could be. Remember that you should always use green letters from a previous opportunity in the same position and yellow letters from the previous opportunity in a new position.

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Never use faded letters again. You would only be missing an opportunity. Use the in-game keyboard to your advantage as it will highlight grayed out letters. Imagine that these letters have been ripped off your keyboard and you can no longer use them.

As you do, try to identify the patterns that commonly used words have. For example, a ‘Q’ will almost always be followed by a ‘U’ in English, and ‘E’ and ‘A’ will usually be in the order ‘EA’ rather than ‘AE’ (there can always be exceptions).

Words Starting With Peo 5 Letters

For the yellow letters, do not randomly place them in a new place, but try to place them in the places where they are commonly found. For example, letters like ‘Z’ are unlikely to be last, but letters like ‘E’ and ‘Y’ are the last common letters.

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Going back to today’s game, I will now look for words with ‘A’ in second place, and ‘B’ and ‘L’ somewhere in there. However, I know that ‘B’ and ‘L’ are unlikely to end the word together in that order. Instead, I’ll choose ‘B’ to be the first letter, and put ‘L’ in, say, the 3rd place to guess ‘BALDY’, again, without using any random gray letters.

From the third guess onwards, you will practically apply your knowledge of the vocabulary patterns as you did in the second guess to get more green letters and eventually the correct word.

However, now you will also use what I like to call the elimination method, a common trick often used in Sudoku puzzles. Note that by chance three or four, some yellow letters may be yellow multiple times. Therefore, we can eliminate these possibilities to now place these letters in the only one or two places left for them.

If there are more blanks, again, use strategic vocabulary to determine where that yellow letter might go next.

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Going back to today’s word, now you see that we have ‘B’ at the beginning and ‘A’ right next to it. However, since ‘L’ has been yellow in two of the remaining three places in the first two opportunities, it now knows that it will take last place, making ‘L’ the last letter of the word, effectively a certain green letter at the next opportunity

This gives you just two more letters to guess, because the rest of the word is already taking shape as ‘BA__L’.

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While I am tempted to try ‘BAGEL’, I must not forget that the ‘E’ is already a dim letter. Instead, I’ll look for lyrics I haven’t used yet, that make sense. Let’s try BASIL.

Words Starting With Peo 5 Letters

If you haven’t guessed the correct word yet, use the remaining three chances for strategic elimination only, keeping in mind the rules mentioned above in case of new green and yellow letters.

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As you can see in my guess ‘S’ and ‘I’ are gray but ‘L’ is green just as we expected.

This is a good time to see if any letters appear twice in the word. Unfortunately, Wordle does not color code letters that appear twice, so this will be completely manual.

Since it doesn’t seem to fit any more new letters, I’ll now try repeating the letters. I’ll start with ‘A’, since vowels are often found twice in the same word. So my next guess will be ‘BANAL’, where I am repeating the letter ‘A’ and also adding ‘N’, a letter that has not been used so far.

As you can see above, I guessed the correct word with minimal effort and minimal random guessing, leading me to the correct word with two chances to spare!

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If you still haven’t gotten to the correct word, continue using the steps we’ve tried so far from Guess 2 to Guess 4 and you should get to the correct word in the last two chances.

BONUS: A simple tip to remember is that since Wordle changes the word every day, the recent history words of the day are unlikely to appear again. While this may seem like a small indicator, it can be more useful than you think.

For example, if the correct words for the last two three days were ‘Tiger’, ‘Tapir’ and ‘Fable’, it would be unwise of me to use those words in any of today’s six guesses.

Words Starting With Peo 5 Letters

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