Words That Start With Teas 5 Letters

Words That Start With Teas 5 Letters – Every time I play Wordle I am reminded of this quote from Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes, when he solves another mysterious paradox:

How often have I told you that when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, but the impossible, must be true? — Sherlock Holmes

Words That Start With Teas 5 Letters

Words That Start With Teas 5 Letters

Wordle is a new daily word game that challenges you to guess five letter words in six rounds or less. After guessing, the game will tell you which letter is correct and in the right place. A combination with green highlights. Correct but incorrect letters are shown in yellow. Using this information you can eliminate a large number of words and make predictions. Better in each round to solve the game. And like Sherlock Holmes, you’re still in a race against the clock because you have to solve the game in six rounds.

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In this article, I will use computational methods to find out how to solve this game efficiently. While I haven’t used these methods directly to solve my own daily Wordle games (where’s the fun in that?!), this analysis gave me an insight into how things work “behind the scenes”. So, I feel like these insights help me play the game better and produce better results.

Every round of Wordle gives you feedback on your guess, so you can deduce more information about the solution. In particular, you learn the following information:

To explain the last item in this list: if you guess the word “RADAR” and Wordle responds one “A” is marked in green or yellow, then you know that the solution has only “A” in it. It’s a good strategy to start your first guess with a word that has five different letters, to cover as much ground as possible. But the words in the solution often have repeated letters, so at some point during the game, you need to switch to guess the letter that may be repeated.

There are many ways to edit Wordle. Most people I know start with a random word and go from there, depending on the clues you get. Others use the same two initial guesses, for example “RAISE” and “CLOUD” have several letters that are very common in English.

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Starting with common letter words in English is based on the letter frequency chart. For example, the word “RATES” has more common letters than the word “EPOXY”. Starting with words with common letters is a good method, because it allows you to eliminate words quickly:

If you choose a word with the most common letters and one or more of those common letters are not in the solution, then you have identified a large number of impossible solutions. This greatly reduces the number of possible solutions, which makes choosing the correct solution in the next round more likely.

Letter frequency tables exist for most words in English (or any other language for that matter), but here we only need to consider a specific subset of the English dictionary: the five letters that Wordle accepts.

Words That Start With Teas 5 Letters

Wordle has its own five-letter dictionary with exactly 12,972 words. You can easily get this list of words with the Wolfram Language by loading data from the following database data objects:

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There are some obvious English words like “low”, “muggy”, “broth”, and “brags”, but this Wordle list also includes some obscure words like “maare” and “alary”. I don’t know where this Wordle word list comes from, so we’ll use this list as a page value and use it to play the game. I should point out that there is a subset of this list that contains words that will actually be used in the next few years. In this post, I choose to ignore that subset of modifiers, because I consider them too “sneaky”.

Using the Wolfram Language, we can get the total character distribution of the Wordle by combining all the words into a single long string of 64,860 characters (12,972 words of 5 characters each) and use the CharacterCounts function to see how. How often each letter occurs:

So: StringJoin smashes all 12,972 words together in a single string and then CharacterCounts counts the number of times each character appears. The KeySort function then sorts the results alphabetically.

We can see that the letter Q is unusual (appearing only 112 times in the word all) and the letter E is very common (appears 6, 662). Here’s a BarChart showing the total character count:

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We can go one step further and see that each common letter is in a specific position in the five letters. For example, how common is the letter “E” in the third position? Here is the Wolfram Language code that achieves that:

This code looks a little complicated, but it simply counts the number of times each letter occurs in a specific place in the five letters. It gives the following output in the notebook:

So, for example, in Wordle’s word list, the number of times the letter “E” occurs in the third position is 882 times. Here is a more interesting version of this chart:

Words That Start With Teas 5 Letters

Now that we have this table of values, we can assign a score to every five letters based on where each letter is in a certain position. For example, the word “RAISE” has a score of 628+2263+1051+516+1522=5980. This is calculated by looking at the letter in the corresponding row of the table. For example, the fourth letter in the word, S, has the value 516 in the fourth row of the table.

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Assigning a score to each word gives you a way to rank the word. High-scoring words have common letters in the places where they occur most.

We can calculate this “score” for every word in the five-word list. characters, and the following Wolfram language codes do that. It looks very complicated, but what it does is look at every word in the list you give the function and calculate its score:

The highest rated word is “SORES” which makes sense because all the letters are very common and in very common places (for example many words ending with the letter S). In this article I did not filter words with repeated letters, such as “SORES”. Some people like five different letters in their initial guess, which is just But a little change on the way I’m doing here. The highest scoring word without repeated letters here is “CARES”.

The conclusion we can draw from the game feedback is that the letters S, R, and E do not appear in the word, but the letter O appears and it appears in the second position. We can write a small snippet of code to remove all possible solutions and get a list of 520 words that can still be solutions:

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There are no new “good” letters, but we can now eliminate the letters C, L, and Y. We also now know that there is only one O in the word:

So we’ve further reduced the list of possible words to 117. The best score guesses are now:

More information is that the letters G and A do not appear in the word. The letter N appears in the fourth position, and it is also the letter N in the word. This leaves us with only 13 possible words:

Words That Start With Teas 5 Letters

We currently have three known letters (OUN) and two letters we can exclude (P and D). This reduces the possibilities to two words:

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If “MOUNT” is wrong, we will be left with only “FOUNT” as the last possibility, so we will fix the game in six times!

To summarize this strategy: We have loaded a list of Wordle words that are allowed into the Wolfram Language. Then we calculate a table of values ​​that represent the specific letter occurring most often in a specific position of the five letters. Using that table we calculate a list of high-scoring words, in the hope of optimizing our chances of guessing the word (or entering as many letters as possible).

In every round of the game we remove the “impossible” word based on the response mechanism of the game, and then create a new “possible” word based on the remaining list of words. Using this method we have systematically reduced the probability from 12972, to 520, to 117 , to 13, and finally to 2 equal scores. It is interesting to see how important the first guess is. It eliminated more than 95% of the possibility. Even when you have a disappointing first guess (no letters match at all), you still eliminate many words.

While there is no guarantee that this will always succeed in the six rounds of the game, it does work well

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