Words Using Letters Angular

Words Using Letters Angular – In this article you will learn with examples how to get started with Angular I18n using the global integration module. We cover the following topics:

For the purposes of this Angular i18n tutorial, we will be using version 11 which is the latest version at the time of writing this post. The concepts I will show you are suitable for versions from 9.1 and above.

Words Using Letters Angular

Words Using Letters Angular

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Do not enable angular routing and use CSS for stylesheets. Next, just wait a few minutes, then the app will start without any problems:

The last command will open the application in your browser. After you know that everything is working, stop the server and install a

Is a special attribute recognized by the locale package. During compilation the coded content is removed and replaced with the correct translations.

In addition, the meaning of translation can be shown. Just separate the method and description from the pipe

Angular I18n: Internationalization & Localization With Examples

This additional data provides context for your translators. Of course, you can also define on what pages the translation will be displayed, what audio should be used, etc.

Keep the default option, but the following question: how to create translation files? Should we do it manually? No! A special command line tool called

Note that for Angular 11+ it is recommended to use the ng extract-i18n command. It also supports command line arguments.

Words Using Letters Angular

After making these changes, start the Russian version of the app and make sure that the translation is displayed correctly:

What Is Wordle?

It produces based on the combination of the source text and its meaning. Therefore, every time you update the translation source and its meaning, the ID will change. For example, let’s change our translation script:

Now the welcome message will not be translated into Russian because the translation ID has changed. To fix this, update the

Note that if there are multiple versions of the same source text and meaning, they all have the same translation. This is because they have similar symptoms.

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So, having an auto-generated translation ID is not very convenient because it depends on the original document and the method. However, identifying information can be provided using the

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And will not be changed even if you modify the source document. Don’t forget to provide a new ID to the

Be sure to assign special punctuation marks for different translations! If you provide identical IDs, only the first translation will be taken:

The Angular I18n module allows us to interpret tag content and attributes. Consider having a link to your account in the

Words Using Letters Angular

So, we continue our angular production tutorial by talking about multiples. Suppose we want to show how many tasks the user has in progress. The I18n module created an ICU message format that seems complicated at first:

Best Practices And Guidelines For Web Applications

Another useful ICU tip is selection. You can choose one of the translations based on the value. For example, it is very useful when working with gender information:

All of the models we’ve seen so far have had to be branded. In some cases, you may want to translate the text without giving a hint. It can be done with container-ng, for example:

Now that the domain data is loaded, we can use the pipelines mentioned above. For example, let’s do the date range:

As you can see, the Angular I18n translation files are quite complex. While developers don’t have any problems doing it, translators may struggle with symbols and attributes. Also, your translator can take a big signal and crash the app. We don’t want that to happen, do we?

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Fortunately, there is a translation management system here to save the day, this system is called . It can manage translation files with a very convenient graphical interface, allows many developers to work together on the same project, provides facilities and developer tools and services such as GitHub, Amazon S3, CLI, and robust API. There are many other integrations with project management tools like Jira and 50+ more.

All the tricks can be done with the GUI, but I recommend going the “developer’s way” and using the command line interface. Then, do the following:

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Enter the project ID that will be returned (and other data).

Words Using Letters Angular

The last thing I want to show you in this Angular internationalization tutorial is how to create a simple language transition.

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So, we’ve finished building our Angular I18n prototype, and now it’s time to share our work with the world!

In this article I will show you how to upload to Firebase. So, you need to create a new account there to get started.

Finally, go to the Firebase Console and create a new application. Give it a unique name.

Now we are ready to change. Compile your application with a freelancer (this is the best way):

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Directory in one go. This is very convenient because in previous Angular versions each application had to be created separately which took more time. It is still possible to provide a specific version of the app to be created like this:

At this point your application should work fine with Firebase. However, if you use a routing system, you need to do other things.

The most important step here is to configure Firebase correctly. When we use the AOT compiler, Firebase works effectively in two different applications (for Russian and English regions). So, in order for Firebase to play nicely with our Angular approaches, we need to fix the scripting rules. To achieve that, open

Words Using Letters Angular

Another problem is that opening http://-angular-i18n.web.app directly (without providing the domain part in the URL) gives a 404 error. To fix that issue, you need to change the All requests in the English version of the app:

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So, we have done all the Firebase issues. Now you can rebuild your application (since we have added new features and methods):

So, in this article we have seen how to include global in Angular apps with local component. We’ve learned how to configure an Angular app, do simple translations, work with multiple and gendered statements, and how to include space and translate text in sections. Finally, we’ve built and deployed the demo application to Firebase. Great work!

That’s it for today, folks. We hope you found this article useful. Thanks for having me, and I’ll see you next time!

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Words Using Letters Angular

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